Abraham Lincoln – I used to adore him

 Collection of quotes and videos – Shri Mataji about Abraham Lincoln

“This country has produced a very great man, Abraham Lincoln.”

I used to adore him from my childhood and this man has brought such great qualities.”

Abraham Lincoln – A great Realized Soul with Qualities of Divine Love

“You can feel the persons who were really Realized Souls in the past also. Like Abraham Lincoln was a realized soul, you can feel it.” (1992/07/02)

“In you, all of you, lies that trick of Abraham Lincoln and then the sahaja yogis will rise as a great realized soul. I’m sure you all will be achieving that fulfillment, that nourishing quality, that soothing quality and also that Divine Love which is so pure, without any lust or greed. That’s what you all are going to exhibit and it is going to act. That’s the part we should know after realization. Now it is going to act automatically. Whether you like it or not it will act and you’ll be amazed how things will work out. So just be on the lookout for all these beautiful experiences.

May God bless you. Tomorrow again, I’ll tell you about other things and other chakras. I hope I have been able to tell you how to sustain it by understanding that you have to develop qualities of soothing, of compassion, of love, of sweetness that you can develop by watching yourself.” 

Public Program with Shri Mataji talking about “The Blessing of Modern Times” – San Francisco , USA, 

“Also, the people who came here, invaded (Native American peoples) Indians, and all those people were very cruel people. And that time aggressiveness was regarded as a very courageous thing. So, the aggression is still on; but we had people like Abraham Lincoln in this country.” (1985/05/28)

“Think of it, but for Abraham Lincoln you would not have been even knowing about Freedom.”

Freedom doesn’t mean abandonment. Abraham Lincoln himself was a Realized Soul and his idea of Freedom was not abandonment by any chance.” (1991/08/01)

“But can we produce one Abraham Lincoln again?!” 

Abraham Lincoln –  Freedom Quotes:

I leave you, hoping that the lamp of liberty will burn in your bosoms until there shall no longer be a doubt that all men are created free and equal.
–July 10, 1858 Speech at Chicago, Illinois

Our reliance is in the love of liberty which God has planted in our bosoms. Our defense is in the preservation of the spirit which prizes liberty as the heritage of all men, in all lands, everywhere.
–September 11, 1858 Speech at Edwardsville, Illinois

Abraham Lincoln – Great Man as a Symbol of  Innocence

The great people are those who are innocent. Their main power is innocence; take any one of them. I don’t know how to say that this power acts, because it acts in so many ways. You can pass through historical events, so many of them, and what will you find? A person who is so innocent, simple and wise is remembered all your life.

I was a child, very small, when I was in school I used to go to the library and read about the lives of great men who have created some great things for us. So many of them. And I was so impressed how some of them were so simple, so child-like. For example Abraham Lincoln for whom I have tremendous, tremendous respect, was a man tortured by his wife also. She said ‘You don’t know, you are very clumsy, you don’t know how to dress up, you don’t know how to behave’. And she actually was very harsh on him, all the time torturing him.

Ultimately he was also killed. So one can say ,’You see, what’s the use of being Abraham Lincoln? Because he was killed, he was not successful.’

Until today, all over the world, people know who was Abraham Lincoln. They don’t know his wife – maybe (laughter). But they knew who was Abraham Lincoln, everybody. Clumsy man, according to her, and all sorts of degradation for him. But nobody respects her, nobody thinks anything about her. Who is respected today is Abraham Lincoln. Why?Actually he was murdered, he was killed, that shows that he had no strength to survive’ – but he survived through ages! So many years have passed, still he’s surviving.

Take the case of all the great people who have been innocent; and that’s why they had ideals. To them their ideals were more important than anything else, even (than) their lives. Now, the sense of ideals and idealism comes only from your Innocence. That’s the one which teaches you what is your ideal; how you should exist; what kind of a life you should lead. It is not important that you have big authorities, or you have a very big positions as ministers and all that. There have been so many who came and died. They had so many people with ambitions and so many people who were oppressive, but where are they? Nobody’s bothered about them, nobody wants to look at them. If their photograph appears people close their eyes ‘No, no, we don’t want to see this man’. But if there’s a little boy, innocent child, who is talking in a very innocent manner, the whole world admires that child. And these great men are, really, they are the symbols of that innocence.

“Their main quality was Innocence, from where the Wisdom has come.”

(2001/09/22 – Ganesha Puja Talk)

” Abraham Lincoln was a saint. ” 

(video #1) Shri Mataji about Abraham Lincoln 

Another recommendation is watching “Living with Lincoln” documentary on HBO / Crave. A sneakpeak here: “Living with Lincoln”: A five generation story – CBS News

(video #2) Shri Mataji about Abraham Lincoln, America and Freedom

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 “America had Abraham Lincoln. And I’m sure that the day will come that we will abide as very beautiful citizens of the whole world. So one has not to neglect the power that is within us and at least pay some attention to it.” (1989/08/20)

(video #3) Abraham Lincoln

(February 12, 1809 –  April 15, 1865)

in his own words documentary

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Let us know if you found this article helpful. It was dedicated today on Feb 12 (Lincoln’s Birthday) while realizing that he is sharing the month of Shri Mataji’s passing. Namaste!

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  1. Jolanta

    Very informative article with connection to Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga. I remember studying in American history class about Abraham Lincoln, and abolishing slavery in the US after Civil War. So sad that the truly great American leaders featured in this article were assassinated…whereas, fortunately, now the former “president” got acquitted for the second time on impeachment charges.

  2. Anjali

    such coolness is emitting from this article. Especially the 3 min video of Shri Mataji’s excerpts on Abraham Lincoln. I love the connection to innocence that is made in this article and the pictures are so very beautiful. Thank you for this tribute to Abraham Lincoln and his pure desire to end racialism, to preserve the light of the spirit and seek liberty from anything that divides human beings because all men are created equal. And I love how Shri Mataji instills that hope within us that there is an Abraham Lincoln in all of us and that we can become an example as he was to his noble values- that we can become collective and desire for the benevolence of the greater good.

  3. paula

    Shri Mataji said that the ideal of democracy is nothing but collectivity which we practice and enjoy in Sahaja Yoga. Collectively we rise up, we raise each other up. Abraham Lincoln is admired and respected by all. A saint as Shri Mataji called him, for his noble efforts and character. Enjoyed the videos very much, it was very inspiring and what we need right now.

  4. NITI

    It is such a beautiful article about Abraham Lincoln and his idea about freedom and equality.Thanks to Shri Mata ji for making us aware
    about this great leader,who brought the real meaning of democracy and humanity.He was a saint who dedicated his life for the benevolence
    Of each and every people.All the videos in this article touched my heart and the speech given by Abraham Lincoln was really powerful and filled with love for humankind.thanks Ioana for this beautiful article.


  5. sanjay

    very nice compilation of shri Mataji”s talks about Lincoln . thanks !

  6. Dr Saumya Hinduja

    Beautiful Compilation. Jai Shree Mataji

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