Lessons and Songs from Flowers

Duet with Flowers (Music Video)

Song of the Flower by Khalil Gibran

I am a kind word uttered and repeated
By the voice of Nature;
I am a star fallen from the
Blue tent upon the green carpet.
I am the daughter of the elements
With whom Winter conceived;
To whom Spring gave birth; I was
Reared in the lap of Summer and I
Slept in the bed of Autumn.

At dawn I unite with the breeze
To announce the coming of light;
At eventide I join the birds
In bidding the light farewell.

The plains are decorated with
My beautiful colors, and the air
Is scented with my fragrance.

As I embrace Slumber the eyes of
Night watch over me, and as I
Awaken I stare at the sun, which is
The only eye of the day.

I drink dew for wine, and hearken to
The voices of the birds, and dance
To the rhythmic swaying of the grass.

I am the lover’s gift; I am the wedding wreath;
I am the memory of a moment of happiness;
I am the last gift of the living to the dead;
I am a part of joy and a part of sorrow.

But I look up high to see only the light,
And never look down to see my shadow.
This is wisdom which man must learn.

Strong Eternal Flowers have No Ego and No Super-ego

If you are a Sahaja Yogi you have to be a flower, and a strong flower, and an eternal flower that always grows, does not fade out, always growing never fades, such a flower you have to be, then you will be surprised that you do not get into a trip of Ego neither you go into a complete collapse of Super-ego.

So much you know that anyone of you can be called a scholar. I can tell you. I mean so many times people have asked me : “Are they all scholars that you have your disciples ?” You know so much, much more than any Saint ever knew, I can assure you.

But if you know only in the brain outside, it’s all bla, bla, bla. It comes to the brain and you use it to show off to others and finished. It doesn’t even settle down there, you haven’t let it go to the heart. So everybody is talking big, they can impress people. I mean if some journalists come here, they will be so impressed by the Sahaja Yogis, so many wise men in England sitting down here. But you laugh at yourself, you have known all this because ‘I have been speaking too much’. Also the Spirit is shining. Let your Spirit shine in such a way, that people know that this is a man who is completely integrated, and this is what is Sahasrara chakra. So if there is no integration, you have not achieved your Sahasrara. ”

(Shri Mataji – Lecture with the occasion of Diwali Celebration, 1983)

FlowersBeing and Becoming Effortlessly Beautiful

“The flowers are beautiful, so they don’t have to beautify themselves; and  this is what one has to understand, that innately, if you are that, if you have already ‘become’, then what is the need to put in any more effort ?!”

(Shri Mataji – Lecture with the occasion of Guru Puja, 1984)

In the poetry of Kabir, 14th century

The Innate Garden of Flowers

“Do not go to the garden of flowers

O Friend, go not there

In Your Body is the Garden of Flowers

Take your seat on the Thousand petals of lotus,

And there gaze upon the Infinite Beauty.”

William Blake in the Everlasting gospel wrote,

“Still the Breath Divine does move,

And the Breath Divine is LOVE.”

Discover Kabir’s Lotus with 1000 Petals within as Sahasrara Chakra

Gibran says Trust the Dreams. What do you say?

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  1. Anjali Gandhi

    What a fragrant compilation on flowers. Joyful, beautiful, delicate but precious words from great incarnations who are worshiped for their message of love and hope. Thank you.

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    Wonderful music, beautiful poetry and words of wisdom make this article a perfect one. Thank you!

  4. Colleen

    Absolutely beautiful music beautiful words and amazing and photos.

  5. Ioana

    Thank you all so much — it is so important to express what we feel .. and share it ..

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    This article is a bouquet of flowers!

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    Shree Mataji bless

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    Thanks Ioana, so beautiful.

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    So beautiful. So strong. Such insight!

  11. Paula

    The video poetry is such a simple ancient and glorious meditation. Enjoyed thoroughly the words and influence of artists, poets and saints recognized in Sahaja Yoga teachings. Marvellous!

  12. Anjali

    After a long time I came across this article..I chose it as my daughters were playing with flowers (vibrated ones) and so i looked up an article related to flowers. One of my daughters read the poem above and I felt such coolness. Then when they sat still holding petals from roses, I read the excerpt of Shri Mataji and it became a beautiful fragrant meditation. Thank you for this joyful moment with my children.

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