Impressions from Spring Meditation Seminar on Forgiveness

Enjoy the Photos and Impressions from the Spring Meditation Seminar on Forgiveness

Image captured by Ioana on the same day (April 6th, 2024), later in the afternoon, during a stroll in Spencer Smith Park with family and friends.

About the Spring Seminar on Forgiveness theme, offered by the 100 Seeds of Joy team

As the date for this spring seminar was following the Easter Weekend, the organizing team felt that is appropriate to dedicate it to the “Forgiveness” theme; also based on the feedback received from the regular participants to our weekly Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes offered in the Halton region, both in Oakville and in Burlington.

Quick notes: the beautiful photo with the pink flowers onthe event’s poster represents a nice memory from Ioana’s trip to Mexico City; the white rose is from the Forgiveness seminar. Open the photos to enjoy them better.

Impressions collected from the Participants to the Forgiveness Meditation Seminar

We had even first comers to this seminar. A nice surprise was to have a young lady, originally from Ukraine who told us that she wanted to “do something” this weekend, and the first thing she noticed in the Burlington online news, was precisely the invitation to our Meditation Seminar on Forgiveness. After the seminar she expressed her desire to join our regular meditation classes. There were other new ones, as well regular participants, overall we had quite a well attended event!

Enjoy the photos, also the impressions collected from various participants, as well some lovely video-clips from the event and two more with the gorgeous spring time we captured later by the Burlington Lakeshore.

Tips: If you click on some links, (including the names that are highlighted in the article) you might learn something new, even uncover some older articles with tyour friends’ previous special experiences and letters. Enjoy!

Isabelle’s feedback:

The event was very beautiful and joyous.

When we had our guided meditation  and chakra workshop…at the beginning of the meditation and it was mentioned this is how we care for ourselves and for the world.

During the meditation and chakra workshop I did feel a blockage in my left nabhi energy center(this is where we hold our home and family) but was very focused on thoughtless awareness.

When working on the heart chakra I noticed that how much attention was being put there (which I have felt pain for a while).

Personally later I found out that something was going on in my immediate family at this time.

 I believe that our immediate family automatically also benefits from this meditation without us asking.

Those couple of hours at the event nourished me. 

Isabelle is a regular participant to our Oakville and Burlington meditation classes offered by the 100 Seeds of Joy team of volunteers

Short video-clip capturing the silent meditation with the chakra workshop that followed

More impressions from the Forgiveness Meditation Seminar. Enjoy!


Today was lovely and very relaxing. It was the first time in a while I was able to get into an almost Thoughtless Awareness. Thank you.


I experienced pure bliss and joy by the end of the meditation.

During the video with Shri Mataji‘s talk I could not take my eyes from her face as it was transmitting so much peace.

A wonderful event,thank you all for organizing it.

I am so glad I could make it!


Thank you so much for such a beautiful afternoon.

It’s wonderful to have so many people from so many different backgrounds come together and relax, reflect and meditate.

Everytime I came to a class I always learn something new!

Adina took a photo of Ioana taking a a photo :-). They both participated in the morning to the Forgiveness Seminar and in the afternoon their spouses joined them for a long walk by the Burlington Lakeshore. Somehow the Sun is drawing the Agnya chakra shapes. Enjoy!

Erica V.

Many blessings! Awaken in Spirit we are divine!


Thank you so much for today! I am leaving this class with fullness and love!!!


I attended quite late yesterday’s meditation on Forgiveness, when I started meditating I was feeling heavy on my all chakras,

It wasn’t even cool for me,

but when Ioana stated asking the other person’s about their experiences of meditation and she started discussing about the true meaning of forgiveness not on just for saying and on superficial level that time

I felt tremendous vibrations and when she tell us to forgive on the left nabhi chakra in which she described very well to us that we need to forgive our all the family members and also she cleared our left and right heart chakra aspects with the powerful meaning of forgiveness.

Thanks for this wonderful session dear Ioana.

