What are Chakras Made of ? Explore the Sun and Follow Shri Saraswati!

Were you wondering What are Chakras made of? Are you obsessing over the Sunlight?

In case you were wondering wondering What are Chakras made of and you are passionate about the Sunlight, this article is for you to explore!  Plus, it contains lots of  Nirmal Vidya (pure knowledge, in the Sanskrit language) that comes in the form of Quotes from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, who offered tens of thousands of enlightened speeches.

Quotes about the Types of Light, as well on Surya (the Sun) and Shri Saraswati 

“And the Surya (Sun in Sanskrit) has given us so many powers that it is impossible to tell them even in one lecture, even in ten lectures. But how we go against Surya and how we go against Saraswati (The Goddess of Learning and Creativity), while doing the worship of Saraswati, it is to be seen very clearly within ourselves. For example the Western people are very fond of Surya because they have no Surya. But they go too far with it, as you know, and create complications within themselves of Surya. But the main thing that one has to achieve through Surya is the Light Vivek – is The Light Within.”

“And if Surya Chakra at the Agnya level (known as the Third Eye energy centre) is occupied by Lord Jesus Christ then it is even more essential that the purity of life, what you call ‘Niti’, is the morality of life. Now morality itself has become very much sort of an argument in the West. People don’t have any sense of absolute morality. On vibrations of course you know. But they have all gone against it. Those who are worshippers of Lord Jesus, those who are the worshippers of the Surya, of the Saraswati have all gone against, against the powers of Surya, just disobeying it. Because you cannot be a Surya if you don’t have a proper sense of morality and holiness. The Surya itself brings light to see everything clearly. So many qualities Surya has got. It dries up everything that is wet, dirty, filthy. It dries up all those places which create parasites. But so many parasites are created in the West. Not only parasites, but there are horrible cults and horrible things which have come into that; those countries which are supposed to be full of light, and in that Darkness they exist: darkness about the Spirit, darkness about their own knowledge and darkness about love.”

“These three things have taken over in the places where you are supposed to love light. Light does not mean what you see with your gross eyes. Light means from within – the Light of Love. That one should understand – Light of love. And it is so soothing, it is so sweet, it is so beautiful. It is so enamoring, it is so abounding that unless and until you can feel that light within you – that light which is of pure love of purity, pure relationship, pure understanding. If you can develop that kind of a light within yourself, then the whole thing will be cleansed. ‘Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.'”

What are our Chakras Made of ?!

“This is what happens to you when you are completely cleansed. The purest form of Nature is within us. The purest form of Nature is within us. Our Chakras are made out of that purest form of Nature. We are the only people who are spoiling it, by our mental thinking. Against the same Saraswati power. You are going against Saraswati itself. Saraswati cleanses all that is impure in nature, while with our brain activity we are spoiling all that. All our brain activity goes against pure intelligence. And that is what one has to understand – that this pure intelligence, is not to be soiled by our thinking. Our thinking can make us so bumptious, so ego-oriented. so impure that we can really eat the poison and say ‘what is wrong in it’? Just the opposite of Saraswati. If Saraswati is within us, She gives us Subuddhi (Wisdom). And that is why to worship Saraswati, to worship Surya, we must have that clear vision as to:

What we have to be.

What we are doing.

What filth we are living in.

What our mind is getting into.

After all we are here for emancipation and not for just for pampering our ego and living with our filth that is with us.

So this light has come within us and we should try to rise above our own mental filth which is being created around us.

The above are excerpts from a beautiful lecture offered by the founder of Sahaja Yoga on Swadhisthana Chakra and its governing Principle, Shri Saraswati with connections in Nature – Dhulia, 1983 . Nowadays we are so much challenged by subtle forms of darkness and what is dangerous is that the rationality, our trained mind can find these forms acceptable. The above sahaj definitions and explanations are good reminders /warnings that our chakras are indeed made of pure ‘material’ that cannot be ‘convinced’ to receive / identify the darkness as light; even more, our chakras react and reject any impurities from our system  and will promptly notify us that our subtle centres are affected, through this vibratory awareness that we experience in Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

Let’s all enjoy this path of light in our lives.

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Short video filmed in Burlington, by the Lake Ontario in the Halton region of Ontario province in Canada.

