Equation with Love, Truth and Miracle Crown Chakra – The Solution is in You and contains Sahaja Yoga’s “Defects” & Responsibilites

“Today, I think for the first time, I have been able to tell something to you which I was hesitating always, that let it be, just now they are still little babies, it’s all right..

But now, after this, you have to grow.

Grow in every way.”

This article is based on an excerpt from a lecture offered by the founder of Sahaja Yoga, in 1994, on the Mastery/Guru Principle that is placed in the Void area of our subtle system but that is strongly connected to The Crown Chakra . This subtle energy centre we know as Sahasrara chakra, or more poetically, as ‘the lotus with 1000 petals‘. The excerpt that continues below is short, sweet and clear and if we read it while keeping our attention on the top of our head as well if we are watching the last image with the Enlightened Crown/Sahasrara Chakra for few more seconds, without thinking (in Thoughtless Awareness) and while opening our hands towards the screen in a receiving/asking gesture ..  you might experience in your palms .. the Cool Breeze – as an expression of the subltle energy of life. Then you can check with one hand at a time, few inches above your head, and see if you feel an energy (cool/warm/sensations) coming out from your own crown chakra… if it’s a cool breeze .. that means that had started to be enlightened .. who knows, maybe you’ll send me soon a miracle photo 🙂 However, first, with no hurry, read, absorb the words below that are all coming from same excerpt of Shri Mataji’s lecture – that’s an advice specially for our friends that have started practising sahaja yoga meditation at the classes and/or at home.

Enjoy your Experiment with Truth!

“I just can’t understand. Those who got realisation without the power of raising the Kundalini are doing such a lot of work and, while you all have this power to raise the Kundalini, to cure people and, also, to talk about Sahaja Yoga, you’re so sensible. Still, where is your attention? I don’t understand. Today’s lecture should not really, in any way, hurt because I don’t want to hurt you at all. Whatever is the situation, I accept, but if you don’t want to accept that situation, what you should do, I’ve told. This will definitely, suddenly raise your spiritual height. Definitely. No doubt about it.It’s very important to see for yourself what’s wrong. After all, you are all seekers of Truth for ages and now you’ve come, you have found the Truth. So try to identify yourself with Truth, that’s all, and with Reality. If you identify yourself with Truth and with Reality your Sahasrara is absolutely open! No problem. Truth is in your Sahasrara. And when the Truth comes in, you are surprised that Truth is Love and Love is Truth. Pure Love. It’s very, very joy-giving and all the Nirananda you want to have, you can have IF you understand this Simple Equation: that Absolute Truth is Absolute Love. I have no expectations. I must tell you, I am over-satisfied. As far as I am concerned, I think I have done my job. But now this has to be taken over, you have to be responsible, you have to work it out. I was so happy. This time, every place I went to, all the leaders said that “Mother, You need not travel now. We’ll take the responsibility. We’ll work it out.” But all of you must support your leaders and do something about it. You must go all out. For example, in our country, when we wanted to remove the slavery, everyone joined together to achieve it…You should all go all out .. absolutely put all your effort.. There is, if you may call it a ‘defect’, Sahaja Yoga is not a military thing. It’s just plain, simple, Mother’s Love. And of course every mother wants her child to be great, to have all her powers. She wants that. No doubt. How she does it, how she works it out is her own problem. But how you take it and how you use it is your own problem.

I always bow to you people who have got realisation because I think so many saints were never there on this earth. But the saintliness has to be complete. Without that, you cannot help even your family, leave alone your country and no question of the whole world. So what is needed now is to raise your awakening, to raise your spirituality, to go into a realm of complete support and surrender to the movement of this spontaneous movement of Sahaja Yoga.

May God bless You All.

Shri Mataji is bowing with love towards Sahaja Yogis and there is Light coming from her Sahasrara Chakra - this is a rare Miracle Photo as we call it

In short You have to worship YourSelf”

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  1. armaity

    Yes, when you just get your self-realization, you are most probably a “taker” , but you have to work it out yourself by honest introspection, after achieving your balance through constant raising of your kundalini to the sahasrara by regular meditation. Then you have to take responsibility without feeling responsible by becoming the channels of the Divine and become a “giver”. This is the ultimate state each one of us has to achieve for which we have been selected and blessed and for which we have come down on this earth !!

  2. Anja

    What beauty and inspiration. This passage really spoke to me, and remined me of how important each and everyone is to speading the love,the truth, that Sahaja Yoga gives us the means to spread about, what could be a more sincere life purpose than that?!!

