Awaken the Detached Yogi in Oakville – Wisdom and Photos

Part 2 of “The Journey Within” 2019 Program  dedicated to Navaratri Festival in Halton 

” Only one technique I would prescribe for you .. is that you start with your Heart and end there only.
It starts from your Heart, from your Atma (Spirit) and ends in your Atma.
Just give up talking about it, just start feeling your Heart;
just start feeling your Heart, opening it out — not your mouth so much as your Heart.”
(Lecture of Shri Mataji  in Lonavala, India, Jan 25, 1982)
On Friday, October 4, 2019 we offered a special event in Oakville – dedicated to Navaratri Festival. Of course, as always it included a profound meditation led by Shivangna from Youth & Art initiatives (Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Halton team). We learned to let our own motherly Kundalini energy work through us effortlessly while we were listening to Kush playing a Raga on Sitar, followed by Shivangna playing another Raga on flute.

(CLICK) Photo-Album from this Oakville event with Photos from Lion Valley

We talked about  how our Heart opens more when we are detached — how Meditation and the clearing  of the Vishuddhi chakra (Throat energy centre) will enable the Yogi qualities to be awakened and Detachment will start manifesting.


The Detachment should evolve within
It cannot be forced, but through Meditation you can develop that Detachment within you,
which will be Joy giving.
If you are becoming the pure Spirit then you are detached, because you are just a reflection, the reflection of God Almighty.
All these identifications drop out. Now one may say, ‘How? How to drop it out?’  First (through) Meditation.”
You should discover about yourself, what’s wrong with you, which side is catching,is it right or left side (left channel or right energy channels are blocked) ?
With meditation you can find out: Are you attached to money, business, family, country in a way which is not Sahaja *natural, spontaneous, detached* or to your culture, which is not Sahaja ?! Then try to get rid of this attachment by Meditation.
You know how to get rid of the right and the left (blockages of the lateral energy channels).  This attachment will show on your finger tips and you have to see for yourself what *energy* centres you are catching, in which way are you in trouble. Then you can clarify it very simple by taking a very simple Sahaja treatment. Here we fail, that we get attached to something we don’t even think we are getting attached…”

Compassion is like The Sap in the TreeIt is Not Attached

“Compassion is very pure. It’s like the sap in the tree which rises and goes to various parts of the tree and then either it evaporates
or goes down into Mother Earth. 
It is not attached. If it gets attached to one flower or to one leaf or to one fruit, then the whole Tree will suffer and also the flower will disappear.
In Sahaja Yoga people are very adaptable and understand what they should do, but the main thing is Meditation.
In meditating on your heart on the Shiva Tattwa, on the principle of Shiva (the Spirit within), you can definitely detach and
then the Joy will be maximum.
People have interest in say food or in clothes or in house, anything, you can have interest, you should have interest, but
in that interest there should be Enlightenment
that you cannot get attached to it. ” 
(Lecture of Shri Mataji – founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation during Shivaratri, Feb 26, 1995)  
  Share Nirmalvidya shared an album with you 

P2 – Awaken the Detached Yogi in Oakville

A Realized Soul is a Detached Personality. He doesn’t say ‘my children, my house’. But he says ‘our children, our house’.
He shares all the time.
I would say like this, now supposing I have all the powers then I am a capitalist.
So a person who is a Realized Soul is the one who lives collectively and only enjoys Collectivity. But at the same time he is detached.
Like a sap in the tree rises, goes to the various parts of the tree, gives sap to the leaves, flowers, fruits, everything and comes back.
But if it gets attached to some flower then
that flower will die in any case,
because the tree will die.
So, attachment is the death of love. The love you feel for somebody should be just giving love, not to expect anything out of that.
You just enjoy giving.”
(Public program with Shri Mataji  in Vienna, June 19, 1990)  

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  1. Kathleen

    Thank you Kush and Shivangana for playing Sita and flute at the Oakville program. That was a double treat having beautiful music showering us with vibrations. I am also thankful that we cleared vishuddi collectivley at the class, it’s amazing how it opened our hearts and able to feel joy.

  2. Sigal

    Thank you for this magical meditation evening !!!

  3. Colleen

    I went to part one of these programs, it was beautiful. Amazing meditation and such soothing music. I wasn’t able to make part two. It sounds like it was very nice. Hope to make it to part three. These programs are always incredible. Thank you so much for having them.

  4. Paula

    Such a feeling of peace inside, in these words, in the music, in these events, in these pure intentions, with global impact …I can feel it all the way over here, in Croatia. It fills me up with pure love for the those that care to spread good vibrations everywhere they are, and makes me want to hug the whole world.

  5. Kruti

    What a wonderful program that was. Felt coolness almost the whole time. Both my boys came up to me after, their eyes beaming with joy. Both of them wanted to do something special next Friday for the last event. Just join us next time to find out more 🙂

  6. Rebecca Amyotte

    I love these wise and heartfelt teachings from Shri Mataji. Thank you so much for offering these special evenings to help us become fully realized souls. I always come away feeling more at peace and I continue to do my daily meditations and foot soaks to become more enlightened. A special shout out to Shivangna and Kush for sharing their musical talents with us and helping us to break through blockages with their Divine talents. Bless you all.

  7. Ann Kristine Pearson

    Even though I’m on the east side of Canada and cannot go to these programs, it gives me immeasurable joy to read about them! From one side of Canada to another, we are united across the miles when we’re in meditation!

  8. Ioana

    From New Zealand – from a supportive reader that heard about our article from a what’s up Sahaj group:

    “Feel blessed hearing all about Mother’s Divine work going on with all of you .. may Shri Mataji continue showring Her Grace and Dynamism upon Her Children .. lost of Love”

  9. Niti

    Iam fortunate to attend some of these miracle navaratri programmes.I came to know
    about all the powers of mother Goddess and
    how to awaken centre heart chakra well described by yogis and the divine music played by yogi kids was amazing and soothing.In above article it is well described thatwe should build qualities or power of detachment so we can grow in a healthy way like a wonderful tree.

  10. Marta

    Woow! Amazing happening! Greetings from Croatia!

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