Find out who was Joseph Brant

Let’s find out Who was Joseph Brant and How he is Connecting two special places: Burlington in Canada and Canajoharie in the USA


Let’s Find out who was Joseph Brant and honour Burlington’s Indigenous Foundation

There is something fascinating for me about Joseph Brant.

He is the founder of Burlington, Ontario, Canada, but in fact was bornand raised  in Canajoharie (USA), which is a place that I deeply love. I’ve first visited Canajoharie before I ever knew that I will find my permanent home here in Burlington.

Once I knew well both Canajoharie and Halton areas, as well the “Joseph Brant connection” between them, definitely can say they are deeply similar the way their Nature’s vibrations are felt.

Recently (this summer) we had a Youth Sahaja Yoga Seminar in Canajoharie and I will gladly share some photographs from that  place  – our Abi had represented Burlington youth there and she made few gorgeous photos –  so you can feel and “judge” for yourself about the common “feeling”.

But, let’s go back to the Joseph Brant Festival that is a tradition in Burlington and for the past 3 years we were honoured to participate with a booth where our energetic team welcomed everyone to absorb sahaj knowledge and positive energy.


My favorite photograph from last year at the festival is the one that promises a great Present for this place where Native roots hopefully will send their young strong branches again, in day bright light, making us all whole again in Canada.

I am tempted to write more about my personal connection with the Native Indian roots of this magic place of Burlington but this has to happen in a sahaj way ( spontaneously-from the heart-naturally), maybe in an article related to Inspirational Dreams.

Yes, I had such a dream and would be nice to let it join the treasure of beautiful dreams I have received from you (our readers) and other Halton Sahaj Family’s friends and relatives in Self-Realization.

Back to Joseph Brant Festival, please do NOT miss it this year, seems that it will be again much fun (weather permitting) and look for our booth there.

Go here and enjoy our 2 last participations @ La Salle Park where the Festival was actually held each time.

Note1:  Definitely we have to mention the efforts of Sylvia Hentz and her team from Burlington Museums that is always so welcoming and dedicated to raise the bar each year regarding the quality of this beloved local festival.

Note2: So, yes, we are compelled to open that Dreams section soon! Keep sending your dreams to me, I cannot fullfill them but we definitely can share and give them a life made of words and images.

sahaj-seminar-lake-ontario-2008Last year, towards the end of the event we had actually ended up having an impromptu meditation seminar on the Lakeshore where we’ve recited mantras and have inter-acted vibrationally with the local sacred energy of enlightened elements of Mother Earth and Sky and Water (Lake Ontario) and it was such a peaceful and collective joy.

We felt trully accepted by “here” and “now” and fully blessed and balanced.

So utterly sahaj!

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