Echoes of Peace and Joy from Easter Meditation Class

Enjoy this Article sharing Echoes of Peace and Joy from Easter Meditation Class in Burlington

Kyla came late, directly from work on the Wednesday when we celebrated Easter together at the Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation Class

Little story about the photo-above:

Somehow the Easter themed meditation class was quite busy and all the chairs were occupied. Those that joined a bit late simply sat on the few free stools placed by the window and took a dive into the peaceful meditation.

This moment captures the meditation in thoughtless awareness when most of the participants enjoyed the instrumental music while some of the yogis were offering gentle vibratory support to strengthen everyone’s experience with their chakras [subtle enery centers].

Let’s Learn from this Wisdom Quote

    “So in your meditations, you have to sit down. Now what do you see (feel) in meditation?!

Try to see all the chakras [subtle enegy centers], what chakras are catching, face it yourself.

This might be from your past life that some chakras are weak, try to make them all right, try to strengthen them,

because ideals have to be worked out.

The instrument has to be all right, if the instrument is a crazy one how will you do?

So first of all you must develop your instrument properly, it should be balanced, powerful, and not cowardly.”

Quote from the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation: Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi * check article. (make sure to explore it by the end of this article)
Same evening we took this photo in front of Shri Mataji’s photo as She is always inspiring our ideals towards Self-Realization, Peace and Love.

Let’s find out How was the Easter Meditation Class offered by the 100 Seeds of Joy volunteers

On March 27th we had our weekly “Themed Meditation FREE Class” in Burlington (each one is somewhat unique).

The theme we chose was “Sahaj Easter and Learn about the Third Eye Agnya chakra“.

Somebody from our team – Gratiela,who is Romanian, with a Catholic upbringing – told to our team of volunteers that she will prepare a Romanian Easter tradition to be shared with all participants.

That’s how we ended up with a beautiful basket, decorated with a traditional hand made Romanian cloth, filled with freshly colored eggs. Gratiela even mentioned that she tried to use many colours, to represent the variety of colours associated with the subtle energy centers [chakras]. We are sharing few ultra short video-clips, each one unique, so try them all.

That evening we had a large variety of participants, most of them are beginners who joined the Oakville and Burlington classes more recently, as well those who started to started to practice Sahaja Yoga Meditation sometime in 2023, joining the events launched with our 100 Seeds of Joy initiaaitive in the Burlington community. Of course, some were part of our team of volunteers that jointly support these free classes and events for everyone’s benefit and enjoyment.

That evening we had a profoudly peaceful guided meditation. Somebody took a short video-clip, shared below:

Video to Sample the Collective Meditation Experienced in this Easter Themed Meditation Class

1. Enjoy this short video-clip capturing seconds of serenity from our meditation class.

Enjoy this 18 seconds video-clip with the Wave of Kundalini energy Experience:

Let’s Continue Exploring the Video and Photo Glimpses from our Easter Meditation Class.

There is much to share in terms of how we by the end of the class,each one shared their personal experiences. We realized collectively that the peaceful feeling within as well the clear perception of this subtle energy [Kundalini] being awakened and helping with healing and clearing of our blockages, including negative thoughts or body pains, represent a Reality we can trust.

Quick “Easter Meditation Class” group photo by the end of it, when we checked how high and how cool this energy of pure love was flowing through us 🙂

More photos below, but make sure you check the Next Wisdom Quote and FUN VIDEO-CLIP!

Ioana is explaining the Romanian Easter tradition with knocking each other’s coloured eggs. Some ‘volunteers’ were invited to come in the front to try it.

Romanian Easter Tradition of “Knocking Coloured Eggs” on Monday Easter:

The colored eggs will be prepared in advance, of course, traditionally there are used natural colouring techniques [boiled onions or beets, etc]. Sometimes the eggs will have also various shapes drawn on them: leaf, cross, even a swastika showing the pre-Christian influence of this ancient symbol as a good omen for innocent beginnings as it traditonally represents in India and other places too.

Then one would pick out an egg and then choose someone to crack the egg with. Typically, the first person would say ‘Christ has risen’ and the second person would say ‘He truthfully has‘ before hitting each other’s eggs.

Right after the following photos we are sharing a short video-clip with the Romanian and Greek spontaneous “Easter tradition”exchange between Ioana and Argy.

Photo from the Easter Meditation Class we enjoyed in Burlington on March 27, 2024. Join us for the Free Forgiveness seminar coming on Saturday April 6.

Take in this Quote of Wisdom that explains the Born Again feeling connected to our Ego cracking

Excerpt from a talk offered by Shri Mataji during an International Easter Yoga Meditation Seminar in the UK on April 26, 1978

“You become aware of that shell, that ego, especially in the Western life as it is, you know, its ego yet is pampered all the time in competition in this and that. And you become that, you are identified with it because you are just an ordinary egg.

But if you are awakened, suddenly you start seeing the shell around you, you want to get out of it, just don’t want it.

You think, if you get out of it, you’ll have your wings and expect your wings, and you’ll fly in the air, in the space.

That feeling comes into you when you separate yourself from the shell.

That happens with the Kundalini [energy] awakening.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi [ the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation ]; one can explore this beautiful article with more powerful Easter quotes.

