Sunnybrook’s Family Navigation Project: The 1st “Staff Wellness Day” with “Inner Peace – Intro to Sahaja Yoga Meditation” (Thank you Letter!)

Sahaja Yoga meditation workshop – very popular at Halton Eco Festival!

Our Best Martisor gift on March 1st came from  the Family Navigation Project at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre that welcomed our Halton -Sahaja Yoga Meditation volunteers  team (Ioana, Gratiela and Peter) during their first ever Staff Wellness Day.

Thank you Letter:  From Family Navigation Team

Sunnybrook Family Project Navigation team

To Sahaja Yoga Meditation Volunteers

Sunny Brook Thank tyou Letter web

Written Impressions about Sahaja Yoga Meditation Class:

Susana R.:

Thank you for coming to meet with us. It was a great class!

Megan H.:

Thank you for helping us connect with ourselves. I enjoyed the positive affirmations + appreciated you provided information about the chakras to help us understand this process.

Julia S:

New experience, wonderful, relaxing, very calming + educational. Hope to make this “routine” practice.

More About Family Navigation Project @ Sunnybrook

Same Sunnybrook

Thank you Staci and to your energetic team at the Family Navigation Project, for welcoming us with open minds an open hearts.  You’ve all seemed to be perfectly ready to try our sahaja yoga meditation workshop that had included elements of meditation with affirmations for self-realization, balancing of energy exercises, as well few light physical postures that had increased everyone’s physical elasticity.

May your days be filled with inner peace and connection – we are looking forward to meeting with you all again, for another Staff Wellness Day 🙂

Niagara falls

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  1. cheryl

    Thanks for sharing. So reassuring to know that this team is on the job helping youth to and reaching out to experience other wellness methods. Knowledge of Sahaja Yoga is so valuable in the health care arena and as a citizen i am encouraged by this article.

  2. Armaity

    Great Work by the Halton Sahaja Yoga Group to spread the message of Sahaja Yoga in the community in a sahaja spontaneous way to reach out to all, irrespective of age, gender, caste, community, religion or linguistic group. Thumbs up and wishing you all many more laurels in your cap.

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