March 1st – Happy Martisor Day with COOL KIDS Class: Meditation, Music & “Make your own Martisor” Art-crafts

Martisor 2016

Today, on March 1st it is celebrated “Martisor” or “Martenitza” Day. If you, our dear friend, visitor and reader of the blog, are a sahaja yogi or had just started coming to sahaja yoga classes, please accept the challenge to find symbols and ‘sahaj’ connections in what you find on this page — and post your feelings-thoughts as comments down below, to this article.

This article was created on March 1st, 2016 with the intention to promote the Next Day’s event, on March 2nd 2016  when we prepared a special Burlington class.  On that day, which was falling on the 1st Wednesday of the month, we offered the Cool Kids Special Class!! We intended to play, meditate and sing, be eager to learn and explore new things. We created our own Martisor(ssssshhh) — to be offered to our dear ones, especially to the women and girls that brighten our lives. Our Martisor for You is this Article!

(watch and listen) Traditional Music and Dance from Romania at Martisor Festival

Spread the word about Martisor, offer a flower to your wife, daughter, teacher or to any lady in your life  — innocent pure ‘sahaj’ feelings for dear ones, announcing that Spring is coming!


(video) “Martisor” Seminar with Cool Kids in 2015


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  1. cheryl

    thanks for sharing this beautiful tradition. Love the symbolism of the red and white threads used in the martisors. i see the ‘life blood’of our physical existence in this world and the pure love that is our spiritual essence. Seems to me that if we participated in traditional dances like this, we would be too active and jolly to bother with any negative emotions!

  2. Kruti

    Just finished watching the dance with my 5 year old. He loved it. His first reaction was “they practiced so much”. I never knew about this beautiful Romanian festival, so thanks for the post. Happy Martisor day to you all.

  3. Melanie

    Thank you for sharing the video’s! We have future Sahaja yogi’s in the making. What beautiful crafts and some inspirational thoughts for the crafts for the “Cool Kids” on March 12th, 2016.

    All my love
    Namaste ?

  4. Letitia

    Ce frumoasa taditie 1 Martie.Ati inceput primavara in mod inocent.Ghioceii sunt minunati. La Multi Ani!

  5. Nitendra

    Thank you for sharing videos.!!

  6. Paula

    Videos and music or so inspirational! MARTISOR should be adopted and celebrated world wide as we enjoy it in Sahaja Yoga as part and parcel of the whole truth. Such a innocent and sweet celebration. Happy Martisor to everyone. I love the brooches and i will tie them afterward to some trees as is the custom.

  7. Sahaj

    Raise those strands to be united as one.
    Tie them up so that so can’t be undone.
    A string in you as in me let it rise to be one.

  8. Helen

    So joyful and vibrant!!
    Full of happiness and wonderful vibrations!

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Liliana

    Full of happiness and wonderful vibrations.
    Thank you for sharing videos.!

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