Feedback from Anduhyaun Aboriginal Shelter for Women and Children with THANK YOU LETTER for Sahaja Yoga

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In January 2015 we had been contacted by Anduhyaun Aboriginal Shelter for Women and Children to provide bi-weekly sahaja yoga meditation classes. Anduhyaun  means “Our Home” in Ojibwe language and this opened our hearts right away! Since March 5th 2015, we’ve embarked on a wonderful journey and with each class both  our volunteer instructors, as well Anduhyaun’ participants had experienced inner growth and connection. We are looking forward to deepen our on-going collaboration , gratefully thanking to Jannies and Grace from Anduhyaun for their Appreciation Letter (copied further below). This Article is dedicated to everyone in “Our Home – Anduhyaun“.

Trillieum at Crawford Lake-Halton region- phoot by Ioana

 The images are freshly taken during a recent outdoors sahaja yoga meditation seminar we had at Crawford Lake in Halton  region – a place with Aboriginal Roots and with great vibrations that we were longing for!  Such a surprise to see the sculptures by various Native Indian artists.

Soon we plan a new outdoors Sahaja Yoga seminar, so stay tuned to our Newsletters. Now, let’s continue with this article.

(Enjoy this Song from WORLD EXPO MILAN 2015) Sing a Song Called Life

This song composed by talented musicians that practice Sahaja Yoga Meditation inspired us to dedicate it in this article to Anduhyaun. We are sure that everyone will feel the same, that we are all together in this journey.

Scupture by aboriginal artist at Crawford Lake

Thank you to Sahaja Yoga Volunteers – Appreciation Letter from Anduhyaun

Mural at Anduhyaun

Mural at Anduhyaun in the meditation room – we took the photo during our special class on Earth Day – when we connected more with the inner Kundalini energy and with the energy of Mother Earth

Anduhyaun - Aboriginal Shleter Toronto - Thank you Letter May 28-2105-s

 Aboriginal Wisdom and Art from Crawford Lake in Halton

Aboriginal Wisdom about Mother Earth- Crawford lake Halton

Kundalini serpent energy - aboriginal scuplture at Crawford Lake

Aboriginal wisdom - The People at Crawford lake
Our team of sisters – sahaja yoginis: Daiana, Erika, Ioana, Latifa, Niti, Payal, Rakhee, Samantha, Shulin, Sunanda, Vijayshree – are grateful for sharing and experiencing the harmony that Mother Earth is teaching and bestowing upon us every day. May Harmony be among us all!

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(click!) Photos from International Meditation Retreat/Seminar on Native Indian Land (Canajoharie,USA)

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  1. Shulin

    What a beatiful thank you letter 🙂 I’m so glad the shelter introduced Sahaja Yoga to their women and children! And seeing the changes and improvings every time we go is just wonderful :)) Native people are so close to my heart, I really want to see all of us united as children of the Mother Earth and to meditate and sing in unionson.

  2. Navdeep Brar

    God bless

  3. Daiana

    See you again!- Giga-waabamin menawaa!
    Thank you- Miigwech:)

  4. purnima clifford

    My heart was touched to tears when reading this article-something very deep is happening here that will bring us all to another level within-having the reverence for Mother Earth that was deeply ingrained within the Native American people.It is no coincidence that we have been looking at “500 nations” documentary series here in Australia.May you be blessed again and again by our Beloved Mother,Love to you all from the Land of Shri Ganesha

    1. Ioana

      So nice to read your comment dear Purnima. The Land of Shri Ganesha is so close to our hearts. We are one!

  5. Sahaj

    Life sustains because of earth and the native tradition of worshiping elements has a great meaning to it. It is wonderful to see the the sahaj yoga team to give seminars to introduce the meditation techniques as the native traditions are very complimentary to sahaj yoga techniques.

  6. ileana murgueitio

    So good to have the letter, and the song, and the pictures showing the way all your team enjoyed doing Sahaja Yoga work. Actually, as the name of this place, Anduhyaun indicates, i.e.”Our home”, Mother gives us our home in Sahaja Yoga World; no matter where from we are, we feel at home when we attend Sahaj Yoga seminars.

  7. Colleen

    Such a wonderful article! We are meant to all be one living together on Mother Earth.

  8. letitia

    Ce emotii cand aud muzica,vad costumele traditionale si toate sculpturile,vibratii, multumesc

  9. Tracy

    Dearest Ioana, What a creative, inspiring, heart-warming, joyful blog posting- a compilation of story, song, testimonial, pictures, knowledge, and so much more! These expressions of your love, experience, wisdom, mentorship, dedication, and enlightened responsibility come shining through!!! Always, with love, your sister, Tracy

  10. paula

    I am so moved by this article, having visited the wonderful place called “our home”. I had the opportunity to meditate there with a wonderful participant that had dedicatedly been meditating for two weeks…and enjoying it so much. This music, the images,the incredible poems and images for Crawford lake, images from several festivals, I cannot say it better than the aboriginal people have said it. It has been desire of many of us to connect with aboriginals in Canada as we feel their beauty so deeply, that we are all ONE with nature and with each other…it is evident from this compilation…hope to enjoy each others’company more and more in the future.We want to live in harmony on this beautiful mother earth… The music clip is amazing!!!!

  11. Felicity

    Really lovely and inspiring Thankyou for putting it all together
    Love felicity

  12. Felicity

    Wonderful to see the youth involved,wish I had been there 🙂

  13. Jolanta

    Beautiful work!

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