Thanksgiving Notes with Wisdom and Photos from Cool Kids of Oakville

Shri Mataji:

Ascent is when you really rise above; not only that you rise but you make others rise.”

Some glimpses from our Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Classes, with a focus on the Cool Kids Sessions in Oakville while enjoying the “Fall Beauty” of our Home: Halton – Niagara region.

 FEEDBACK below.

Thanksgiving from Grandmother Rebecca:

Shri Mataji:

‘I want to be a real grandmother of very grand children, that’s a special privilege and real promotion and maturity.’ 

I sincerely want to thank you again for hosting the gathering of Cool Kids and “older kids” yesterday. Emmett and I spent such a delightful time surrounded by love and light from all who attended. We both went home feeling so happy with enjoying quality time in such a beautiful, uplifting atmosphere. I felt very blessed to share this special afternoon with #1 grandson and growing a unique Sahaja bond with Emmett.
I can’t wait to bring him to the Burlington Cool Kids session next Wednesday as we continue to grow spiritually together. 
Bless you and all of our Sahaja Yoga family for making our World a better place in which to live. Rebecca

Thanksgiving Note from Paula:

Shri Mataji:

“Now how do we mature? Many ask me this question. We mature by Meditation..”

Thank you to all who came and to Anjali for hosting in her warm and loving home…thank you for the marvelous feedback shared the vibrations from the “notes” are full of sincerity and love…Thank you Kruti for teaching us how to make a lotus blossom out of our hands and other lovely movements that were so powerful,

thank you Kathleen for your patience, your pure attention and talents as a teacher which we all learn from, thank you to Rebecca and her grandson Emmet who was truly a Big Sahaj Brother like his shirt said…

we were melting watching all the kids faces shining, singing, absorbing, making Ganesha’s out of playdoh..Kathleen’s mom enjoyed it so much it was just washing over her with waves of cool vibrations…everyone participated with full heart…only love and innocence could be found there.

I feel like there were so many teachers in the room, all the mothers, grandmothers, and other mothers were immersed in an exchange of healthy, beautiful vibrations. We elevate each other to grow…and we grow when we elevate each other. We rise to that level in our awareness…and the whole world stops to melt with us. 

Love Aunty Paula 

Thanksgiving Note from Anjali (mom of girls Cool Kids twins )

We truly enjoyed having you all joining us. The vibrations were flowing so beautifully from Emmett he gave me those beautiful flowers from your garden. He was so sahaja and blended in so naturally. For him to even share in his Thanksgiving note that he is “thankful for his sahaja friends”You all were meant to be there with us. Thank you for coming and we hope to have many such gatherings more frequently. All my love. On behalf of all of us. Anjali

Shri Mataji:

“Now we are facing little children.  They are the ones who are incarnations.  They are the ones who are going to lead humanity into some great advancement – the humanity has to be looked after.  They are tomorrow’s humanity.  And we are today’s.  And what are we giving to them for them to follow?  What is their aim in life? Very, very difficult to say. But with the Sahaja Yoga they will all go in the proper way, they’ll behave in a proper way and the whole thing will be a different mass of Sahaja Yogis coming up.

But it is the duty of ‘bigger’ Sahaja Yogis to look after them; to have better moral standards, to have better lives so that they follow your life and become genuinely good Sahaja Yogis. It’s a very big responsibility, perhaps we don’t recognize it, we don’t understand, but all these are little creatures which are after the image of great souls and they should be brought up in that way, respected in that manner and loved with great care.  This is to be understood.  The problem with our elderly people is this that we do not consider them to be considered, to be bothered about, to be understood about. We think we are too intelligent, too good and we need not waste our energy with them. This is the trouble of the elderly people.

But today when we are sitting here to worship Shri Ganesha (the principle of the eternal child within us, governing the root – Mooladhara chakra), we should know they are all incarnations of Shri Ganesha and they should be given proper attention, proper understanding about themselves. I find certain amount of children who are very well-behaved, which are very spontaneous, and there are some who have no idea to what they are doing. So it is the duty of the elders to put ideas into their heads, to proper understanding about themselves and the self-respect.  Same thing I would say for the elder Sahaja Yogis who have to look after their younger brothers and sisters.  In this family of ours which we call as Sahaja Yogis, there are all kinds of people, all types, all behaviors.  Of course they should not be regimented, there should not be uniformity, but in that variety there should be this beauty, there should be the beautiful trend of being one with each other.”

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone – Every Day

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About Shri Ganesha – connection to Sahaja Yogis via 1978 Navaratri 1st Day Letter from Shri Mataji

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    Jay Shree Mataji

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    Thanks Ioana for sharing this beautiful article and the cute images of kids grandmother mother’s all together under the same roof of sahajyoga, and listening to mother’s advice how to nourish ,protect and take care of children as they all are the incarnation of shri Ganesha. Thanks.

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