On March 21st think of Love, as Burlington Yogis did!

Go through this article to see if You can Pass the “March 21” Test of Love

Honouring Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – on March 21st, 2024 in Burlington as Her 101th Birthday Anniversary

This article is sharing with our community of friends and family the special moments related to March 21st, 2024. Take a few minutes to walk through the photos, testimonials and video-clips presented below. We hope you feel the pure love breathing through them all.

Sharing Pure Love and Enlightenment in Burlington during the March 21st Week

Our Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network volunteers prepared a few free events during this short and intense week.

Some events were Public Meditation Programs celebrating Shri Mataji’s birthday as well the subtler meaning of the Nowruz and Holi festivals. Other events were Going Deeper Meditation seminars for the regular participants joining our classes.

Enjoy the Feedback in Messages received that special week from various participants:

On March 21st we offered a Cool Kids Meditation class in Burlington. Ioana took this photo when a little girl placed the yellow flower near Shri Mataji’s photo.

Atoosa (from Burlington) who has Iranian background and joined two special events in 1 week:

Thank you for the deep meditation yesterday!

I left the class with so much within peace – nothing could rock my world

Atoosa also enjoys brining her childn to the Cool Kids and Parents workshops offered by Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network

Sahar (of Iranian background) who joins our special Sahaja Yoga Seminars offered in Halton:

I enjoyed your honest sharing of your experiences, the pure sisterhood and the divine energy.

Very uplifting and purifying collective energy I reaaaaaaallly enjoyed the Havan yesterday, came home feeling much lighter than I dif the whole week. I’d love to do more of this.I’ll be sure to celebrate Shri Mataji’s birthday on Thursday with a deep offering from the depth of my heart.

Sargam who joined the Burlington class and the Public Program Nowruz offered last week:

Just wanted to say thank you for today’s class it was amazing!!!

Felt so much gratitude! The energy was amazing!

Ritika who is joining from Burlington our classes and events (including the Cool Kids that week)

Thank you so much for all the love and care and beautiful vibrations.

It was so good to meet the collectivity cannot express in words.

Enjoy some photos from the Burlington Class dedicated to Shri Mataji’s Birthday

We had such a profound collective meditation that evening! We also shared our personal experiences with Shri Mataji.

The News about Shri Mataji’s Birthday and our SYMN Public Program dedicated also to Nowruz on March 23rd made the 1st Page in the Local News exactly on March 21st!

We are very grateful for such support received from our beloved Burlington community!

It’s always nice when Love and Appreciation are reciprocated 🙂

Ioana is holding a flower found last Spring in Burlington by the Ontario Lakeshore.

Check out some selections from the local media that announced our Free Public programs offered in March and Shri Mataji’s birthday anniversary

We know of at least two articles being ublished in the Halton region media outlets.

Screenshots from the local news original article

Shri Mataji‘s advice is to Think of Love on the Day of March 21st which (at times) coincides with the Vernal Equinox and Prophet Zoroaster‘s Nowruz (Persian and Iranian New Year)

on March 21st, 2024 ee offered flowers and a heart shaped cake to the always present spirit of our beloved motherly teacher and inspiration – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Enjoy this particularly essential quote from one of the talks offered by Shri Mataji to the large audience gathered together to celebrate her birthday in India on March 21st, 1977, during an international Sahaja Yoga Meditation seminar.

“I wish all of you a very very happy New Year today because it is Nawroz.

[The Persian New Year shared the same day with Shri Mataji’s Birthday – March 21st – on that particular year.].

It is s the day when [Prophet Zarathustra /Zoroaster] started His work on this Earth.

On this day I would request you to think of love all the time.

Love is all knowledge.

Knowledge is all love. There is nothing beyond.

If you have knowledge, it has to pass the Test of Love.

“All the Sahaja yogis who have come here, all the other people who have joined us here,

who are celebrating this earthly birthday of mine…

I am very thankful, very grateful and I am filled with great joy and happiness.

Glimpses from the Going Deeper seminar in Burlington on March 21st, 2024 — celebrating Shri Mataji’s birthday. The heart shaped cake was baked by Mama Carmela and it was not only had an exquisite appeareance, but it had indeed a divine taste of pure love.

How was the actual March 21st 2024 celebrated in Burlington?

On march 21, 2024 Mama Carmela welcomed us to her home that is beaming with love and generosity. This beautiful sahaja yogini truly embodies the teachings of her spiritual motherly teacher: Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

On March 21st, 2024 started snowing in Burlington. It was a busy day at work for all the volunteers from our team, maybe with one exception: Mama Carmela who is 82 yet managed to decorate her home so beautifully, plus cook and bake many goodies for her “sahaj family”. Even though was a working day, quite many from our volunteering team were able to get together in the evening. Somehow we celebrated this special day with two different events, each with its own group of participants and it own collective meditation session.

We started with a short Cool Kids and Parents class that was quite effective: the little children enjoyed the silent meditation and the Kundalini song they learned! They also wanted to actively participate in the flower decorations. In fact they did not want to leave afterwards. They were happy to hear that we will have a Cool Kids class around the Easter time; that convinced them to tell us good night and go home peacefully!

The potluck was amazing as always! Lots of joy and laughter. We took a quick photo with the first group that arrived.

Video-clip showing a glimpse of the Meditation with Kundalini Song

Deep collective meditation

After the parents and their children left, we had a new wave of participants, only adults and we were able to continue with the Going Deeper session, focused on opening the heart and the chakra of Collectivity. In this one, the joy was bubbling at times, like a fountain of bliss found within. As well we enjoyed long moments of a serene silence.

Indeed, the entire weel around March 21st so many of us that follow and share Shri Mataji’s teachings, have thought of love – of Her love for all humanity. We truly desire to pass the Test of Love that she mentioned in Her birthday adreess.

We invite you to enjoy few more signs of love from March 21st 2024 Birthday Celebration:

You can also check out the following live recorded meditation session offered as an online Meditation with Music Program with Ekaterina’s soothing voice.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Drop a comment if you wish. May we all pass the Test of Love!

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  1. Kruti

    The meditations, celebrations, and collectivity were very deep and it helped me immensely and opened my heart. Thank you for everything. ❤️

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    Très touchant !!! Merci …JSM !!!

  3. Jeanne Chretien

    Merci pour ce beau partage Je vous envoie plein d ‘amour et un grand bravo

  4. Helen

    So touching reading and seeing the pictures. The Silence is resounding.
    Thank you very much for sharing!!!

  5. Ritika

    Loving.. thankyou for sharing

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