Joy Giving Keeps Flowing in Burlington News

Let’s check how the Joy Giving Keeps Flowing in the Burlington News of Summer 2023

Ioana took this photo of the Burlington skies opening abover her neighbourhood and shared it with the Burlington Today readers.

‘What’s the Problem of this World?! There is No Joy. Simple as that – there is no joy.’

‘If they had joy, they would not have done all these nonsensical things. There’s no joy.’

‘When you have joy, you don’t want to fight, you don’t want to do anything that is harmful.’

‘You don’t want to say anything after anyone, not only that but you do not want to have something that will spoil this Mother Earth or which will bring ecological problem. No, you just don’t want it, don’t want to do anything because it harms others.’

‘Joy-Giving is the character, nature of Spirit. So you have to first understand that Life is for Giving Joy to others.’ 

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation (quote)

You might have heard about our 100 Seeds of Joy community initiative that Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team of volunteers have launched it on March 21st, 2023. It involved numerous free events in our community that gained even more support during this summer and we are eager to present you some local newspaper articles that mentioned them. Enjoy!

Online Burlington News Article published on August 12, 2023 about 100 Seeds of Joy Event

Explore snapshots from an online Halton newspaper article about “Coffee, Meditation and Sahaja Yoga Meditation workshop” offered in August 2023

Enjoy some snippets from the online Burlington News about our Aug 13 event!

Snapshot from the local news article about this free event provided by Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network in Burlington.
Snapshot from the original online article.

In July and August there were also News about the Seeds of Joy planted Outdoors!

Let’s see What other Seeds of Joy were cultivated in Burlington News this Summer!

Photo from one of our outdoors events offering meditation with self-realization and simple heart yoga exercises.
Quick snapshot from this July article announcing the special event for Heart Chakra related to Yoga Day.
We were glad to have our event mentioned in the recommended Burlington events during the Civic Holiday weekend!

Other July Articles in theBurlington Newspaper was about our GURU Purnima Special Events!

Ioana shared this special photo also with the wider Burlington community during the days of Guru Purnima 2023.

In fact there were several Halton News outlets that informed the local community about our special events.

We already mentioned one beautiful article in earlier July and here there is another online news articles that we found about later on.

Quick snapshots from the Halton’s online news.
Original article is here.

Two Recommended Articles to Bring a Smile and Open your Heart:

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(click!) Summer’s Heart Opening Flow for Self and Canadian Togethernes (every Sunday!)

Short video from a recent outdoors event. The little girl enjoyed our 70 min event outdoors and actively participated in everything! It was her first ever experience with Sahaja Yoga Meditation and with our team. Her mom texted me that she LOVED it and she is asking for bringing her along to our next events! Mission accomplished: we planted Seeds of Joy!

Make sure you’re joining the 100 Seeds of Joy events this Summmer! Check our 100 Seeds of Joy Calendar of events.

Also, make sure you explore the above two recommended articles: -).

We hope you enjoyed this “More Good News from Burlington” article and you feel our pure desire to become a Joy Giving Association, as per Shri Mataji’s other definition for Sahaja Yoga Meditation. We truly love our Burlington community and the City of Burlington so we let this love flow!

Ioana took this photo in downtown Burlington and shared it further for enjoyment.

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  1. Kavita

    What beautiful articles and amazing Volunteers. In this busy busy work centric environment it’s good to see this group bringing some balance of recoil and peace – with flute, music, rock painting, henna and outdoor yoga meditation ‍♀️
    Please join me in congratulating the participants of 100 seeds of joy initiative.

  2. NITI

    Thanks Ioana for sharing this joy giving news to all of us.As mentioned in this article that if people
    have joy of the spirit, they won’t do anything which trouble other and themselves too.Very beautiful and joygiving pic of the sky and of the flowers .Pic of sky looks like that tremendous joy is pouring or flowing through sky.Thanks for all your efforts to bringing peace in people’s life.

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