  3. Shivangi Mankad

    Simply amazing and well on time for the 40th anniversary celebration of opening of Sahasrara.

  4. Yvon Dion

    I believe Shri Mataji is saying that when we are connected to the divine and it grows within us we become the divinity. It is reflected in us and our conscious beings not only emit the love of the divine but becomes that very Love. We are the divinity of God! The problem is recognizing ourselves as such.

  5. adrian

    I think that for me… the quote below the photograph of Shri Mataji is the key to understanding who we are. She says…


    Too often we worship things… people, and yes even Shri Mataji… I feel this is wrong to Worship others… that is about being afraid. And “fear” is a block to the healing energy of God’s love. Worshiping others clearly puts the seat of control in the hands of someone else. Not even Jesus set himself up to be worshiped. So what does that quote mean. For me it simply means that you have the choice of taking charge of your own life. That is what I feel it means to… “WORSHIP YOURSELF”… TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. You have the power within to BE. That is also what it means to be a “realized soul”. Then you have nothing to fear.

  6. Ioana

    it’s about “Self” = Spirit which is universal, equally perfect in each of us, mirroring the Universal Self. As human beings we are more or less acquainted (theoretically, intellectually,empirically or by tradition) with its existence, even less maybe we are conscious of it, even less we feel it, even less we realize that this is what we truly are, even less we simply are/become the Self. The path to “reach” there, to realize that journey within and get to the core of what we are, is protected, enhanced and made available/visible by Kundalini. That’s how it is as a built in system. On the other hand, we as a race, groups of people, nations, any kind of collectivity we also are part and parcel of a collectively shared journey. So we are in the same time individual drops, as well parts of streams/lakes, springs, dwells and from an even larger perspective we are part of the Ocean/Water System … and at its essence we represent the Water element … of course, only if we take the analogy of drop versus Ocean .. spiritually speaking of course. As complex as it seems (many tests/challenges/crossroads ahead) this individual Journey is, the way to simplify and transcend all these complications is by solving the Equation that Shri Mataji mentioned: The absolute truth is the absolute love. It is hard if not even impossible to simply start by loving yourself .. pure love in itself represents a flow towards “the other” or it implies to ‘forget about “me”/”mine”/”personal interest”‘ .. for any of us Love implies a lack of selfishness, when we cross the limitations and the FEARS that these limitations impose .. pure Love does never give control to the other because the notion of ‘control’ is melted in Love .. when Love is, then Surrender is, in the beautiful sense of Opening the Gates without Fear, without (second) Thoughts, without Calculations (plan A/plan B), without the desire to control or be controlled … it is Love and when is pure is about feeling the other, caring for the other and the oneness happens. It is always easier to Love something/somebody that gives/emmits Love, that protects and comforts .. like a Mother or a Child/Innocent being .. also a Generous Teacher can be easily loved and because in that case wisdom is involved that the respect for such being might take a subtle-gentle-unimposing form of veneration .. because it is easy to see those qualities associated to Spirit in the genuinely spiritual people .. even more if they are among us, they understand our daily issues/tribulations but as well we can see in them the stairs towards what is Universal and Pure and Profound .. it is only natural to Love somebody that is already “there” (in the Universal Self/Spirit) but that chooses to be “here”, next to one and ready to love one as one is and see in one what one doens’t even dream to see in oneself .. For one to see & recognize in oneself the same amazing Self/Spirit/Universal Spirit it’s ‘too much’ but one can recognize in that spiritual Teacher/Mother that Self.. and through that Love you/one can FEEL/REALIZE/EXPERIENCE the personal growth (!!), the personal Self, the “personal” Spirit .. and this way, naturally (without planning!!! because as a “shortcut” it does not work 🙂 ).. so naturally after going “outside” (as it seems) .. though that Pure Love we are drawn back inwards, towards our own centre/core: Self/Spirit .. and because we continue worshipping/Loving that Self that we have seen in others (let’s say in a spiritual Teacher-Mother).. we surprise ourself that we end up venerating/worshipping ourSelf.. This is the beautiful Drama/Story/Irony/Humour that I feel that is embedded in our lives by the Divine .. and it is beautiful. The I/he/she/me/we/they dissapear .. it is Existence, Truth, Love. That’s my experience with this equation 🙂

    1. adrian

      Happy Birthday…

      I am grateful to be able listen, to hear the voice within and to experience the All.

