How we Celebrate our Birthdays in Halton-Niagara Family?! The SAHAJ way! (check the PHOTOS)

It was a  Monday, on May 7 and Monday is the week day corresponding to Sahasrara (the crown) chakra. What a better way to enjoy this day other than, celebrate the Birthday of a fellow sahaja yogini?! And by Surprise! Enjoy Ioana’s birthday celebrated (by surprise!) on Monday’s Milton-Mississauga class as an example of how much pure Love and Joy and Creativity and Generosity and Collectivity is radiating our Halton- Niagara sahaja yoga family. Thank you ALL!!

Nari who is so busy with his job and art and family, came to our Milton class and was busy capturing all these beautiful moments in equally beautiful photos with beautiful people. (ok, don’t start counting the work ‘beautiful’  here..)

of course we had a cheesecake .. sooo good!! We forgot to say how good cooks we are!! We have the best potlucks in Ontario! And we don’t take any pride in it 🙂

Ok, obviously these people are special yogis and yoginis, that have subtle powers in their chakras, but that have also families, jobs,  friends and many responsibilities. They care for the entire world! What a treat for one’s soul is to be among them!

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  1. Smrite

    Very nice B’day celebration of fellow sahaj brothers and sisters around the world 🙂

  2. Dorothy Logan

    You deserve the best and that’s what Mother gave you through your Sahaj Family. My thanks also goes out to you for all your hard work in sending very creative newsletters to all of us. This is truly inspriational the way you take so much time in including every detail in sharing your complete knowledge about any subject you choose to white about. We truly love you for your faithfulness to our Holy Mother and to your sisters and brother afar as well. May our Holy Mother continue to ever bless you with the strenght you need to continue Her work through you the Divine Instrunment. Much, Much love to you from us.
    Jai Shri Mataji,
    Dorothy from Phila, USA.

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