(Videos) Watch and Feel Inspirational Women Celebration @ Waltz with the Dolphins for M.E. ->Mother Earth

(video#1) Ioana’s Intro to Inspirational WomenSpecial March Days – Connections

(video#2) Global Teen Leader 2016 & Youth Volunteer for Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Shulin Zhang Receives Certificate from  Karina Gould, Liberal MP for Burlington (ON,Canada)

(video#3) Everyone is Dancing Purim Celebration

(video#2 ) Powerful Introduction to Our Roots from Shri Mataji

Our Special Guests


Our event had been honored by a representative of the Canadian Government, in the presence of Karina Gould, Liberal MP for Burlington (ON, Canada), as well by  a representative of the City of Burlington, in the presence of Ward 2 Councillor, Marianne Meed Ward. They both answered our invitation on a short notice, and we are most grateful for their time and support shown as women in power, using the power invested in them by the people, for the people; showing support to young women  volunteers such as Shulin Zhang and to events that celebrate Women, Diversity, Multiculturalism, Peace and Love – such as “Waltz with the Dolphins for ME -> Mother Earth” was offered by Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation charity.

(VIDEO)  Teen sahaja yogini Receives Certificate from Government of Canada

Phyllis McKenna and Daniel from Toronto Ojibway Nation (& Sahaja Yogis from Halton)

Special Guests 1 Phyllis McKenna and Daniel McKenna

(video#5) Ojibway Mother and Son share “Strong Woman” Song

Thank you to ALL our Volunteers from Ontario (Halton and beyond), that helped realize this event. Also to our wonderful photographs and to all Cool Kids! Check the link with more photos!

Paula sahaja yogini
Paula Erskine – another inspirational strong woman from Halton Sahaja Yoga meditation -> now teaching free meditation in Winnipeg in between her job related flights 🙂 ! Also soon she and her team will be offering free sahaja yoga classes to students at Sheridan College, Ontario.

(Check Photos) Waltz with the Dolphins in Burlington, March 12 (RAIN to HEAL ME #3)

Waltz with the Dolphons- RAIN to HEAL ME - March 12 Burlington Sahaja Yoga program

(#1 Event) Video Clips & Photos: “The March of the Penguins for Mother Earth” – JANUARY 2016 “R.A.I.N to heal M.E.” in Burlington

(#2 Event) Music CLIPS from “Honor the CYCLE of LIFE for M.E.” – FEBRUARY 2016 “R.A.I.N. to heal M.E.” in Brampton

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  1. purnima clifford

    May you all be blessed in your work to bring Mother’s healing to Canada and to Her indigenous children and congratulations to Shulin receiving this award and connecting with like minded souls who are in politics..it is true what was said “you are already leaders”.Love to you all from the Land of Shri Ganesha on this auspicious day celebrating the day that The Goddess took birth on Mother Earth

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