      1. adrian

        I am reminded by my response that it is your birthday again…

        Happy Birthday Ioana

        And on “birthing”… and as
        Shri Mataji says… “she has no expectations for us”…

        The birthing is in the realization that we should take responsibility… for releasing and realizing the Love within.

        Yet first me must discard that which is hiding the Love within…

        The releasing of that which is not us is that part of us that recognizes that “loving self first”… is to discard that which we are not… “Body, materialism, ego and so on.

        Then IT(SPIRIT) flows out to ALL ELSE… it cannot be stopped… that is the joy.

        That is is our RE-BIRTH… our Resurection… our Ascension… to experience Heaven on Earth.

    2. Carmen

      Dear Ionana: I mirrored myself in your words about worshiping One Self its too much and by diverting this Love toward our Teacher Guru and to others I understand we make a circle that goes back to us.

      I guess I need to learn to be humble and accept what I am because it has been given to me and because the Wisdom that created me its just so great and Loves me this much.

      Thank you,


    3. Adrian/Arie

      I am listening carefully to your words again…
      to understand your use of the word “fear”… in relation to love.

      And specifically to your quote…
      “FEARS that these limitations impose”.

      To me fear is the absence of love.
      Yet more importantly… it is something that we can choose to experience from LOVE.

      What I mean by this is that…
      The Divine or Love… does not impose what we should or should not choose or experience.

      So if we choose to experience fear, and I believe that we choose in every moment to create everything that we experience. Then it is indeed a loving thing to be able to choose to experience “fear”!

      That can represent a moment of our existence to simply experience that which we may then choose to not experience again in the next moment. That is LOVE in action, to show us that we are free to create our own reality.

      Yet the key realization is to take responsibility for each and every experience that we have chosen to create. When we do this… we are acknowledging a deeper comprehension of who we really are!

      So when we take on the responsibility for what we have chosen to experience… we are beginning to “get it”.

      The key aspect of “getting it”… is that we are responsible for everything that we say and do! No one outside of us is responsible for our existence to BE.

      Once we understand and act on that then we are without fear… and are left with what is already there… LOVE.

      The reason we worship things outside of ourselves is because of our past conditionings… that is about having chosen to be in fear.

      I feel the word “FEAR” is very misunderstood, and is used in casual sort of way… as though it is something that comes to us from the external. It does not! We are actually creating all the time… either to experience fear or love.

      And when we realize that we are simply choosing in every moment… we also realize that we are either choosing to “affirm or deny our existence”.

      So… start at the beginning… “by worshipping yourself”.

      As Shri Mataji says.


  7. Carmen

    What Shri Mataji is telling us is that we need to take the responsability to do what she has been doing: Giving SR (self realization = the awakening of Kundalini) to everybody. Now is our turn she has giving us the power she has giving us the Truth, she has opened the Sahasrara.

    The gift is for everyone, SR is for everyone.

    We have to grow.

    What a great responsability and what a gift.


  8. Debbie

    Let’s open our eyes, embrace the truth and share this gift with others.

    Lots of love always.

  9. Elsie

    Shri Mataji tells us “Truth is love and love is truth Pure love” The light above her head coming from the Sahasrara chakra in that miracle photo is awesome. she states You have to worship YourSelf” what a beautiful message to share with others

  10. padambhushan

    i am very very thankful to mother.bcoz by this lecture i felt relax.shrimataji once again remind me of that who we are and what is our work.i am heartly thankful to shri matji.

  11. Avdhut

    The SELF is the ‘pure spirit’, felt in the heart as compassion, sustained by chastity, wisdom, forgiveness, fearlessness, and humility, in complete detachment, whereupon the individual who is thus aware of their self acts for the well-being of all, aware that they are one with everything by virtue of the fact that they are one with the Spirit, their Self, which resides in everyone whether they realise it or not.

    All their actions are conducted by virtue of their nature, and thus without want of reward, for they are already complete, like the river that flows to the ocean and falls again as rain on the mountaintops.

  12. Jolanta

    Very enlightening article. Thank you

  13. NITI

    Amazing article about divine love which is nothing else but the truth,and truth is that we are nothing else but the pure spirit, the reflection of God Almighty. I Love the saying of shri Mataji that we have to worship ourselves means we have to make worthy ourselves to feel the divine love and than only we will able to spread the same love which we are feeling for ourselves can reach to others.Thanks Ioana .Jai Shri Mataji..

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