(1 MINUTE VIDEO) COOL Kids, Parents & Friends CELEBRATE Children’s International Day!! (INVITE + MARTISOR VIDEO)

Children international Day - June 1st Celebrated by sahaja Yoga meditation

On June 1st is Celebrated the International Children’s Day. We will have a special event dedicated to this day at our Burlington sahaja yoga meditation class, on June 3rd, 2015. Everyone is welcome! Thanks to Shulin our video from an earlier cool kids seminar is ready. Watch-Listen-Feel it!

Video from “COOL Kids Martisor -March Seminar”

Cool Kids in May 2015

hand made Martisor-artcratfs

We’ve made hundreds of Martisors (*symbols of Spring and Awakening: the white thread is for purity and winter, the red thread represents innocence and love in our hearts). On March 21st it is also the birthday of Shri Mataji – the founder of sahaja yoga meditation. So we made hundreds of Martisors as gifts to our friends and yogis from Ontario – as reminders of this ancient Eastern European symbol that has such beautiful sahaj connections and as homage to Shri Mataji that gave us all the self realization through Kundalini energy awakening and nirmal teachings.

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(click!) COOL Kids were SNAP’ed in Burlington Magazine!

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  1. Felicity

    Looks so nice and light,lovely ideas ,makes me fel so creative
    Love felicity

  2. Colleen

    I very much enjoyed making these last year,it was a lot of fun. Looking forward to it again!!

  3. Anjali

    We get to do this on Friday (March 1st – which is the actual Martisor Day. I am so looking forward to bringing my kids and celebrating this special day that marks the coming of Spring and awakening. We will watch a video on Root chakra and make Martisors while listening to music -learn about the connections of Martisors as beautiful symbols of innocence and purity of relationships.

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