Young Meditators bring their Inner Lights to Burlington’s Seniors (Photos & Impressions)

In December 2018, Halton Sahaja Yoga’s traditional “Inner Lights Festival” answered the call from our dear friend and yogi meditator Pam to give a self-realization program to seekers in a beautiful theatre-like setting at a Burlington Senior’s Residence. The room filled up very nicely, and  the event was hosted by Shivangna, Ana Bianca, Carmela and Paula from Halton-Sahaja Yoga meditation. Shivangna shared a poem she had written, which really got everyone’s attention and also opened our eyes to how poetry can change the way we perceive or feel an experience. 
This was the preparation to be open-hearted and open-minded to the experience of achieving the yoga – connection state.
A guided meditation in comfortable chairs, with no hard poses, began. 
Ana Bianca showed some simple techniques such as placing the right hand on the heart with the left hand open to activate the life force each of us can access.
And so together, we made heartfelt statements and placed our hand along the chakras or energy wheels along our body that take care of us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Strand by strand, the energy began flowing through all of us.
Shivangna softly played her bamboo flute, and the music soothed and moved us with its subtle message. Afterwards, they were asked how they felt, compared to when they first joined the meditation session. There was a change in the atmosphere, something palpable that some of us could feel through our vibratory awareness. Some of us felt much lighter afterwards with the absence of thought.
As they thanked us for our program, one lady was hugging my mom. Carmela said, you have to hear this, Paula. The lady looked at me, and already I could feel she had received the gift of self-realization as I could feel a cool breeze flowing from her subtle body.  Her eyes sparkled, and she repeated to me what she had said right after the session.
Today, I had an encounter with God.”
I hugged her, she was filled with joy and wonder. The activities co-ordinator Ali thanked them on their way out and asked them how they felt.
The same lady said,” I could jump through hoops right now!”
One couple asked me on the way out if it could help him and his wife with specific health problems. He shared some private details, and I confirmed that yes it could help very much to improve what can be simplified as left channel problems within the subtle tree of life within.
The healing energy that begins to flow and can be felt in the hands as a cool breeze or river has been described since ancient times as the dawn of a new age of awareness, beyond thought. It was William Blake that prophesied in his poem, “If the doors of perception were cleansed, then everything would appear to man as it is: Infinite.” 
Without thoughts bombarding us from past conditionings and future worries, there is space created for the rising life force to enlighten the brain.
When asked her reasons for playing “Joy to the World” on her flute,
Shivangna explained that for her, the message of Christ is “forgiveness.”
When we forgive ourselves, forgive our thoughts, forgive everyone, the motherly energy can soothe our agnya chakra and take us beyond the “I-ness” of the limited mind.  Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the founder of Sahaja Yoga, has referred to this age as “the blossom time.” Meaning it is a special time in history we live in, where many seekers of truth are able to get their self-realization without climbing the Himalayas. It is symbolized as a thousand petal lotus on the crown chakra where our fontanelle bone is located. Interestingly, the limbic area of the brain is comprised of a thousand nerves which register the actualization of the yoga state by emitting coolness which can be verified scientifically by placing our hands a few inches above the head and keeping our attention there.
Sahaja Yoga is the ideal meditation for improved health and wellness and can help anyone of any age, anyplace, just by sitting comfortably with a few simple steps. In this way, we surpass the mind’s limitations by connecting to the unlimited part of each of us, our higher selves.
One can discover very early on, that it is the state of thoughtless awareness which allows inner peace to be achieved and has also been described as a way of receiving great inspiration. “Imagine all the people,” describes John Lennon,” it’s easy if you try. Imagine all the people, living life in peace.” 
The possibility to feel a sense of joy and self mastery is within reach when we achieve our self-realization through Yoga connection to the all pervading power of the universe. The peace flows from the inside out, like a river, and can be felt like a cool breeze when the central nervous system becomes enlightened. Sahaja Yoga is like a key to our own self, that can expand our awareness, and reveal a system of accessing absolute knowledge, and feeling joy.
Look forward to achieving those Yoga heights together and spreading joy to everyone, every day. 
“I hope some day, you’ll join us,” sings John Lennon, “and the world will live as one.”  

“Once you start growing in your self-realization, you develop such a personality that you see the Whole World as One”,

said Shri Mataji on  Sept. 5, 1984 during a Radio Interview in Vienna, Austria

(reported by Paula – Halton Sahaja Yoga meditation)

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  1. antonia

    This is so inspiring & heartwarming! Great article 🙂 JSM

  2. Doris Mendez

    GRACIAS …se sienten lindas vibraciones en el FESTIVAL DE LUCES INTERIORES JSM !!!!!!!

  3. Helen

    Seeing the smiling faces, the shining joy and sweetness feels my heart with sheer delight.
    Blessings to all

  4. Anjali

    Our young meditators are our treasure! They are dynamic (yet serene at the same time)as they have so much to share. They make time from their busy full time jobs and spread the light of their spirit with all those that welcome them. The experiences of attendees and the beautiful photos speak for themselves on how natural, yet effective and easy to follow this meditation technique is. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news! Way to go Ana-Bianca and Shivangana! Can’t wait to experience more programs from you both :)Thank you!

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