Watch this short Video-Clip in which Greek and Romanian Easter traditions literally collide 🙂

Be part of this Spontaneous Spiritual Fun with Romanian Easter Egg cracking experience!

Some other connections: in a way we also honoured the Holi – Festival of Colours that happened on the Monday of the same week, which also has beautiful subtle wisdom and messages of pure love, tolerance and joy in celebrating our diversity.

Let’s also make sure that we try our best to rise above the challenges that sometimes make us feel trapped, entangled or even completely trapped in this life’s difficulties. They might appear as our ultimate reality, like in the sun rise photos we took on our way to the Toronto office in the morning of the same Wednesday of March 27. See them shared below.

Enjoy one more Easter Quote with Sahaj wisdom from Shri Mataji and personal sharing:

“Birds don’t identify themselves with the Eggs

and settle down in one place.

… They Fly.”

Photo from Ioana capturing the first eagle flying above the Lion’s Club on Thursday March 28, 2024.

Personal pre-Easter story:

The last photo shared above is with an eagle I’ve noticed flying above my head on Thursday March 28, 2024. In front of my eyes, more eagles came from other directions, creating a joyous flying swirl, high above me, but somehow I felt I was joining in their joy of ultimate freedom. The sky was glorious. I took it as a good omen as, just minutes earlier we received good news related to our 100 Seeds of Joy initiative: it will spread its wings further in 2024, bringing more peace and pure love in our beloved Burlington community.

I had a few times before such encounters with eagles, that felt deeply meaningful.

Photo captured by Ioana on Canada Day in Vancouver Island, 2023.

On a Canada Day morning, when we were visting Vancouver Island, and in our morning meditative walk, while I was praying for Canada in my heart and also with my attention on all Americas as we were so close to the shared mountain range with the sister United States of America, all of a sudden, I felt to look up and there it is a magnificent bald eagle, on the top of a tree that stood tall, yet in a busy neighbourgood. There was nobody outside on that wonderful sunny morning. I took the time to enjoy that gift, as my feathery friend seem to be an old soul, that wanted attention from a fellow meditative being.

There are more stories, you can check on our blog, such as in the Lesson from Three Vultures sharing the same Branch

also in short video-clips on our youtube channel.

Let’s enjoy that Spring has arrived! Let’s meet next week for a Going Deeper “Forgiveness” seminar.

Also, check a bouquet of Wisdom for Easter articles shared after the following poster.

Explore a Bouquet of Wisdom in Seven Articles

offered so You Rise to a Meditative State on this Easter Weekend

We must tell you the truth, and ‘warn you’ that this bouquet of articles we created a while ago is as diverse as a bouquet of wild flowers picked from a meadow lovingly nurtured by Mother Earth and respectfully valued and protected by Earth People.

It offers images, wisdom, personal stories, poetry and spiritual experiences. Some are very short some are not.

But they are all offering loving and healing energy for your mind, eyes and soul. Our Easter Basket is now yours.

(click!) Be a Flower not a Thorn — Let’s Value and Face these Ideals

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(click) Auras, Vibrations and Chakras in the Western Christian Traditions

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Easter article. Drop a comment if you wish.

Happy Easter! Check our Calendar of Free Classes and Events – join us! You can always drop a comment by the end of the article.

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  1. Helen

    The Peace and Joy are resounding with such strong, strong vibratiosn. I can feel the fun, joy,the love in everyones’ face, teh smiles—I am smiling too!
    What a deLight to be able ot share this–thank you so much. The togetherness is so apparent, such togetherness.
    Amazing!!!! What expereinces filled with such dynamics!!! GREAT, GREAT, GREAT

  2. Rabi

    Beautifully composed and articulated article dear. Loved it thoroughly!!

  3. Kruti

    Lots of love, joy, and forgiveness is what Easter is all about and we can all feel that in this article and of course in the classes. Happy Easter everyone.

  4. Ajay Nargas

    Wonderful !! Thanks for sharing Easter meditation class experience. I can feel love,joy vibrations flowing in all participants.Amazing !! Overjoyed to know 100 seeds of joy to continue in 2024. Watching Videos and photos is very heart warming.
    Message on Easter helping us to crack ourego and feel of reborn with wings is very invigorating. Eagle story ..first in vancouver now in Halton ..strange.. Is it divine showering blessings to all Sahajyogi in Burlington …..May be …..Jai Shree Mataji.

  5. Paula

    It filled my heart as I expanded my capacity to feel that even higher vibrational awareness that comes amidst awakened realized souls as well as sincere seekers who want to feel the soothing peace. We were one, in these moments. Enjoying, resetting our existence to a higher plane. It was guided to keep our attention pure but then we melted into thoughtless awareness through the profound collective silence. Then we had fun cracking beautifully coloured eggs by Gratiela. We cracked our egos and then we laughed because humour is the best way to crack egos! It was delightful! Love for more people to feel the peace and join the classes with an open ❤️ heart and free the mind from pesky little thoughts. It is discovering what the present brings us in that awakened state. A glimpse and an expansion of bliss you can feel. It’s been a soulful journey with lovely members of our community.

  6. Kavita

    Such a beautiful post, images and videos. Truly Ioana you are a blessing – as are all Sahajayogis’ and the beginners. All under the umbrella of love of Shri Mataji. The joy is spreading as is 100seeds of joy initiative. May more be blessed. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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