Gibran says “Trust the Dreams for in them is hidden The Gate to Eternity”. What do you say?

“Trust the Dreams, for in them is hidden The Gate to Eternity” says Kahlil Gibran

gate I’d love to hear what you feel about this and if we both agree, your experiences as comments will be shared with other friends of our website while they have ideally that pearl-like quality: hide a symbol, open a gate.
For example, wonder to Anns symbolic dream – sahaj experience. Also, check out if the below bites of sahaj “medicine” – knowledge taste as bitter true and real for you; introspecting on the following excerpts might lead to the real explanation behind a generally acknowledged disappointment about psychology: why is it failing so terribly in helping people to understand and cure the troubled human psyche?!

Now, really, can we follow Kahlil Gibran’s advise? Yes, he is our good trusted friend but we might need to definitely look inside and listen to other wise advisers, maybe even learn from each other.

** a notable and brilliant exception remains Carl Gustav Jung (and this exception also is explained within the same quotes: that one has to be a Realized Soul – which Jung was indeed – in order to understand the dreams encrypted message; one needs the “know-how” of a pearl hunter and as we know, Jung was born for this)

About Dreams and Kundalini

Shri Mataji, Lecture addressed to the C.G.Jung Society, New York, September 1983

‘”The Dreams come to you from the Kundalini itself, in a way. ..     And what happens, that when you go very deep .., very deep into you, then the symbolism comes through that down below and passes through that blue line [Ida nadi = the Left channel of the past, emotions and conditionings] into your brain and that’s how you start seeing the Dreams.     But when you are passing through that you see, you pass through all your Subconscious area, so the dreams get distorted, they get a funny symbolism. Sometimes you don’t understand what’s happening, it becomes a sort of a mixed up expression and on that to depend may not be so much good.

Instead of that we must get the Reality. The Reality is that you become collectively conscious and you develop this vibratory awareness by which you can feel the All Pervading Power… So at .. at the deep level, you get the communication with God if you know how to go in and come out fully aware. But if you get confused with supra-conscious or subconscious areas … your chitta [attention] is not so clear-cut. Then there can be a big confusion… The reason for Dreams is that when you are sleeping your attention moves either to the supra-conscious side or to the subconscious side. Your attention starts moving and then you start seeing things which are connected with your subconscious or your collective subconscious…. You may go into your supra-conscious side where you see your future and all these things … The reason why you get your dreams actually is that the unconscious [sushupti] pushes within you, or we can say the Kundalini or your Atma (Spirit) is trying to guide you to the right path. And how does it guide you to the right path, is through Dreams. But these are misunderstood. How are you guided by these dreams?

First you go deep into yourself and you touch the unconscious, sushupti. But from there, you come out. And then when you are coming out, you touch your subconscious or maybe the supra-conscious. So whatever anabhuti [feeling] you had or whatever experience you had of the depth of the sushupti gets confused. And you don’t know what you dreamt and you don’t understand and you forget it. But those who are Realised Souls, go to their sushupti and see exactly what they have to know.”

And because Artists can touch the Source too, through their inspiration – one great example at hand is Kahlil Gibran that initiated this thread on dreams – let’s conclude this essay in unison with its art-based beginnings, by introducing you to another artist, also a realized soul, not yet well known but that personally I appreciate as a poet: Mihai Dobrescu.

“The Experience” by Mihai Dobrescu

When I was a child
I had this recurring dream
That I was climbing a white ladder.

I knew that I had to look up
Because the height
Was tremendous.

The best part about this dream
Is that once
I dreamt I reached the top of the ladder.

It had a white gate
Through which I passed
To enter a garden of clouds.

The sun was shining beautifully
And the feeling of serenity
Was filling the air.

That promise has been fulfilled
As She has shown me the garden.
I am still climbing that ladder

And I would like to share this experience
With all the people I meet
And tell them that

If I don’t meet you no more in this world
Then I’ll, I’ll meet you in the next one
And don’t be late, don’t be late…

Such harmony between these 2 inspired souls that discover the Eternity through the same gate of Dreams and you’ll see that “She” (in Mihai’s poem) is the Guiding force and we can recognize it as Kundalini, the feminine power that was revealed by Shri Mataji as the one generating our Dreams. These ‘sahaj pearls’ on the thread of Dreams represent only a starting point for a beautiful necklace of pearls that we can gather together so She (Lady Kundalini)  can wear it while carrying us in our spontaneous meditation beyond The Narrow Gate (or Agnya chakra) where the Eternity  awaits us at the level of Sahasrara chakra. Did you know that white Pearl is symbolically the stone associated to Sahasrara chakra?! Please, Don’t forget to share your experience with Dreams 🙂

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  1. Atma Sakshat

    “The Journey”

    Since I was a little boy, I always knew that there was something different about me.

