Today, March 21st – The World’s Inner Peace Day -> WHO triggered it?! It is Nawroz & 1st Day of Spring too!

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“I would say that myself whatever I have done is this: that I have been able to find out a method how to give you Self-Realization (=awaken the Kundalini subtle energy) to masses. But it doesn’t mean that if I give to masses, they are all Sahaja Yogis, no. You must have seen, whenever you have your programs, people get realization when I am there and they come to programs for a while and then they drop off. The reason is they have not meditated. If they had meditated, they would have known what is their quality, what are they. Without meditation you don’t understand what is best for you.” (Shri Mataji: 21st March 1923 – 23 February, 2011)


Today’s Meditation Promise to Mother

“So, today is a day when you have to promise me that you’ll meditate every night, every evening, maybe in the morning also; whenever it is possible, if you can go into meditative mood, you are in contact with this Divine Power. Then whatever is good for you, whatever good for your society, for your country, all is done by this Divine Power. You don’t have to overpower the Divine Power. You don’t have to order, you don’t have to ask; just if you meditate, you are one with this all-pervading power which is another great blessing to us.”

“You must Meditate to enrich your Sahasrara (crown chakra), to cure it, to make it completely nourished by the Kundalini (energy). There’s no need to do many rituals, but meditation and also little bit of taking bandhan (the protection of the subtle centres-chakras that we learn in sahaja yoga practice) . Those who want to grow should meditate every day, whatever time you may come home, maybe in the morning, maybe in the evening, any time, but you will know that you are meditating when you can get into thoughtless awareness. Then you will know. Your reaction will be zero. You won’t react, because you are thoughtless. “

The world day for inner peace -Shulin

“True and lasting solution to present ills can be found 
only by inner, collective transformation of human beings.“ – Shri Mataji

Yogis gathered in the Night - Bucharest Romania 2015 - Bring awareness on Worlds Inner peace Day
Yogis gathered in the center of Bucharest Romania to bring awareness on Worlds Inner peace Day with a huge banner 🙂

Words of Wisdom on Peace

“The first and foremost thing, the essence of that, is peace. The peace has to be within, to begin with. You have to be peaceful within yourself. If you are not peaceful, if you are playing tricks with your ego, if you are just satisfying yourself, saying that you are peaceful, you are sadly mistaken. Peace is to be enjoyed within yourself. It is to be felt within yourself. So do not give wrong satisfactions to yourself. Do not give false notions to yourself. Don’t cheat yourself.

Peace has to be felt within yourself and if you are not feeling that, you shouldn’t come and ask me, “Mother, why am I not feeling it?” because I am not going to tell you that something is wrong with you. You have to work it out that you  should feel peaceful within yourself. It is not that you have too much of silence outside, you feel peaceful. The peace has to be within yourself. You have it. Your spirit is absolutely peaceful, ‘avyagra’, – without restlessness. There’s no restlessness in your spirit, absolutely peaceful and steady. It is for you to feel it. It is not for anybody else to certify you… 
Only the peace within can register whatever is auspicious, whatever is nourishing for your growth. So try to make peace with yourself. Do not fight with yourself… “ Shri Mataji – founder of sahaja yoga meditation, born on March 21st 1923  ( excerpt from a 1985 discourse )

World Inner Peace Day in Romania -2015

There is World Day for Inner Peace press release here . OF course, feel free to spread the word, bring awareness of this special day on website, facebook etc.

March 21st in the World & Canada: Connections to Sahaja Yoga Meditation

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– (click to see how we help everywhere!) World Down Syndrome Day (International)

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  1. Mohini

    Another special connection about today is that in India we celebrate New Year’s Day ( also called Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra or Ugadi in Karnataka). We also celebrate today as Goddess Parvati’s birthday. Happy Birthday Shri Mataji.

    1. Vivek Raghuram

      To add to that, according to the lunar calendar, 21 March 2015 also marks the beginning of ‘Chaitra Navaratri’ i.e. the nine nights of worship in the Chaitra month. The ninth day is called as Rama Navami, the day when Shri Rama took birth.

  2. Colleen

    Very good article, love it. “The Words of Wisdom on Peace” article is very *mainstream*, Shri Mataji is telling us we need to do the *work* to achieve true peace. And we can learn how to do the work by practicing Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

  3. carmen

    …”meditate every day….and when you can get into thoughtless awareness. Then you will know”

  4. Jolanta

    Thank you for sharing this simple advice given by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi-just meditate.

  5. Kavitha

    Mar 21st is the auspicious day when Mataji came to earth to give all of us an easiest way to achieve self realization. Always feel lucky to have found Sahaja yoga. It has given me the glimpse of peace with in and has increased the desire to get more. Jai Shree Mataji

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