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  1. adrian

    such an interesting word…
    I can light a cigar!…
    I can turn on a light switch!…
    I see light colors!…
    I feel light… like I am floating!…
    I look lighter when I am clean!…
    I feel the vibration of light!…
    I see the light about you!…
    I can feel the light breaking out through me!…
    I feel the lightness of your touch!…
    I feel the lightness of your breath!…
    I feel the lightness of your voice!…
    I feel the lightness of your music!…
    I feel the lightness of your words!…
    I am light…………..

    1. adrian


      Inhale the light,
      through your heart centre…
      Exhale the light.
      from your heart centre…

      Feel the presence,
      of your essence…
      Gratefully receive this essence
      Cheerfully give this presence.
      Inhale… exhale…
      The presence of your essence

      Create awareness of light…
      in breathe,
      Feel the essence permeate,
      every cell and space within…
      And allow that presence to emanate,

      Be in the light of your breath.
      Breathe your Light.

      Be the light that..
      You are.

      Paint it in your mind,
      Be it.

  2. Jayne

    Thank you for this beautiful post, Iona.

    “Saraswati cleanses all that is impure in nature”–a powerful affirmation for our meditation.

  3. Shivani

    Beautiful, beautiful 🙂 !!

  4. Raj

    What a beautiful way of describing the true essence of our being!Simply blows the intransigent
    “mind” into oblivion. My personal experience has been that when the sun shines through on a gloomy,cold winter morn, the vibration changes from “struggling to feel coolness” to “wonderfully cool” …and the catches just disappear! and this is a consistent happening!Another thing I’ve noticed often times is that when I sit down for meditation in the morning , the day may be gloomy, but by the time I complete my meditation the sun is shining brightly though it may be just for a few minutes. The relationship is more than just a coincidence as other Sahajis have also experienced this wonderful connection to Shree Surya and His graciousness in their meditation.
    It is such a wonderfully humbling experience to know that despite all my shortcomings, this divine power unreservedly gives this nourishment to my being,that makes me feel so very blessed and thankful.

  5. Manga

    ‘Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.’”
    Such a sweet sentence, it is also said in one of the Agnya chakra talks,that we want to be like snow, dissolving everything into that purity of love, light and oneness. Thank you for nice pictures.

  6. Debbie

    Continue to purify me dear Mother so the light can radiate through me.

    Lots of love always.

  7. Kasthurie Govender

    Thank you, really so beautiful!

  8. ann

    Yes whiter than snow, I had a dream (see Halton page for details) where I saw myself whiter than snow, it was wonderfully shocking and peaceful at the same time. When I connect to that dream, I get humbled at the awareness that this is what we are.

    Love Ann

  9. Rajendra Tosawar

    nice verse, when light is there one(YOGI) is enlightened and where enlightened yogi light,the light is there.

  10. Rajendra Tosawar

    nice verse, when light is there one(YOGI) is enlightened and where enlightened yogi is the light is there.

  11. letitia

    Foarte frumos.

  12. Jyoti

    Sun, light and Saraswati! Very well and very rightly expressed. Reading this article is a pure meditation. Thanks Ioana

  13. Sunaina

    Beautiful pictures and, message of Shree Mata Ji. Thank you Ivona:)

  14. Paula

    Our mind cannot convince us that some information is true or good for us…because our chakras are telling us absolutely what is true or false through the language of vibrations. If we keep our instrument (the subtle body)clean, our awareness deepens and expands …the kundalini energy once awakened purifies and signals to us, communicates to us, through the governing principles answers to ourselves.

  15. Jolanta

    Thank you for posting transcripts of Shri Mataji’s talks, and connecting them to our everyday “realities” which often make it difficult to be our true selves due to the superficial, consumer oriented “cultures”.

  16. NITI

    Very beautiful message of divine, The nature reside in us in the form of the Chakras which is made out of different elements,and we should not be spoiling it with our over thinking and our egotistical mind,So by being in balanced one can enlightened the chakra ,without going to any extreme we can enjoy the divine nature within us.Beautiful explaination of Sun and Shri Jesus Christ,who is nothing else but purity,Morality,and innocence, who purify all the humankind and bring auspiciousness in universe.Thank Ioana for this wonderful article.

  17. Isabelle

    Enjoyed this article.

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