Check your Tree of Life – This Fall Let’s Meditate and “Do Yoga” Outdoors

We invite you to check Your Tree of Life this Fall with one of our Outdoors FREE Yoga Meditation Sessions

Check your Tree of Life through the practice of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. You can always check our Playlist with Recorded Meditation (about 120 videos and growing). See who we are .. below.

Join the Collective “Inner  Growth Journey” in Halton / Niagara region

Good news: we were asked to continue offering our popular Outdoors Sahaja Yoga Classes through September 🙂

Please send us an email at [email protected] if interested to attend our online classes or the in-person sessions, as the location varies from class to class. During our classes we help and guide every participant to apply the ‘Check your Tree of Life’ technique.

Enjoy the following excerpt from the teachings of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Just see how spontaneous She – Mother Earth – is.

You put a seed in the Mother Earth and see how it sprouts.

She is so spontaneous, Her activity is so spontaneous, we never wonder about it.

See different types of flowers, different types of fragrance, different types of shrubs and trees,.. how She grows with such Balance in every place.

In every minute atom and molecule of that Mother Earth there is Sense.

So before us is the best reflection of the Adi Shakti

( Sanskrit for the Primordial living force power in the universe)

and that is this Mother Earth.

So first, we must respect the Mother Earth.”

** for more such subtle knowledge about Mother Earth – from the same speech of Shri Mataji – as well if you want to enjoy more photos from our outdoors classes this Summer, check the following Article **

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  1. Anjali Gandhi

    The first pic looks like the tree within us with 3 channels…pics are so wonderful and inviting. But quotes from Shri Mataji help you see the real qualities of mother earth that has sense, spontaneity, balance..the primodial living force power hence we call her “Mother earth” and she is to be thankful to. Thank you for this message and the wonderful carrier of this evergreen message -this website.

  2. Ioana

    Comment to this article sent via Newsletter:

    I would like to join, weather permitting, but I Have so many commitments already for next Sunday. It is a great idea and I have loved participating in this wonderful outdoor/inner connection experience On the occasions that I was free to attend. Please keep me on the list and I will do my best to get there. It really makes such a positive difference to me personally to share in this experience with others.



  3. Kruti

    I loved how Shri Mataji explained ‘University’ meaning that you get all the knowledge of the universe. This is so true and how Mother gives more explanation on how our teaching should be, from the roots and not from the leaves. I loved that explanation. Also, the pictures of the nature and self-realizations with yoga exercises reminded me of some sessions I attended last summer, it was so much fun. So many seekers joined us and felt vibrations!

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