Enjoy & Reflect: Olga’s letter about Forgiveness Sunday & Slichot Day with Torah Wisdom, Easter Eggs, Easter Bunny and Chicks plus Easter Card from Abu Dhabi!!

Happy Easter!

I forgive you!

I’m singing my Easter Joy that’s like a Sunny Daisy!!

Easter letter from Olga

— a dear friend that is practising Sahaja Yoga meditation in Whitby

“Dear family,

One of the many blessings is to live in Canada, a country where so many parts of the world, cultures and religions are represented, so that we can open our hearts, our minds and appreciate the diversity. In spite of all visible and often superficial differences, there is a deep tradition of forgiveness rooted in almost every culture.

Here are two traditions that were known to our ‘immediate family’. One is an old tradition that is popular among Slavic people. It is the celebration of Forgiveness Sunday. On this day, people ask for forgiveness from anyone they meet, family, friends and especially someone who may have hurt them in the past! And forgive in return. Another is the Jewish tradition of Slichot, according to which people apologize for any wrongs they may have done against each other. Jewish scriptures mention that “one should forgive with sincere mind and willing spirit” (Mishneh Torah, Teshuvah 2:10).

In the auspicious time of Easter we celebrate qualities of Agnya chakra and Forgiveness is the most powerful of these qualities. We are humbly grateful to Shri Mataji for enlightening the meaning of Easter, the incarnation of Jesus Christ and Forgiveness for us! Below I found 2 examples to share with you:

“I wanted to meet you all and tell you that today is a day to forgive. That doesn’t mean you sit down and take how many people you should forgive. That would be absurd. But take that off your mind. Just think that you do not know how many powers you have and you can’t even forgive when you’ve got all these powers, when the greatest power you have is forgiving. And today is the day for forgiving, forgiving people whom you think they have done wrong. … Please try to remember how big you are. Just forgive them. Then you’ve forgiven. If you forgive them from the heart then you’ve punished them. You’ve given them back whatever they deserve. So this should not be a difficult thing, to forgive, but people think it’s very difficult to forgive.”
(Shri Mataji – excerpt from the lecture offered on Easter at Sahaja Yoga Seminar in Nagpur,India, 2008)

“Only you people can understand the importance of the life of Christ. And when it is said that you have to get your Realization through Christ, it means that He had to pierce through the Agnya Chakra. He had to be there. If He had not created this gap in the gate, we could never have got Realization. That is why it is said you are to pass through the gates of heaven only with the grace of Christ. Of course, that doesn’t mean churches, it doesn’t mean at all churches. You have to understand as Sahaja Yogis that you have to pass through the Agnya Chakra.”
(Shri Mataji – excerpt from the lecture offered on Easter at Sahaja Yoga Seminar in London, UK, 1982)

Wishing you beautiful Sahaj Easter full of Joy of Forgiveness!”

(the letter above is Olga’s email sent on Easter 2010 to her friends)

Easter Card received from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Group from UAE via Navin

Except with the Easter Card above, all the other images where coming from Romanian friends from all over the world in their “Happy Easter!” messages, and I’ve found them sweet and jolly and quite sahaj – so now I hope you enjoy them too 🙂 !

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  • So now, let’s all go to the Free Sahaja Yoga Meditation Classes and make sure that we get out of our egg shells that keep us blind and busy .. and will finally

    learn how to Fly and fulfil this way our destiny for Spiritual Freedom and Enlightenment   !

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    1. armaity

      What a joyous happy message for Easter with such cute and bubbly visuals and pictures. All that we need to do is simply ‘forgive’ and get freedom from all problems, anxieties, tensions, strains & strife that surround us wherever we go, pulling us down as if we have stones tied to our feet. Let us fly free and the best part is that we can give this gift to ourself !!

    2. heidi

      i like it beter as a i forgive you day .

    3. Rabi

      Beautiful and so delicate.

    4. adrian

      Today we are preparing for our Easter family get together… for me personally there is great joy in having everyone close by… so I am also reflecting on our Sahaj family… and how wonderful it is to share in that.

      I have also thought about “forgiveness” and especially “ressurection” on this Easter Sunday. Our Rebirth… our ascension into our new selves is what I believe Christ had in mind… and to take rsponsibility for that… by simply forgiving.

    5. Antoinette Wells

      Had a beautiful and cheerful day with my family: there was so much light, it fetl very much like Easter, just enjoying AND being aware of the freedom given by Christ Resurrection!

    6. Debbie

      Who are we not to forgive – we are not perfect creatures, we need to be forgiven as well – so let it go – forgive and be forgiven, you will feel “lighter” mentally and physically.

      Lots of love always.

    7. Karen

      Beautiful message for the Easter celebrations….I love all the little animated chicks!!!!

    8. Mohinder Sidana

      Through sahaja yoga I came to know about Easter
      Chicks look so beautiful

    9. Anjali

      Shri Mataji’s excerpt makes it so easy to forgive. Such a powerful message explained so easily. What is there to hang on to and why relate it with your present when its history. Acceptance of the present is the only way to live in the present and free yourself from the entanglements that keep you from finding peace. I really needed this message. Thank you dear sister olga for this letter and Ioana for presenting to us. It’s feel like ahhhh…..so relaxing and liberating. This is why I love sahaja yoga and my sahaja yoga family.

    10. Jolanta

      Anjali, I completely agree with you.

    11. Jolanta

      It is a joy to read the article reminding us about the true meaning of Easter, and that forgiveness is part of many tradition s / “religions” around the world.

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