Clay Artwork Meditation on GANESHA

Join this Clay Artwork Meditation session dedicated to GANESHAThe Lord of Innocence

Not to be missed! Fun yet Deep and MeditativeYour Spiritual Journey with SYMN continues!

When and where? On Wednesday, September 21 at Brant Hills Community Centre, Room C.

Address? 2255 Brant Street, L7P 5C8, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Time? 7 pm – 9 pm

Cost? All classes are free as they are priceless. They are offered with genuine love for Seekers from all walks of life.

Who can join this session? Anyone! We will meditate and learn about Shri Ganesha and even “create one”.

This “Clay Artwork Meditation on GANESHA” workshop is part of the “The Power lies Within YOU” series of unique programs offered by our team of volunteers from Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network.

No meditation or yoga experience required. Be open to “new & different”. Respectfulness is expected.

For this session you don’t need to bring anything. Children can join too if they are supervised by parents.

However, this is not a “for children” session, we will learn mantras too, we can make it fun, but it will require attention!

Contact us if you are interested in special programs for children. See the Thank You letter from one of the workshops offered by our team of volunteers in Halton community. We have a great portfolio, and we are actively collaborating with schools and other organizations interested in offering a variety of educational and recreational activities.

At our weekly free meditation yoga classes in Burlington and Oakville, as well across Halton and Niagara regions and beyond, you will meet people from all backgrounds, and we facilitate also classes tailored to specific groups (in selected languages), upon request.

Stay tuned to find out what are the themes for the next “The Power lies Within You” sessions!

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Try to reach to the very end of this article: there is a surprise link that will make your day!

Why? Because it will fill it with Innocence and Hope! 🙂

Hope to meditate together soon! Here there is a recorded online meditation class to sample. 🙂

Check one of our online meditations (recorded sessions, intro to Kundalini energy and Ganesha principle. Guided meditation and live discussion with feedback.

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  1. Sahaj

    I did attend one of the clay art session in Oakville class. It was a blissful experience to see how developed our imagination and creativity gets practicing Sahaja yoga meditation. Do recommend it

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