Heart Chakra Experience #2: Adrian’s ART & VIDEO Testimonial (Sahaj Guru Game 2011)

Adrian‘s Heart Knows:

“The Heart is the Centre point of the Creation .. and hence All Chakras are subservient to it. It is the power-house of the body and from it energy flows to all other points. It is the seat of the Spirit, the ultimate source of all power…” ( Shri Mataji  – founder of sahaja yoga meditation)


Adrian’s Artwork: Heart‘s Creativity & Connection

VIDEO Testimonial on Heart / Anahat Chakra  – Adrian’s Experience

click! Beauty of Permeation with Enlightened Dust Particles (Rumi and Shri Mataji)

(VIDEO) Anjali’s Heart Chakra Experience

6 Responses to “Heart Chakra Experience #2: Adrian’s ART & VIDEO Testimonial (Sahaj Guru Game 2011)”

  1. Rabi says:

    Simply beautiful. It is a heart to heart lesson. Thank you for bringing out such a wonderful illustration.

  2. Debbie says:

    Loved listening, seeing your creations and what they depict. Once it’s done from the heart, the beauty radiates. Thanks for sharing.

    Lots of love.

  3. paula says:

    Cool Vibrations even from the video!Thank you for sharing your art and introspections Adrian…definately you were talking with full,open heart. It is so beautiful to see how this journey of walking the path, not just talking about “the path” has so many permutations of experiences. We are one and connected, yet what is genuine and unique about each of us shines in a million directions.

  4. Colleen says:

    Adrian, your paintings are absolutely amazing!!! This video I found very inspiring, thank you!!

  5. Elsie Kuly says:

    Thanks Adrian for sharing your experience with us. I connected strongly. Your heart expresses itself in your paintings – how beautiful.
    I know that my heart governs what I do and who I am Love also is so important to me. I believe that unconditional love can conquer almost anything and I’ve seen it happen in a situation that seemed impossible to resolve. When I have a “loving heart” I have a strong connection with a higher power, a divine spirit and I can be of service to others. However when I feel I cannot resolve an issue, at times I develop what I call a “cold heart” and that is when I know I must act quickly to change my thinking. I want to be a good example of the principles Sahaja Yoga has taught me

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