(Music Video) Wienananda: “The Blossom” by William Blake

 The Blossom by William Blake

Blake_The_BlossomMerry, merry sparrow!

Under leaves so green

A happy blossom

Sees you, swift as arrow,

Seek your cradle narrow,

Near my bosom.

Pretty, pretty robin!

Under leaves so green

A happy blossom

Hears you sobbing, sobbing,

Pretty, pretty robin,
Near my bosom.

Performed by Wienananda, a group of Sahaja yogis in Vienna. 2012. Poem by William Blake. Music written by Ronald Subkus (musician/sahaja yogi meditator)

WienanandaThank you!


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  1. Colleen

    WOW, this video is absolutely incredible!!! So beautiful and such powerful vibrations!!

  2. Claudia

    very very nice song, …..a perfect way to start a day. Thank for sharing!

  3. Karen

    WOW!!!! You can feel the vibrations from this joyful song. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Shivangi

    William Blake and Wienananda – Thank you!

  5. Elsie Kuly

    Ronald Subkus who wrote the music in this video is talented. It is a beautiful song and I will listen again and again. The singers are amazing also. I felt strong vibrations. William Blake’s poetry which I began to study in grade school always made a strong impression on me Thank you.

  6. Lies Daenekindt

    powerful and joyful !! JSM!

  7. Karen

    WOW very powerful music!!!

    With eyes closed you can feel the joyful vibrations as they sing!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  8. Sumathi

    Beautiful music with full of vibrations Thanks for sharing . I love William Blake’s poetry .

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