What is Maya ? Meditate with Monali on King Janaka as Primordial Guru (Sahaj Guru Game 2011)

Enjoy Video-Presentation & Article on Shri Janaka – the Philosopher King & Primordial Guru

King Janaka holding his daughter Shri Sita (the baby coming from Mother Earth )

What is Maya? What is Maya created by God versus Maya created by Human Beings?!

Shri Mataji: “So they say that this maya is created by God. No! Maya that God has created is this world, this whole universe and all that but this illusive life is created by human beings. Absolutely, through their projections of their brains and mental capacities, they have projected..  So this is one of the illusions that human beings have created is what you call is money maya and, in that, comes also the wealth, possessions, materialism. Everything is created by human beings and this creation of materialism then boils you down to a personality which is involved in all sinful act. Anything is all right because if money is all right, materialism is all right.

That Illusiveness is called Maya. And this illusiveness appeals to many people. Appeals — that’s the point I’m worried about. Something is illusive, then they go on running after that like a mirage and ultimately they are destroyed.” (Lecture on Mahamaya, Auckland, New Zealand,  1994)

Shri Mataji: “We should not get lost into the Maya. If you are a Witness you can see the Maya, how it works. Our Brain should become a Sakshi, should become a witness .. witness the (divine) play. You should not take anything as something extremely serious. When you look at things as something that you are watching a drama .. So to reach that state you have to become Thoughtlessly Aware. Because we think from our brain. And this brain goes on thinking, thinking, creating a Maya and playing into Maya.”

Shri Mataji: “Now here it is when you are a realized soul you should see through the Maya. So in your brain there should be no worry, there should be no stress. There should be no problem. Because you are just watching everything in
Thoughtless Awareness. So when you are thoughtless awareness, means when your brain is just in the state of witness you understand everything that is Divine.”

Beauty from Jean Louis - France

The above 2 excerpts are from an amazing lecture offered by the founder of sahaja yoga meditation – Shri Mataji: Lecture on Elightened Brain in New York, Oct 1994.

Now it’s VIDEO TIME! Monali, from our Milton-Mississauga class, about her experience and lessons she got by meditating and researching on King Janaka – the first incarnation of the primordial guru. Make sure that after the video you also explore a very instructive article on King Janaka with more interesting stories that express his qualities of a Real guru. There is a second video presentation (wonderful too, in a different way!) on King Janaka offered by Adrian (Burlington meditation class) and Divya (Milton-Mississauga meditation class).

(CHECK VIDEO!)Monali‘s Introspection on Maya & Presentation on King Janaka at Milton-Mississauga sahaja yoga class

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  1. armaity

    Mother’s explanation of Maya as created by God and how it differs from what is made by human beings was quite an eye-opener

    It was great watching Monali on video.Nobody could have guessed she’s a new entrant to sahaja.

    And the beautiful picture of a vibrant yellow flower with the honey bee by Jean Louis filled the heart with joy.

  2. Divya

    Thank you for the Sahaj Guru game also, thank you for the presentaion Monali, in all, it is a wonderful experience

  3. Chandra

    Monali, so much humility and purity in her talk!!! While her two stories (Astaa Vakra and Nicheketa)were great lessons, her simplicity and honesty touched my heart.

    Our Ma is working in all of us, all the time.

    Thank you Monali for your talk, I work to become what you are.


  4. Kruti

    My knowledge about Raja Janaka was very limited. I just knew he was the father of Shri Sita and was one of the ten primordial Guru. Monali’s presentation showed the deepness in his character and being so detached despite having a kingdom to run was truly remarkable. The vibrations were cool from the very beginning of the video. Thanks Monali.

  5. A.K. Jha

    Very nice and natural presentation of Sri Raja Janaka.
    Really enjoyed.
    Thank u Monali.

  6. paula

    Thanks to Monali I was able to actually “be” in the Milton class! I felt very fortunate to watch her insight and relay of stories to help others understand the quality of detachment. The value of detachment that Raja Janaka portayed in story form was so clear. A friend of mine asked me about a meditation book she was reading that asked her to give away something to a friend, and she could not get the concept. Before Sahaja Yoga I could not get it either! But this example explains it so well, and there are so many examples to emulate and absorb. The value of being detached is the key to enjoying everyone and everything. Very enlightening,thank you!

  7. Debbie

    Very nicely done – thanks for reminding us about Detachment, the Maya, reaching the state of Thoughtless Awareness and becoming the Witness – great qualities that Shri Janaka possessed.

    Lots of love always.

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