One Spiritual Titan about Another: Kahlil Gibran and William Blake’s Connection, Recognition and Realization

Explore this Article that gathers together ‘The Songs of Innocence and of Experience’ with ‘Connections of Light and Truth’ – Music, Art, Realization

Blake is the God-man. His drawings are so far the profoundest things done in English – and his vision, putting aside his drawings and poems, is the most godly”

gibran_ Mother as lioness1
Mother as a lioness – by Kahlil Gibran

(Letters of Kahlil Gibran to Mary Haskell; Note: both Kahlil Gibran and William Blake were self-realized personalities, with their Kundalini energy awakened since birth and connected, therefore both had their creations spreading Light as being inspired by the divine / cosmic evolutionary power; therefore, Kahlil Gibran was able to recognize that divine light/connection in William Blake with such precision)

 Subtle Connections: Chakras MeditationWilliam BlakeKahlil Gibran – Realized Souls

“But feel your subtleties, feed them, nourish them. Look after them. You should be proud of your subtleties, that you have these subtler values while others don’t have. And that itself will be so self-sustaining, that you can withhold all these values which you get from your subtleties against the whole world. Because the world is so fragmented, so cut off, that everybody feels lonely. But that does not by any chance mean that you should be arrogant to others, you should not be fighting with others. No. But in darkness a Light Shines. The whole is darkness.

If the light accepts darkness, then it becomes dark.

The light must accept that: ‘I am the light. I am the path,and should stand. That does not in any way mean any arrogance to others, any showing off to others. But it is the Light and the Light by itself emits.”

(Shri Mataji – the Founder of sahaja yoga meditation; talking about Realized Souls that can reach sometimes to such spiritual heights such as William Blake or Kahlil Gibran)

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We hope that these connections were inspirational for you and brought depth to your meditation and introspection.

May we all find our inner light and bring it into the world and share it with each other as realized / enlightened souls 🙂

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  2. Anjali

    The depth of the beautiful work presented by both Blake and Gibran were only understood by me theough Sahaja yoga and Shri Mataji. That was the light. So enlightening. Thank you for this wonderful article.

  3. Anjali Gandhi

    We just celebrated here in halton the festival of lights. This article speaks exactly to the theme.we as sahaja yogis are the light. What a privilege and blessing. Beautiful and joyful. Thank you for this profound article and sketches/pictures.

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