Photos from 1 Day Yoga Retreat Seminar at Niagara Falls +++ VIDEO “Shri DHARA”

In Niagara Falls, on Saturday May 27, in Ray &  Ewa’s most hospitable house, we’ve enjoyed an intimate Full Day – indoors and outdoors – Sahaja Yoga Meditation Seminar for Beginners from Halton and Niagara region.
The agenda included: collective guided meditations (with affirmations, mantras and bhajans /devotional songs), chakra energy cleansing with natural elements, Kundalini energy “train” boosting, a video that offered subtle knowledge from Shri Mataji about Mother Earth’s essence,  as well about the powers of Mother Earth related to our subtle system and life cycle (watch it below!) and of course an exquisite Potluck, laughter and splendid vibrations in great company, strolling and a footsoak in Niagara’s river.

1986-0803 Shri Bhoomi Devi Puja from Sahaja Library on Vimeo.

CLICK for Photo-Album:

 “Sahasrara” – 1 Day Sahaja Yoga Seminar in Niagara Falls (Sat, May 27, 2017)

(click) COOL-HOT Chillies, Limes & Lemons and 3 Surprise Birthdays: Great Recipe for a Successful Subtle Cleansing Seminar in Halton on Shalivahan’s New Year! Enjoy Photo-Album & Sahaj Subtle Eco Physics Tips!

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  1. Jayanthi

    Beautiful pictures, sorry couldn’t make it.

  2. Jos Boven

    Sheep in adoration before Shri Mataji
    Some time ago a few Belgian yogis were with a Sahaja Yoga selfrealization stand at a big flower and plant exhibition and a shephard and his dog were walking around in the park with a flock of five sheep, one of them being the leader. When they were approaching the stand with a photograph of Shri Mataji, the leading sheep stopped, hesitated a bit and then went straight to Shri Mataji and stopped before the photograph with stooped head. The five other sheep stood at both sides of their leader stock still with stooprd heads for about two minutes in reverence to Shri Adi Shakti… and then slowly continued their stroll through the park. Many people on the contrary went past without even looking …

    1. Ioana

      Dear Jos we just shared your story yesterday when we had a get-together with few new yogis from Burlington class. So .. please keep sharing… and continue being our friend and yogi brother .. we read …we listen .. we feel 🙂

      Thank you!

  3. paula

    Jos,that is one of the most incredible examples of the depth of awareness through the palpable emission of vibrations emitting from shri mataji ‘ s photograph I have ever read. But then again, there are so many miracles happening all around us, it’s up to us to tune in to our human potential, which for us who practice this simple meditation technique, has become connected and can grow even more, as part and parcel of the unlimited, sphere. And it is up to all of us, through Sahaja Yoga, to raise the awareness of everyone to a higher level of consciousness, starting with humbling our selves, becoming actively compassionate, meditating and respecting our mother earth and spreading inner peace. That is how world peace can start. Through realization of our higher self and achieving inner peace. Shri Mataji ‘s gift to humanity.

  4. Jolanta

    Thank you for sharing Shri Mataji’s lecture on Mother Earth, and the amazing experience during self realization in Belgium.
    I consider myself fortunate for having discovered Sahaja Yoga several years ago at a Toronto Public Library.
    In these times of consumerism and exploitation, sometimes I think that perhaps it is not so surprising that many people are reluctant to even consider taking an interest in Sahaja Yoga during public self realization events because they might be worried that there are some hidden costs or ulterior motives involved.
    I wish the country “leaders” really cared about the fact that if our greeds exceed our needs, the consequences for all will be disastrous, rather than just talking a lot about saving the environment at fancy meetings in Paris, Montreal, etc.

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