9 Free Classes Meditation Marathon in February for Winnipeg with Paula – One of Burlington’s Sahaja Yoga Instructors


Paula is again enlightening Winnipeg by offering 9 sessions of free meditation classes, teaching sahaja yoga to anyone interested to attend.

In case you have friends in Winnipeg, let them know, share the poster on Facebook, twitter, spread the word about this unique opportunity!

See some recent feedback collected by Paula from participants:

” Finally I feel a sense of peace,” 

“I feel the life force all throughout my hands,” Bandhan3

“I look forward to it all week, I am so excited and feel this amazing connection!” 

Stay tuned — we are sure that a great story will come out of Paula’s most recent journey to the heart of Canada – Winnipeg  🙂

(2015) Feedback from “Winnipeg’s February Meditation Marathon” Team

(great music) Help The Seed Crowdfunding: Tanya and Paulo

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  1. cheryl

    the seekers of Winnipeg are in for a treat! May they drop everything else and experience all the sessions! what a dynamo you are dearest Paula.

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