Joys from Clay Artwork Meditation workshop

Feedback in a Collection of Joys from the Clay Artwork Meditation workshop

Our poster that broughta lot of interest from the local Community! We were asked to provide more such events, so we will!

We have gathered Feedback from the Clay Artwork Meditation workshop offered by 100 Seeds of Joy Team on Saturday July 15th at Orchard Hub. It feels like a Collections of Joys reflected in the video-clips, photo-albums and of course in the memories of those that actually participated to that Free event from the “Cool Kids and Parents” series that Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network launched it in Burlington many years back. The traditions continues in many forms and shapes/

Feedback in Video-Clips and Impressions

That was so fun and it says it all! We started taking photos and somebody noticed how the “background” for this beautiful fresh creation of Kruti’s tells it as it is.

Read few Impressions collected by Anjali on the spot from Kids and Parents:


“Time well spent with creativity and Meditation.”

1st time participant to a 100 Seeds of Joy session offered by the volunteers from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network


“I really liked the meditation with music and clay art work. My kids are also enjoying the session.”

1st time participant to a 100 Seeds of Joy session offered by the volunteers from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network


“My first time of meditation really is surprising me. Will definitely try more. It also feels so good doing clay artwork with my kid.”

1st time participant to a 100 Seeds of Joy session offered by the volunteers from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network


“Having a very good time. Enjoyed the songs and meditation.” 

started Sahaja Yoga Meditation recently and is bringing his daughter to these 100 Seeds of Joy workshops (she enjoys them a lot!)


“I had fun making a 3-eyed prince alien…enjoyed the meditation :)”

teenager from Burlington who started joining in April our 100 Seeds of Joy sessions related to the “Cool Kids and Parents” series offered by SYMN

Abigail and Sophie:

“It was fun and thank you to everyone for making a fun session.”

kids participants in the “Cool Kids and Parents” series offered in Burlington for the last few years by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network.


“I am making a clay cake for my dad’s birthday and enjoying doing this. Having fun after meditating.”

Karan giving the clay birthday cake to his daddy on his birthday! Well done Karan!
Here there is the clay birthday cake in the making!

Karan’s mom:

“Karan proudly gave the clay birthday cake to his daddy since his birthday is coming soon! He had a lot of fun . The little girl even complimented him that he is smart when he opened the plastic wrapper by poking it with yhe stick, Plus, he ended up teaching others how to make the clay roses!

Joyful Feedback from the Free Clay Meditation Workshop in Video-Clips (enjoy the Music too!)

Note: Make sure to watch all the video-clips, each one is lovely and they might plant Seed of Joys in You too!

(1) Video-clip with Clay Flower making (it became a 12 petalled flower for the Heart placed in the Crown Chakra)

(2) Video-clip from our Guided Meditation with Kundalini energy of Mother Earth (enjoy the song!)

(3) Video-clip with Live Feedback — Too Much Fun with Mother Earth & Like a Child! (enjoy the song!)

(4) Video-clip with seconds of the Clay Crown Chakra’s Vibrations

(5) Video-clip with Kundalini Rise Up High Song

(6) Video-clip with our Clay Artwork exhibition

(7) Video-clip with our Cool Kids and Parents watering their Inner Flower with Kundalini (singing too!)

We made great partners in the Burlington Community and next Saturday we are offering another 100 Seeds of Joy event at a different location. Contact us at [email protected] OR give us a call if you’re interested in our events or you’d like to become a Cultivator of Joy with us.

Images from our latest 100 Seeds of Joy workshop in Burlington on Saturday, July 15th, 2023.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Collection of Joys. Please let us know if you felt that a Seed of Joy settled in your heart and brought a smile on your face too! Drop a comment by the end of this article if you want and let us know if you enjoyed it.

Check the PHOTO-ALBUM here (click!)!

We are blessed to live in the thriving Burlington Community where we can accomplish the goal of offering 100 Seeds of Joy this year — We are aiming for 150!

You can explore the following two most recent 100 Seeds of Joy events this Summer:

(1) Outdoors Yoga Meditation in July (feedback & sessions)

(2) Feel the Vibes of Burlington’s 2023 Father’s Day

Drop a comment. Contact us. Join our events. If you wish, we are Here for You! 🙂

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  1. Kavita

    Missed this clay workshop. But feel really cool going through the page and remembering the last workshop which was also very good and I had made a clay Diya that I still have in my meditation area.
    Thank you! to All the volunteers of Sahajayoga for creating these beautiful workshops for peace love and meditation. ❤️

  2. Paula

    I am in awe of the purity of these events! Such innocence! Such permeating joy! This happy train is contagious! Why not? Love the talents pouring out of inspiration derived from mini meditations…it is the dawning of new ideas and creations streaming through the enlightened atmosphere.

  3. Adrian N.

    Foarte frumos…
    Am făcut o minunată “baie” de inocență!

  4. Kruti

    What a beautiful session it was with kids, clay, and meditation! To witness the inner joy and simply be collective regardless of the age were the highlights of this program. We need more programs like this in the community to bring the attention on our spirit rather than on devices. This will help not only the kids, but also the adults. Thank you!

  5. SORIN

    Just by looking at the pictures and the videos the joy and thoughtless mind came in me. Beautiful, innocent and creative. Kudos to the organizers

  6. Helen

    Reading, looking at the pictures and watching the videos has brought a huge smile to my face and feeling so much inner peace!
    Beautiful!! So wonderful. Can feel the joy everyone is feeling!

  7. NITI

    Mother earth ,who is the sustainer of all the creatures to whom she nourished with all her love and care.I enjoyed watching all the kids and grownups also, how they are creating something with all their innocence and love which is the Supreme quality of mother earth.Amazing job done by all Halton collectivity.

  8. Giulia

    Felicitări pentru organizarea unui astfel de eveniment special!

  9. Annemarie

    Very nice event. I find the idea of combining meditation and art workshops so inspiring. Congratulations to the organizers!

  10. Rabi

    What a beautiful article and the event that decorates each heart with garland of love. It is so refreshing to see the joyful state in each movement and eyes that sparkles. Thank you for the collection and the love in a bouquets that only emits joy.

  11. Antoinette Wells

    So lovely to create art whilst meditating! In fact when your Kundalini is awaken thus opening the Swadhistana chakra as well, you creative art, wether it is painting, pottery, music. The joy of creating is multifold and it IS a meditation because you are without thoughts when you create and the Joy is part of it!

  12. armaity bhabha

    Wow ! A brilliant way to introduce Sahaja to children, in such a fun way, with help of music and art. Opening the “mooladhara” which is made up of earth element by a simple technique of clay art is simply ingenious. Both the participating children and the sahaja yogi volunteers look so joyful and at peace. Halton Team… keep up the wonderful work of spreading Sahaja Love in your community in such natural unique ways and at the same time keeping it fun. Bravo ‼️♥️

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