International Yogi Travelers meet The Mayor of Burlington @ Joseph Brant Festival (IMPRESSIONS)

The last few  visiting yogis from Realize Canada Tour 2018 had the opportunity participate to the Joseph Brant festival, celebrated each year in Burlington at LaSalle Park on the Civic Day. They watched the opening with the speeches delivered by few the Mayor of Burlington (Rick Goldring), Eleanor McMahon (Member of Provincial Parliament for Burlington and Ontario’s Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport. Co-Chair Legislative All Party Cycling Caucus) and Pam Damoff (Member of Parliament for Oakville North-Burlington). Right after, they had a chance to exchange few words and take a photo with them :-). A memorable last souvenir from Canada!

There was a great celebration this year, and as busy as we were at our sahaja yoga meditation booth..

we still found time to walk around, make new friends and enjoy ..

We met wonderful seekers, that appreciated our workshops and what they learned by visiting our booth

Experiences shared in our Notebook

“My Experience meditating was absolutely Amazing!! So relaxing! My thoughts actually stopped for a few seconds!”

“We just did a meditation at Joseph Brant festival and my anxiety is gone. I need to start doing this daily.I will see you soon at a class. Thank you so much!!”

 “Absolutely Amazing! Thank you so much! FREE AS A BIRD!!”

“Within a few minutes I felt more grounded and was able to focus!”

We had Indigenous healers that joined us for a special meditation; there were families, children, people of all ages and background;all interested to meditate outdoors with us.

Even people’s pets seemed to be attracted to relax at our booth 🙂 The small Halton sahaja yoga team (Colleen, Philip and Ioana) had lovely yogi friends joining from Mississauga (Shivangi, Nehit, Nikita), Brampton (Mohinder) and London (Vikramaditya) Ontario! We thank everyone for their support as well  We Thank the organizers of the festival that announced the participation of the Realize Canada Tour Yogis and invited everyone to come to visit our booth and meditate!

We hope that the traveling yogis that helped us that day at LaSalle park had really enjoyed  meeting so many Canadians.. and having the privilege to introduce them to sahaja yoga meditation on such a special day ..

There was a lot of give and take during the festival .. and we’ll all remember our beautiful Canadian celebration!

 See you all again, Next year!

(video + photos) Mayor Goldring of Burlington welcomes 40 International Youth Sahaja Yogis from Realize Canada tour – They Sing “Kindle My Heart” 

(click!) Brenda’s Amazing Experience @ Joseph Brant Festival: Powers of Healing, Creativity and Giving Life to Bees (!)

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  1. Mohinder Sidana

    It was a beautiful event full of cool vibrations
    Lots of yuvas from eastern canada joined us at the event
    Many seekers came to get their self realization and even pets felt good vibrations around our booth
    I just loved it

  2. paula

    The young, wise yogis, and the young at heart had a chance to spread good vibrations throughout Ontario with enthusiasm, showing positive action through teaching meditation to visitors of the booth. It is so wonderful and inspiring to see how successful the Youth Tour is and how the stars are aligning for them to meet our Mayor of Burlington Rick Goldring, Members of Parliament, and keen “truth seekers” wanting to experience meditation. The pictures are emitting such beautiful, feel good vibrations. So glad I was able to host some of these fine superhuman international students, you are welcome in our home anytime. Enjoy the rest of Canada!!!!

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