SMILE, Children LOVE to Meditate

Let’s Smile – Children LOVE to Meditate and we have the Right Evidence to Prove it!

Let’s find out about their Smile– Spiritual Perfume

For may years our team of volunteers have offered “Cool Kids and Parents” classes in Halton region and in many other places across the Ontario province. This article was initially created as an invitation to JOIN a FREE  COOL KIDS and PARENTS CLASS on January 3rd, 2018. Many a times we had journalists coming in and taking photos during our classes, that’s how we got SNAP’ed and we have really nice memories from our COOL KIDS classes! Enjoy these too!

It is the FIRST CLASS in 2018!!

We also had been SNAP’ed in the January 2018 edition, check it out!!

See you soon at our regular Sahaja Yoga Mediation Network classes!!

When: on Wednesdays from 7pm to 9pm


Address: 2255 Brant Str, Burlington, ON ( ‘that smile’ is guaranteed)

Contact us by email at [email protected], to make sure that the class is a “go”!

(click!) A Fantastic Meditation Retreat for Children (Daglio)

(click!) Students, Teachers and Parents Enjoy Sahaja Yoga Meditation at Diversity Night (photos and impressions)

(click!) A Dad`s Story about his Cool Kids

We also recomment the Youtube Playlist with video Testimonials to explore, learn and enjoy!

Photo from the Public Program organized by Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team in front of the City Hall in Burlington during the Canada Culture Days – it was a great success!


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  1. Paula

    heart melting and lifting into bliss…the children are innocent and wise…and the adults/parents/aunties are beaming:-)))

  2. Carmen Pavel

    Still missing the “Martisor” workshop with children…

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