More than “News about Pope” from Rome in First Page of “Cronaca di Roma” Newspaper – WHY MARCH 21st is SPECIAL?!

Shri Mataji on the 1st Page of Cronaca di Roma newspaper on March 20, 2013

It is a Special Day. Please Read till the end of the this Article. Divine Smile in Newspaper.

Today on March 21st at 9.15 (GMT) there will be the live streaming from the City Hall in Rome at:

There will be a conference, with the announced presence of the Mayor and other 300 guests:
“21st of March 2013. 90 years after the birth of the Guru,

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi”.

The Lady who dedicated Her life to mankind, spreading for free all over the world Sahaja Yoga meditation.

Sahaja Yoga partner of UNESCO Center for Peace.

Yoga for personal wellness
Yoga for families
Yoga for Peace in the World

With the High Patronage of the Capital City Hall of Rome!”

** the event was announced in the main newspaper from Rome on the 1st page. Enjoy the surprise below and try to connect!

Cronaca di Roma-March 20 _ Shri Mataji on 1st page - also the Pope

Links on the Importance of March 21st


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(click) Special “Happy Birthday!”

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  1. kalieswari


  2. Samar


  3. Shashidhar

    Thank you Mother for coming on Earth on this day to bless us with our spiritual enlightenment. Please bless all the seekers of Rome on this most auspicios day…

  4. Kusum Chandok

    “In Sahaja Yoga, you have to know you have to be really dedicated and honest. You should enjoy your honesty, you should enjoy your love, you should enjoy your generosity, everything.” It is just love.

    Thank you Ioana for this Beautiful Post.

    Whenever I count My Blessings. I Count You Always.Your are the Divine Mother.I Am Lucky to have You.

  5. Colleen

    90 years ago today was a great day for human kind, thank you Shri Mataji and Happy Birthday!! Love to you!!

  6. Perviz

    Happy Birthday Mother! Please shower your blessings on the collective to go ahead and do the divine work that you have entrusted upon them and put an end to the negativity that is continuing in various collectivity. Please help us in our spiritual growth and give us strength and courage to be on the divine path.

    Nirmal Love to you, Mother!

  7. nitya

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER.21st march is a day for big celebration for all the sahajayogis of the world.thank you so much mother for all your love and protection.thank u Ioana for posting this article ,it has added more colours of joy in this day of celebration.Jai shri mataji

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