    In school, I was never like the others. It was always a tremendous effort to “fit in”.

    Being born into a devoted hindu family, I would always pray to Shri Shiva throughout my life growing up. I would always ask “give me this”, or “make this happen”…every desire was always materialistic.

    As our connection grew stronger over the years, eventually I stopped asking for anything, and realized that he is always there watching and guiding me.

    About 2 weeks after I graduated from university, I moved back to toronto, only to find a very close grandmother + grandfather in the hospital.

    Soon after I came back, they both died.

    Entering the “real world” after university plus the deaths of loved ones, I went spinning into depression for a couple months after that.

    Then one night, I had a dream.

    It was Shri Shiva who was there telling me that if I wanted to come to him, I would have to go to the Mother.

    For some time after that, I felt even more depressed, and felt like my beloved Shri Shiva had rejected me.

    Relentless in my search…eventually, I found Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – and Sahaja Yoga.

    I knew that she was the answer, to all my questions.

    Today, through the gift of self-realization that Shri Mataji has gifted to the world, I have found my mother and I have found Shri Shiva.

    …They were with me all the time…

    “Trust the Dreams, for in them is hidden The Gate to Eternity”

  2. paula erskine

    That was a very beautiful introspective comment from Atma. I agree, that I have found, and keep discovering the answers to all my questions, any question I have ever had, and ever will have, it is right there,inside of me, with my spirit guiding me through the tools Sahaja Yoga can give anyone.

  3. adrian kraayeveld

    Dreams… about 10 years ago a good friend had passed away. Some time later I saw him in a dream… walking into my classroom… I am a teacher… He then walked out… I followed and found myself stepping into pure white light… that scared me.

    Today I understand my dream as a way that my atma or spirit was showing me not to fear anything… just to follow love.

    Today I am at peace with that dream and embrace it.


  4. ann

    For me, many years ago dreams have come to me as poems from the divine. Whispers of the love we all share which I got prompted to wake up and write down for a book from God. Also Mother has often visited me, with such tender wisdom and dancing, wow such joy to be swing around and around by Mother.

    Love Ann

  5. Veni

    Dreams are a significant spiritual guidance to all of us, no doubt.
    We get directed to the divine path very often thanks to them.
    When asking essential questions about spiritual growth, beautiful dreams in a poetic form come to me in meditations. They have convinced me in the importance of dreams. Deep faith, and complete surrender to their enlightened messages are one of the keys in our evolutionary spiritual ascent?

  6. paula

    I went through a beautiful period of time when I before I would fall asleep, my eyes would close and a spectacular slide show began. I saw colours, textures, combinations, patterns of colour that I had never seen before…my mind was so at peace, so thoughtless, that I just enjoyed the “show!” As soon as I tried to look a few extra seconds at one scene, marvelling at the beauty, another scene would pop up that was as spectacular and unique as the last one. This was just before sleeping…I tried to describe it, I tried to hang on to it, the images…and it could only have come as inspiration…it was like my swadisthana was so energized and producing a creative, visual show that was being revealed to me. I met another class mate who said she had a similar “slide show” experience too. Shri Mataji has said many times, that the role of great works of art (from realized souls) is to stop the thoughts…I felt it was a slide show of the beauty to come. More and more, I see the beauty in everything.

    1. arie

      Dear Paula…
      Just re-reading your thoughts…
      Enjoy your journey…

  7. paula

    Dear Adrian,

    Here I read this again, at a different phase of my journey and yours as well…this time upon re- reading this article, i enjoyed the great vibrations reading the poem.Then I saw your comment. This website this journey, is a gift, that keeps on giving.

  8. Jolanta

    It is true that some dreams can be unforgettable and meaningful. However, listening to other people’s dreams often may also get very boring…

  9. Lavinia

    Dreams often come from Shri Mataji and the collective energy, sometimes with vibrations in your palms, that are definitely not muscular spams or nerve tingling. Once you are in meditation and close your eyes, some of us can see shows of color and light and those are the chakra beams of light. Shri Mataji once said in a talk that once we can see the white light, then all the Chakras are open and running together.

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