Cool Kids Yoga, Music and Meditation Class – in SNAP Magazine and on Every 1st Wednesday of Every Month!

  SNAP Magazine writes about our Free Cool Kids and Parents MONTHLY classes in its September 2017 issue! Enjoy more photos below from our August 2, 2017 Special Public Event!

We meditated with the children and parents present to our event — then more special guests arrived — Rishi with his magic harmonium, so we had a very interesting session of painting and creating candle holders while listening to live music! We even danced and sang along!

The fruits of our Cool Kids session in August were offered as presents for the International Youth Meditators that were visiting Burlington that week (check their whereabouts 🙂 )!

We had our attention on “Teacher’s – Guru Day” — in our case Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  that so lovingly shared with us the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga Meditation .. as well on Canada’s great 150+ Celebration!

Cool Kids Sahaja Yoga Meditation Class – A Real CANADIAN Family!

All Photos are here: (click!) Cool Kids Class – Aug 2 2017

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Also, If you enjoyed it and would like to see what other FUN events we’ve made enjoy the Cool Videos gathered in the next article:

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  1. Sandra

    Well done! Kids love the fun, soothing and creative time they get at this classes.

  2. paula

    Such a positive experience with music, song and a subtle yet powerful effect on our inner being through a simple way of meditation that is joy giving to participate in. Many of us enjoy the kids class because it is so much fun for all of us who are young at heart. Everyone is beaming here and the instructors Kathleen and Ioana are first rate. What a treat to have Rishi playing harmonium as an added bonus to the class. The wonderful Sahara Yoga meditation classes make everyone feel inspired to create art afterward…every first Wednesday of the month I encourage anybody to join. It’s a marvelous learning curve growing from the inside, out.?

  3. Rishi

    It was truly a blissful and Peaceful experience. Sahaja Yoga is such an amazing divine technique to bring oneself into balance. I definitely recommend this technique to everyone.

  4. DORA

    A very wonderful class and experience. This class is full of tremendous joy and positivity, do try this class at least once. Conductors are extremely helpful and welcoming.

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