Inspired Easter Prayer and Meditate on Christian Sayings

Enjoy this Inspired Easter Prayer “A Tiny Wave of Vibrations” – Let’s Meditate on the meaning of “Be in Connection with Christ” saying for a Sahaja Yogi

Easter eggs- 2013

Easter Card created by Halton Sahaja Yoig as a Souvenir for all Ontario Yogis that attended that Easter Puja in Toronto ** offered in our Easter Baskets among colored organic eggs 🙂

Letter-Feedback from Howard (yogi from Toronto):

“Dear Ioana, I just wanted to say a word of thanks for Halton Yogis team’s organizing the joyous Puja of yesterday.  It was one of the best pujas I have ever attended.  Many thanks to you and your helpers. 

Much love  Howard”

Halton_Niagara Sahaj family photo by Nari

“Halton Yogi Family Photo” with some of those that helped with Easter Puja preparations
* the backdrop and decorations for this Easter Puja (definition) represented a fruit of pure collective love, joy and creativity and allowed each of us to witness true little miracles along its way; Ayesha sent shortly after that event the following message:

Letter from Ayesha with Easter Sahaj Prayer

Dearest Ioana
Hope your fine ,and i am also fine and missing some get to gathers of our lovely Sahaj family times because of life brings some more responsibilities and challenges for me and i am kind of slow person to catch-up with all nicely, however it doesn’t mean that Sahaja yoga is not my priority. Actually i realize and watch my self from detached manner that the more i got involve in other things of life ,the more desire and even powerful desire of  becoming an active Sahaja yogi came in my thoughts and believe me that this desire is so sweet, That is why i have a strong desire to write you a letter and share these feelings with you, hope you understand my inner feelings. First i want to share you one simple prayer thoughts which came in my mind suddenly last week at night when i was thinking about “Easter Puja” backdrop and all of you and plus maybe my (tiny sahaj soul) who was not physically there*:( sad but there my attention was, so here are these thoughts.
“Mataji Ma!!!!!
Mataji Ma!!!!!!
    A tiny wave of vibration
    Rising in my Heart
    Singing the song Of
    Joy, Love and Becoming  “The Pure” Soul”
Mataji Ma!!!!!
Mataji Ma!!!!!
    Make this wave bigger and higher
    Cover the whole Universe
    Pouring the light,,,,,,,
    The Shower of Blessings
     On all upon “us”
Mataj Ma!!!!!!!
Mataji Ma!!!!!!
      The Kundalini is rising
       Above, round and round
      Singing the song of
      Joy, Love and Becoming
      The pure “Soul”
    The part and parcel of the “Whole”
Mataji Ma!!!!!!!
Mataji Ma!!!!!!!!
Our Loving Ma!!!!!
love,  Ayesha
Note: Ayesha is an amazing Muslim Seeker that joined the Sahaja Yoga Meditation Class we’ve started years back in Milton/Mississauga ; she started attending our other Halton driven classes, seminars and projects;  she blossomed with our Halton Sahaj Family into a beautiful loving sister Yogini

Shri Mataji talks about Easter as Crucial Point for the Growth of the Spirit and Excellence in Yogis


You should not be satisfied unless and until you have achieved that excellence. 

That’s the very important, crucial point today [that] I wanted to tell you because today is Easter Day which was a very crucial point for the development or the growth of the Spirit, because Sahasrara (crown chakra) we could never have achieved if Agnya (3rd eye chakra) was blocked.

Christ could have said, “All right, let Paramchaitanya do it!! Why should I do it?” But He had to do it and He was the instrument (of the divine) and He’s done it.

So Sahaja Yoga is not only for exploiters — if you try just to exploit Sahaja Yoga, you’ll be exploited too — but is for the Exploitation of Joy.

But that’s only possible if you grow, you touch your depth. If you are not deep enough, you’ll hang in the air, as I said. And that has to be worked out, that has to be found out: how best you can do it, how much you can reach people; how many people you have given Realization, how many people you’re going to help improve their health, their mental conditions and then how much you are going to talk about Sahaja Yoga.

So That is going to work out what I call the Collective Ascent of Human Beings.

To be in connection with Christ is to be enjoying your meditation. 

May God bless you!”

(excerpt from Shri Mataji’s Talk to Yogis during an Easter Puja Seminar in UK on April 22, 1990)

Enjoy the Easter Basket with 3 Very Special Experiences. 🙂

(#1 CLICK!) Ayesha’s Amazing experience at Burlington class on Valentine’s Day!

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(#2 CLICK VIDEO) Heavenly Experience from Ayesha – VISHUDDHI chakra Experience #1 (Sahaj Guru Game – Muslim Connection!)

(#3 CLICK!) My Easter with Signs & Angels (Personal Experience from Ela!): Puja-Meditation-Becoming


Happy Easter–May Everyone reach that Excellence within – Any comment about the article and photos above – the last one from Curacao – any sahaj connections ? We’d be happy to hear from you ..

(recorded) Online Meditation Session dedicated to Easter – Enjoy!

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  1. Elena

    Just dropped by after the evening meditation on the subtle meaning of Easter and forgiveness…in these troubled quarantine times, I found it harder and harder to clear my mind and reach thoughtless awareness, but with this beautifully vibrated meditation, hearing the Lord’s prayer in different languages, I felt clearly how the ego, the desire for control and fear are starting to peel off the attention and give space to the stillness of the Spirit. A brief but spotless experience giving clear indications of the goal and the path…thank you all from the bottom of my heart for facilitating this collective experience!

  2. Anjali Gandhi

    This article brought back such fond memories of the easter celebration shown in the group photo..we celebrated the essence of easter-the resurrection of lord Jesus Christ. Same way we should also resurrect in our awareness and touch our depth…indeed out collective meditations online are such where it is difficult to come out of the meditation..we enjoy the oneness with the creator and just wish to immerse more and more. Thank you for this article I miss you Ayesha aunty/didi. The poem is so beautiful and cool. Sending you all my love.

  3. Colleen

    I remember that Puja, it was my first. It was an incredible experience, the whole thing, from all the hours our small collective spent together getting all of that together to the actual day of the Puja. We all bonded in such a special way. There were so many Yogis in tears of Joy that day the vibrations were so incredible. That was definitely an experience I will never forget. Love to all !!

  4. GabrielaMarsh

    Absolutely amazing! Beautiful everything the yogis and the decoration and the whole preparation . Happy Ester! Jay Shri Mataji Gabriela

  5. Kathleen

    I miss our “in-person” Sahaja easter celebration in our classes. Always looking forward to the beautiful hand painted eggs and the cracking of ego while breaking the eggs in partners ?This year having the online session of easter was really good coz we were able to listen to a deeper talk of Shri Mataji about Agna chakra and able to hear the Lord’s Prayer in different languages, so diverse and show’s the prayer is powerful and universal.

  6. Ajay Nargas

    Any Article whenever I read it’s awakens my search for more and more true knowledge. :Easter Pooja celebration ,Ayesha experiences, very inspiring, invigorating . , Happy Easter

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