Sowing Seeds of Joy at Milton’s Charity Market

Let’s Find out how our Team of Volunteers were Sowing Seeds of Joy at Milton’s Charity Market

We will be sharing mostly photos from this community event that was organized by the Mosaic non-profit organization that invited our Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team of volunteers to participate to this event in Milton and bring our 18 years of experience in providing free meditation, wellness and creative workshops for everyone in the Halton community and beyond. It was wonderful to interact with some immigrant families that recently arrived to Canada and were able to experience the welcoming Canadian diversity.

This time, so it happened that mostly children and youth visited our “inner peace oasis”, as the adults were busy with vendor activities.

Our “Joy Cultivators” instructors guided the participants into a simple meditation and connection to the energy of Mother Earth before proceeding further with the creative aspect offered by our outdoors workshop.

Sample “Rock – Earth Sahaja Yoga Meditation with Kathleen” video-clip

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Photo by Kruti – from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network – capturing the ending of the ‘self-realization’ meditation experience of the first group.

First feedback comes from Kruti: “Grateful for meeting Seekers from Islamic background”

This beautiful wood carved wall art was acquired at this Charity Market; it is created by a beautiful lady that was among the vendors. It ended up in a sahaja yogini’s home as a collective gift from her family, so grateful for it!

“I am thankful to Divine for giving us an opportunity to meet seekers from the islamic background. I was looking at some of the pictures I took, in my car, which was pretty hot, and gentle coolness started flowing from my hands. It was amazing!”

Kruti – from 100 Seeds of Joy team (Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network volunteers from Halton region)

We were invited to be part of this event by Hind and her team who also tried our meditation earlier that week during a separate 100 Seeds of Joy event that we offered in Burlington. The Charity Market event seemed to be very well attended by the community with roots in the Muslim faith arrived from various places around the world.

We felt priviledged to bring other sides of our multi-cultured Canada and be so warmly welcomed by everyone!

We also tried home made Syrian food and drinks, as well some Lebanese dishes, all were much appreciated by our team!

There was time to chill out, chat with the vendors and of course, share our love for meditation, inner peace and connection to Mother Earth with everyone interested.

Check more photos with the 100 Seeds of Joy team members and the Participants to the “Meditation with Rock Painting” workshops offered by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network

People of all ages tried our “Meditation with Rock Painting” workshop offered by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network at this event.
As expected our team was joyful and was able to spread some joy around also before or after the Meditation workshops

The “Meditation Marathon” Sunday for the 100 Seeds of Joy Team (on July 30th, 2023)

Glad that we were able to contribute in some little way to this Charity Market and we are looking forward to collaborate with Hind and her leading team from the Mosaic foundation for other events.

In fact that day became a Meditation Marathon for our team, because we started early morning with a lovely walking meditation with Maxi in a Burlington Park, followed by an outdoors Yoga Meditation Class in another Burlington Park, just before heading to Milton for even more meditation workshops. 🙂

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Many thanks to our wonderful Family of Sahaja Yogis from Halton that are always loving and selflessly dedicated Cultivators of Joy!

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  1. Kathleen

    The event was a great way to get to know our brothers and sisters in the Islamic community, their art, food and music. We were glad to take part as we provide free rock painting with meditation to both adults and children. The parents were so nice to allow us to take a photo of them with their artworks, and the children enjoyed so much that most of them painted more than one rock. The event was also an opportunity for me and my family to bond, spend quality time together with Sahaj family. Volunteering and help give self-realization makes us grow together.

  2. Rajinee

    It’s so beautiful to read this story about connections and sharing our love with each other. Absolutely loved looking at the pictures of youths doing something creative and joyful. Grateful to this article that opened us up to a celebration of diversity, culture and joy.

  3. Kruti

    I was amazed how the kids and adults nicely participated in Mother Earth meditation and then started their rock painting. Needless to say, they were very joyful and creative and the outcome was fabulous. It’s important for kids and adults to learn about meditation, it will help their future journey.

  4. Helen

    Seeing the joy and the togetherness of everyone here is filling my heart with such peace and satisfaction.
    The creativity is fantastic with the rock painting.

    The opportunity to meditate together and be one within the diversity is such an important and refreshing connection.

  5. NITI

    Sowing the seeds of joy ,the article title itself reveal the purpose of this event and Halton team did it with all their love ,putting in rock painting workshop which helped the participants to get connected to the mother earth.Nice pictures.

  6. NITI

    I forgot to add in my comment, that the wooden carved wall is really a masterpiece,Thanks Ioavana for sharing all this precious art and pic with us.

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