WATCH “Ignite the Flame- Global Meditation””‘s FRUITS: Sahaja Yogis in 1000 Trees (Magazine, May issue, 2012)

Ignite the Flame with Sahaja Yoga Meditation

There are a couple of interesting stories, as well a “One Thousand Trees” Magazine article that mentions more about this event as well there are captured photos with sahaja yoga meditation sessions. In one article of the May 2012 issue of this magazine, there is also described the healing power experienced by Victoria one of the organizers of this amazing event Ignite the Flame – Global meditation in Bradford 2012 (thank you Victoria for sharing it!) during an ‘ad-hoc’  chakra workshop offered by the sahaja yogis that participated to this event on its 2nd day.. We were surprised to see that the few photos selected for the magazine from hundrends of snapshots taken with the hundreds of people and various organizations, healing and spiritual groups that were represented to this event… had included the ones showing the “sahaj moments” !!  We know that it happened because of the Vibrations that could be felt by everyone! Enjoy below the Photos and Stories ..take your time to enjoy them all as they (and you!) deserve. 🙂 By the end we also are offering a Bouquet of Articles related to Goddess Gaea or Shri Bhoomi Devi, as Mother Earth is called in Sanskrit.

Two Days with Sahaja Yoga Meditation @ Earth Day in Brantford

Peter from sahaja yoga meditation Halton -> igniting the Self Realization flame at Brantford Earth Day event

How was the 1st Day @ Global Meditation?!

Jon is answering: “Early Saturday morning, I went to pick up Chandra to go to Brantford and participate in Ignite the Flame. We left early so that we could set up in time for the conference to open. On the way to Brantford, we listened to a talk given by Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga. In this particular talk, Shri Mataji was speaking about the subtle qualities of North America that manifest through the people who live here. She was speaking about the strong potential for people in North America to become masters of their own evolution.
(Indu, Isabelle – Chandra and Peter in the photo above: members of our “Halton sahaj team” that participated on Sunday’s Global Meditation event at Ignite the Flame in Bradford, 2012)
Jon’s story continues: “This talk set the tone for the day. When we arrived in Brantford, we were welcomed by Sara who organized this event. She really tapped into the desire of the people! Many local people came to enjoy Ignite the Flame, but this event also attracted people from many different cities in South Western Ontario!
Sara provided us with a corner booth that was as big as two booths! It was perfect! We set up and Peter joined us soon after. We all enjoyed a very steady stream of curios and open hearted people ready to try a workshop and enjoy the experience! Some told us that they felt the positive energy in our corner just walking towards us! Many people related amazing experiences after receiving workshops!
One woman experienced a lot of heat. I explained that Kundalini, as a cool fire, burns off catches in our subtle system to clear us out and bring us into balance. Later, she came back and asked me again why her head was “hot.” I told her it was a good thing because it is a very positive sign that things are starting to work out on a subtle level.Another woman told me that she had researched many meditation styles, but had never heard of Sahaja Yoga. I explained that Sahaja Yoga is offered completely free by volunteers, because it must be. The universal connection we can achieve through this style of meditation is our birthright. It is priceless. It is not something we can pay for. She enjoyed the workshop and felt the openheartedness that comes from offering this freely! She told me that she lives close to Waterloo, so I told her that we have free classes all over the world, and indeed, a free class in Waterloo! Each experience was uniquely beautiful. The whole day was a delight! Chandra and Jayanthi offered me tea and diner before I went home for the night. Always a welcome treat! I look forward to next time.” says Jon – volunteer instructor with Halton classes.

How was the 2nd Day @ Global Meditation?!

Ioana is answering: “Very spontaneously  few of us decided to participate also on the 2nd day of this event, specially for its main spiritual attraction: the Global Meditation in Brantford. So we left Halton region (5 of us, from Milton, Burlington and Oakville) in the morning after we had of course, our individual sahaj meditation “at home”. We always try to be in the ‘purest’ and most vibrant inner state when we get ready to ignite the flame of Kundalini sacred energy in others.

This global meditation dedicated as an Earth Day was ringing a very special note in us as sahaja yogis, almost like an ‘AUM!!’ call coming from the deepest core of planet Earth. One may wonder ‘why?!’. The answer is simple: in Sahaja Yoga meditation one develops a profoundly  intimate connection with Mother Earth that is recognized as a Living Principle, as a Deity that has its reflection represented within us as Kundalini, the motherly-healing-transforming energy of life. That is the reason that we so eagerly had joined all those that had gathered together at Ignite the Flame’s Global Meditation, on that day that was dedicated to Mother Earth. It was Mother’s Call as we all sprout from Her, as childrenflowers.

Flowers at the entrance in Brantford- that day of Global Meditation at Ignite the Flame event - photo by Isabelle from Halton sahaja yoga meditation group

Victoria  -who had experienced Sahaja Yoga Meditation totally “out of the blue” and for the very 1st time at Ignite the Flame event, right after the Global Meditation – had considered meaningful to share it  in her article that was published in One Thousand Trees Magazine issue of May 12,2012. Fyi: the 2 magazine articles related to Ignite of Flame event are here and via Victoria’s blog page. For us, sahaja yogis, the experience with this Global meditation with hundreds of people, collectively following the prayers in the rhythm of the native Indian drums, was profound. Powerful. We had felt that we all were sitting WITHIN the Heart of the Goddess Gaea and that She ( Mother Earth) was listening and opening Her heart to Her children.

© Photo: Ashley Thomson for One Thousand Trees Magazine - May issue 2012 (Victoria is receiving a chakra workshop and Kundalini energy awakening from Indu and Ioana from sahaja yoga meditation -Halton

This event had genuine GREAT vibrations all together; it was initiated from the Heart and it went to the Hearts of Hundreds of People .. and it went straight to the Heart of Mother Earth as One United Sparkle of Positive Vibrant Energy of Pure Desire for Pure Light in All Hearts of Mother Earth’s Children – a Meditation on Her and the (sahaj) Light that awaits to be Ignited… During the Global meditation, we the sahaj yogis there had felt to say the Sanskrit Mantras for Shri Bhoomi Devi (the Goddess /Divine principle of Mother Earth) and the mantra for the Crown Chakra .. After the event had ended .. spontaneously we paid our Namaskar (deep respects/Namaste) to our Guru and motherly primordial teacher of sahaja yoga meditation, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi who had connected us to the living power of Cosmic energy and who had enabled us to pass it further on .. Her gift of love and light for the humanity.

We thank from all hearts to Sara who had initiated this event and to Victoria who had invited us all, for getting us together to Realize this global connection through meditation. We are looking forward to participating to Global Meditation 2013! We also thank to our dear yogi-brother Peter from Burlington that organized the participation from Halton sahaja yoga meditation group to this event!!

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