Philip’s Personal Experience: Health Benefits from Sahaja Yoga Meditation practice

Sahaja Yoga Meditation practice brings real health benefits even for those most challenged by life .. even for those experiencing chronic pain.

Philip had started sahaja yoga meditation at Oakville class just a couple of years back. Now his life had changed for the better and his entire family benefits from this positive changes as well; He is a valuable member of our Halton family of yogis and he is already giving back to our community, supporting our weekly free sahaja yoga meditation classes in Halton region (and our beautiful events!) , as well the many workshops provided for our Halton community.

Other testimonials from Burlington, Oakville and Barrie classes

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  1. paula

    I have personally had the privilege to meet and watch the progress of each of these beautiful souls…Phillip, Beverly and Jeanette on their yogic journeys to become their best selves through their enlightenment. Once you see your own “being” shifting into a more balanced state, better health through a new dimension of awareness is so evident…they ooze joyful energy…coming from a more peaceful place…the space between the thoughts,the inner silence, then layers of a new, refreshed, enlightened existence…where we become connected to everyone and everything. It is very inspiring to witness the joyful and miraculous effects sahaja yoga has anyone who desires to grow as a human being or at least to improve the aspects of our personality that feel imbalanced somehow. Their stories are very real, and the daily miracles we all have experienced are an inspiration to anyone who may wonder what sahaja yoga can do for them. It is a gift to your own spirit, your higher self,and it helps us to become unlimited (by going beyond our limited minds) in our capacity to experience joy. Best part, one can sit in a chair, and simply open your hands and your heart in class. There is no price tag that can be put on an improved sense of well being and inner peace.
    I enjoy seeing your shining faces every week, and for the tough times, we can work through it together through classes and seminars and pure brotherly and sisterly love.

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