Kruti’s Feedback is shared further below:

Photo by Ioana (same day in Burlington)

It was a bright sunny warm morning. and the sky was clear with some clouds and I enjoyed driving to this sahaja yoga meditation seminar to go deeper my spirituality.

Actually I try not to miss any of the “Going deeper” sessions offered by the 100 Seeds of Joy team of volunteers that is based in Burlington.

Sure enough, the soon itstarted, my hands “were speaking to me”. I thoroughly enjoyed the positive affirmations during the guided meditation, the music and the talk selected from Shri Mataji’s teachings. That video helped me to go into the Thoughtless Awareness.

The collective Potluck and learning Greek dance felt like it further healed my conditionings that I have about other cultures.

video-clip with our First Greek Dance class with Argy! Much Fun!

(Attn to those of us in Argy’s Greek Dance Class, this is the one for our practice at home)

Enjoy more Photos and Impressions shared below, as well two more video-clips

Our first Greek Dance class in 2024. Argy is our wonderful teacher!

Kruti‘s recollection continues below:

It was so much fun! By the end we were all bubbling with joy and with lots of gratitude in our hearts for this opportunity.

We departed with a smile and some flowers. Thank you to those that brought so many beautiful spring flowers!

Indeed there is so much love and generosity felt among this team of volunteers and the community that’s built around their free meditation classes.

Thank you dear Ioana and 100 Seeds of Joy team for everything!

end of Kruti’s feedback message
Family photo with those that volunteered to wrap the event: Adina (London), Mama Carmela (Burlington), Kruti (Brampton) and Ioana (Burlington).

What else we did at the Seminar?! We actually learned a Greek Dance with a great Teacher!

Photo by Andrew, thank you! We also had a few other participants who left early or who enjoyed watching our dance class.

Feedback received from Pradeep that joined from Mississauga with his family members:

The Forgiveness event after the Easter weekend was well timed.

Experiencing Cool Breeze just after forgiving ourselves during the meditation session is the strongest validation of the science of Sahaja Yoga meditation (as Ioana mentioned during the Q&A).

After event the Potluck was great and the joy of being part of the collective learning of the Greek dance steps was simply amazing.

We also learned how to Forgive and Ask for Forgiveness from others, based on Shri Mataji’s teachings. Shri Mataji is the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

Quote from Shri Mataji’s teachings on forgiveness and advice on the power of prayer.
Image with William Blake’s painting the the quote is from Shri Mataji’s teachings on Forgiveness.

We have a few more feedback notes from the participants to this beautiful seminar. Enjoy!

Ritika’s quick feedback before she rushed back home to her little daughter:

It’s just lovely being here. 🙂

We must share some photos of the Seminar’s Potluck with its loving generosity and diversity

Video-clip from the beginning of the event during the Potluck table set-up:

Sharing more photos and videoclips collected during that glorious Spring Day of April 6th, 2024

Many more experiences can be shared about this seminar. The way the guided meditation connected with every participant at a personal level. Also, how the chakra workshop helped some participants to release some emotional turmoil. The way the affirmations were mentioned exactly when one needed help precisely for the respective energy centers that were mentioned.

As always we encourage everyone to share their impressions about this article as well in case you were at the seminar and you did not get a chance to share your impressions, please provide them as a Reply by the end of the article.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the photos and the video-clips, and for those coming to our regular classes, we must learn this Greek dance in April as we have at least 2 other dances to learn by the end of the year. Check the video with Argy’s steps below!

Many Thanks to Everyone for such a beautiful Collective experience of Sahaj Togetherness! More to come!

(video-clip) Try this Eye-climbing of Burlington’s Weeping Willow placed by the lakeshore

This is the very Last Collection of Photos from that special day

Mama Carmela and Kruti (Ioana’s photo)
Checking the rising of the Kundalini energy flow after meditation (photo by Kathleen)
Many thanks to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi who remains the inspiration for all our volunteering activities and the love we have for Mother Nature

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Reply /comment if you wish. Join us to our next classes and events. Check our 100 Seeds of Joy calendar.

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