Feedback from Rock Painting workshop on Father’s Day

Check the Videos and Photo Albums to Feel the Feedback from Rock Painting and Musical Meditation workshop offered by 100 Seeds of Joy community Initiative on Father’s Day

Photo by Ioana from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network on the same day after the morning meditation at home. Ready to share further the positive energy!

On June 17th, 2023 our volunteers from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network started the Father’s Day weekend with a lovely community event dedicated to children and parents. We call them “Cool Kids and Parents“. This time the session had the theme ” Rock Painting with Musical Meditation”. We will let the photos and videos to speak about this part of the day.

#1. In the Morning we had the “Rock Painting and Musical Meditation” workshop for Cool Kids & Parents

Kruti, Kathleen and Anjali from “Cool Kids and Parents”

You should check all the photos from this Photo-Album! 🙂

Of course, we started with a Guided meditation before the actual rock painting activities. We have asked permission for posting these photos with children; other children that participated are not in the photo-album; instead their artwork is and you must not miss all the fun that we had that morning!

Check three videoclips from June 17th’s Rock Painting & Musical Meditation workshop

Rock Painting and Musical Meditation session on June 17th, 2023 (results)

Watch our preparations and listen to the first song we played 🙂

Someone was even able to paint their “Happy Place” (we have the proof on tape)

Stay tuned, we have at least three more Cool Kids and Parents events booked this summer.

The next workshops will have other themes but we might have a “redo” for this popular session 🙂

You must check all the photos from the Rock Painting and Musical Meditation workshop (Photo-Album) and the video clips we shared above!

If you have not done that already, You must check all the photos from the Rock Painting and Musical Meditation workshop (Photo-Album) , the video clips we shared above as well the following three articles 🙂 Enjoy!

(click!) SMILE, Children LOVE to Meditate

(click!) Meditation Helps Children and Improves their Behavior — Check the Thank You Letter from Community Developer for “Cool Kids” Workshop @ Burlington After-school programs

(click!) Rock Painting with Meditation in Burlington Today Newspaper

We truly felt blessed that day with innocence, joy and a Family feeling. Happy Father’s Day everyone!

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  1. Kruti

    It was such a beautiful session, my son and I both enjoyed it so much. There were big rocks and color palettes available ready to unleash our creativity. To teach our kids meditation and how it’s connected to our creativity, learning, and improving attention is the most important thing we as parents need to do. I thank you from bottom of my heart for bringing this knowledge to local communities. ❤️

  2. Paula

    Both parents and children were beaming and oozing creative juices. What a positive impact on all our lives such activities can have. Igniting the spark in the heart, our mood and attention becomes light, calm, reassuring and dynamic in the creative arts. Enjoyed every aspect of this article and the shiny faces are the proof❤️

  3. Isabelle

    This is such a beautiful event. Burlington residents are so lucky to have something like this!

    1. Isabelle

      Desire to live and work in Burlington so not miss any of these opportunities!

  4. Gratiela

    Great activity for kids.So much creativity in these kids,after meditation.It is so good for parents to have these activities in this area.

  5. NITI

    I enjoyed watching most of the videos on rock painting .Love to watch all the hidden art both grown ups and kids painted on rock from their heart.Thanks to Halton collectivity for bringing peace in everyone’s heart through these amazing

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