Day 9 – Oakville, Canada or The World – “Art & Spirituality” with Anandita for Everyone!

Anandita introducing Sahaja Yoga Meditation and her Art to representatives from many countries of the World, arrived to Canada/ Halton as immigranta - in Oakville, Dec 2

Sahaja Yoga Meditation Program with Anandita Performance – Introduced & Experienced at Halton Multicultural Council in Oakville, December 2, 2009

Debbie, Volunteer with HMC and co-organizer of the event:

Anandita performed at the Halton Multicultural Organization in Oakville on Dec 2. Attendees included volunteers and their clients (mainly newcomers to Canada from all parts of the World). Anandita spoke a little bit about herself, did a beautiful dance, introduced Sahaja Yoga, gave self realization and danced with the group. Everyone enjoyed it very much and was delighted to have shared in this experience.

Checking the Kundalini Energy after the Sahaja Yoga Meditation Workshop with Anandita

More than 50 people have enjoyed Anandita’s performance and had benefited from this Art & Spirituality Program that was offered for free by Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Halton

Dance Workshop with Anandita at HMC Anandita brought so much Joy and many had showed interest to see her performing again as well to learn more about Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Only 3 ladies that were practising Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Halton (Gladys, Madeleine and Debbie) were able to come and help with this Oakville program so it was mostly Anandita’s amazing gift in communicating and connecting to her audience that  made this Special Evening so successfully inter-active! Enjoy below some examples (photos kindly provided by Debbie from Burlington).

Circle of Dance on Colombian Rhythms with Anandita

Anandita -dancing and singing

Colombian Dance WorkshopAnandita - dancing posture

Such a Collective Experience of Meditation, Kundalini Awakening and Art – Thank you Anandita for Visiting Oakville too!

Such a Collective Experience of Meditation, Kundalini Awakening and Art - Thank you Anandita!

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  1. Dara Tittjung

    Thanks! Great Vibrations! Lots of love from Austria (Vienna)

  2. paula erskine

    Congratulations to all the open minds and hearts that came out to witness Anandita’s dancing, singing, and tabla playing talents! Great event!

  3. Carmen

    Anandita’s tour has been a blessing for Canada, she helped us fulfill our desire to “pass it on”.

    Seeds of Peace and Joy were planted all over. People were open to it because it was presented in such a natural way.

    Thank you Anandita for the work done so well.


  4. adrian

    I feel grateful to have been able to experience the joy of your joyfulness in sharing joy with others.

  5. abhishek

    simply blessing and joy

  6. K.Subbi Reddy, Hyd.A.P.India

    Very good and Shri Mataji blessed her to do and to be a good instrument

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