Dreaming of a Pearl Finder Calling – Changed my life (Sam, 19, Burlington)

This DreamExperience came to me via an email on April 22, 2013

Releasing the handle of the cart I pulled behind me, I fetched another newspaper from inside of it and made my way up the driveway of my grandparents house, dropping the paper on the steps to the small balcony on the side of the house. ‘I’m surprised Grandma didn’t say anything when I saw her earlier about the fact that I haven’t been delivering here like I was supposed to…’ The thought crossed my mind but was immediately dismissed, as I knew they had been traveling a lot lately and had likely not noticed the absence of papers; I also knew I had better get into gear and do my job, or I would be reprimanded for it before long.

Continuing on with my deliveries to the end of the street, I soon found myself entering a large commercial building; perhaps some kind of community center or hotel. I wasn’t sure exactly why I was there, as I had no deliveries in the building, however the place was bustling with people excitedly chattering to each other, lining the hallway and around the corner out of sight. I found myself blending into the crowd, standing off to the side out of the main walkway and observing the people talking around me. It seemed as though some important talk had just taken place and everyone was excited to speak of the information they had learned.

I was only standing there a moment or two before what had taken place became apparent; down the hall walked a woman in a orange colored sari that nearly reached the floor, she wore open toed sandals and earrings made of a large black orb with a single white pearl beneath. I knew of the woman, though I had never met her or seen her in person; she is known as Shri Mataji and she had quite the presence about her, perhaps it was because she was the only one in the room that wore brighter than brown colors, but I highly doubted that.

The woman moved towards the doors out of the building at a leisurely pace and few in the room seemed to take serious note of her, far too absorbed in their own conversations to pay her any mind.

However, to my both confusion and surprise, Shri Mataji paused before she reached the door and turned to look directly at me, gesturing me out of the crowd with her hands.

Though hesitant, I complied, releasing the handle of the cart I still held and stepped towards her until I was standing right in front of her; the entire room having gone silent in the few seconds it took me to move, every eye now on us. “May I take a picture with you?” Without even entirely registering what she said, I found myself nodding and moving to stand next to her as a man with a rather fancy looking camera moved to take the picture, a man I could only assume was there to take pictures for the talk.

I felt her wrap her arm around my shoulders and I smiled, a click soon following as the picture was taken, the sun from outside making the flash unnecessary. Stepping away from her I turned to look at the woman and she spoke once again. “Thank you. I have been waiting for someone to send me these, and now I have to wait no longer.” Confused, I found myself opening my mouth to question what she was talking about, however before I could, the man who had taken the picture showed it to me on his digital camera. The picture of the two of us smiling, her with her arm around me, was quite beautifully taken. Looking back up at Shri Mataji herself, I watched as she lifted her hand and moved one of her earrings, showing that there was now several more pearls surrounding the single pearl that had been present earlier. Confused, I looked back at the picture, and sure enough, there was only a single pearl on the earrings that now had seven.

“How cool.” My voice was barely above a whisper as talk of what had just happened rippled throughout the crowd. Exclamation of how amazing and magical she was reached my ears, but I payed little attention, what had just happened was impressive, for sure, but I did not feel overly amazed or surprised.

One man’s voice, however, did catch my notice. “I wish that had of been me!” The man was not far away from where we stood, however before anyone could speak to him, Shri Mataji responded “You do.” Her words were a statement, not a question. “But it could not have been.” With those last words, Shri Mataji turned and walked out of the building.

– the end of  Sam’s dream with Shri Mataji 

*At that time Sam was not meditating nor did she know much about Shri Mataji. Some updates are provided below to see why Sam was literally picked and awakened by Shri Mataji during the Turya state of an enlightened dream. 

Shri Mataji with pearls

It is a real pleasure for all of us to have Sam in our lives; Thank you Shri Mataji for sharing with us the pearls you find in the ocean of humanity.

Notes: Sam had joined ever since the local Burlington class of free sahaja yoga meditation; even more, she is now a presence at many other weekly classes in Ontario, like Barrie,  Oakville, St Catharines, also to yoga retreats and seminars and very recently she is one of the most reliable participants to our youth program in Oakville. Enjoy below some related articles, Sam’s new life as a sahaja yogini, also the significance of pearls and other inspirational dreams.

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  1. anaic

    The message of these seven pearls is so pure, so simple, how can one understand that it is the enlightenment of the seven chakras? It seems so obvious for Sahaja Yogis, but I am still surprised at the knowledge that we have got now. Shri Mataji speaks to all of us, directly and this is a wonder.

  2. Kathleen

    Thank you for sharing Sam, felt like Shri Mataji was talking to me, to us, through you. Your journey in Sahaj family is so inspiring.. huggss 🙂

  3. Kruti

    Such an uplifiting dream. It feels so good to know that we are precious pearls to Shri Mataji. We just need to feel this preciousness in our hearts to be truely enlightned.

  4. Shulin

    Sam that’s soooo beautiful 😀
    I love it love it love it <3
    I wish you can grow stronger and stronger in sahaja yoga
    With me!!!
    I love you Sam!!!!

  5. Paula

    Talk about having a calling…Shri Mataji’s energy and scope called Sam to discover the depth of her spirit through Sahaja Yoga…What an amazing dream. There are so many of us who are practicing this pure, traditional yet modern meditation and have dreamt about it’s founder. At least 10 of us in Burlington class alone, with specific messages that spoke to our hearts. Some dreamt after Sahaja Yoga, and some like you, Sam, were called in an enlightened dream, like a pure vision with so much significance! Without knowing anything, your spirit was wanting to connect with the all pervading power and reveal to you the significance of the 7 pearls. I absolutely love this deep, vibrational, powerful sharing of your dream. The vibrations are amazing coming right off the computer screen, I can feel it. And I am not the only one.

  6. Claudia

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful dream, Sam! Such a beautiful start! You were blessed! Lots of love,

  7. Sandra

    So inspiring. How important seekers of truth are that Shri Mataji personally goes to get them, tailoring each detail accordingly.

  8. Latifa

    Thanks so much Sam for this beautiful story…you got a dream with Shri Mataji when you were not even meditating : you are so blessed !!!
    I’m glad to know you dear Sam
    Much Love

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