Photos from “Waltz with the Dolphins during RAIN to Heal ME – Mother Earth” Public Program in Burlington on March 12th, 2016

Let’s Enjoy the Photos from “Waltz with the Dolphins during RAIN to Heal ME – Mother Earth” Public Program offered in Burlington on March 12th, 2016

Daniel Dolphin
Daniel – Ojibway Black Bear, dancer and singer – loves to meditate with Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation team. This was such a successful public program and truly it felt like Waltzing with the Dolphins while the vibes were flowing like healing rain upon all the participant! It was amazing!

Daniel Sahaja Yogi

Daniel Ioana Phyllis
Ioana introducing Daniel (left) and his mother Phyllis (right) – for Strong Woman – honoring Native Indian song.
Dolphins waltz
Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation was born on the Spring Equinox, on March 21ST, 1923 – inspiring the International Inner Peace Day. We honored her universal message of self -> global realization.

Earth Basket1


Ioana -Presentation
Opening the event with Guided Collective meditation – Ioana from Halton Sahaja Yoga meditation.

Meditation 1

Meditation 2

Meditation 3 Kundalini



On March 4th it is celebrated the ‘Holy Experiment Day’ -> exactly what our event is all about, inside out 🙂

Phyllis Carmela Daniel -Cool Kids
The Cool Kids frame was created by Domenic from Barrie Class – Everyone wanted to be IN it!

Phyllis and Brampton Yogi

Carmela Paulas Cake

Phyllis and Daiana
Phyllis -Ojibway writer and sahaja yogini – and Daiana, both from Toronto


Daniel Ojibwe
Daniel Black Bear from Eagle Clan is preparing to perform indigenous traditional music and dance
Daniel and aunty Carmela
Mama Carmela from Burlington class prepared an amazing cheese cake for Paula and Daniel – both born in March.


Representatives from the Parliament of Canada and from the City of Burlington

Karina Gould MP and Marianne Ward - Burlington Councillor
MP Karina Gould – Member of Parliament from Burlington with Marianne Ward (Ward Councillor from City of Burlington) congratulated Shulin Zhang – youth leader and volunteer from Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation group and offered her a Certificate on behalf of the Government of Canada:

Shulin Recognition

Recognition Canadian Parliament

Karina Gould MP and Marianna Ward

Group Photos

Waltz with the Dolphons- RAIN to HEAL ME - March 12 Burlington Sahaja Yoga program


Group Photos 1

Potluck after Program @ Mama  Carmela’s Ashram


Ganesha painting

Sahaj Family Photo at Carme;a after programAmazing Event – Inspirational Women – Wonderful Family of Volunteers

Group Photo 3


(#1 Event) Video Clips & Photos: “The March of the Penguins for Mother Earth” – JANUARY 2016 “R.A.I.N to heal M.E.” in Burlington

(#2 Event) GREAT Music CLIPS from “Honor the CYCLE of LIFE for M.E.” – FEBRUARY 2016 “R.A.I.N. to heal M.E.” in Brampton

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  1. Anjali

    It was a real 2 hour get away to bask in coolness and joy. I enjoyed every bit of it. The learning, the dancing, the imbibing and of course feeling the motherly energy…at times the coolness was very strong. I wish I could have joined the get together after. Miss eveyone dearly and hope to be able join more and more. The program was very well organized with so many themes of March that were covered. Truly a diverse event that beautifully integrated special celebrations that happen in the month of March all over the world: such as martisor, international women’s day, woltz of dolphins, pourrin, native Indian tales, the powerful beats of drums and singing by native Indian women to stand against discrimination. It was highly inspirational. Thank you all that worked so hard to bring us such fun and educational events. So very proud to be a part of this amazing family of Sahaja yogis.

  2. paula

    It was a very moving and enlightening event. Thank you to the ward councillor Marianne Meed Ward and member or parliament Karina Gould for their undivided attention and understanding that the impact of such an event can have on our community. They honored Shulin Zhang, who is a powerhouse already at 18 years old, thank you Phyllis and Daniel for singing and dancing and playing drums and especially for the song “Strong Woman” which has so many vibrations. Clearly the whole audience was moved by the inspirational moments that were many throughout the event, many many got the point. That we have to come together, realize and appreciate our common threads that bind all of mankind to this beautiful mother earth, and we can all make a difference, by participating in these fun events which are changing the atmosphere for the better, both locally, provincially, and globally. Looking forward to April’s R.A.I.N. to heal MOTHER EARTH EVENT. Not to be missed.

  3. Mohinder Sidana

    It was a great event. Shulin got recognized by councilor Marianne and liberal MP Karina Gould for her work for peaceand humanity in this world.
    beautiful song by Phillis and her son
    looking forward to next RAIN to Heal M.E in April

  4. Betty Cooper

    Dear Ioana and Canadian yogis,
    You show so much joy and inclusiveness with your wonderful Sahaja Yoga programs! This Waltz with the Dolphins is yet another example of your dynamic interaction between the community, the yogis and the seekers. I am amazed at the level of energy your group has and at the way you not only continually put on wonderful programs but have also gotten the local, state and national officials involved in recognizing your contributions. It’s quite incredible how you are mentoring and inspiring your group to excel, enjoy and work together so lovingly! Way to go Burlington Halifax Sahaja Yoga!

  5. Karen Holmes

    Wonderful pictures of this amazing event you can see & feel the love our Sahaja Family excuberates. So very thankful to part of this wonderful extended family. Congratulations to Shulin you are a true spirit.

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