Explore the Moon Phases with Spiritual Guru Knowledge of Kojagiri or Sharada Purnima (Harvest FULL MOON)

Let’s Learn about “Kojagiri Purnima or Sharada Indu Purnima” – the Full Moon Harvest Festival between “Dashera” –  the Final Celebration of Navaratri Festival  and  “Diwali”  – the Festival of Lights. It is said that on this day the earth and the moon are very close to each other and as such the rays from the moon that we receive are very good for the nourishment of the soul and body.

We are grateful for experiencing quite recently such a story of subtle Connection proving that through Self realization we become universal beings that have access to pure universal knowledge – we just “know” and “act” like spontaneous (sahaj) gurus  in complete harmony with the subtle world’s laws of inter-dependency. We had the Sahaja Yoga class in Oakville on Friday Thanksgiving when we made various  connections between the Spirit, the Heart chakra,  the Brahmarandhra (centre of the crown chakra) and Kundalini.  Our subtle system of chakras and subtle energy channels are tuned to the exchange of energy that exists between the celestial bodies like Moon and Sun, as well the the natural elements — we share this knowledge during special events.

We were blessed with a beautiful collective meditation and strong cool vibrations during our entire class and right after we noticed the beautiful “full moon” and some yogis decided spontaneously to go and enjoy the Moon’s rays on the lake. It was an amazing experience — we ended up having a meditation with mantras and bhajans and prayers for Mother Earth’s nations. Next day we found out how auspicious that time was and how the moon was actually preparing to become that “special full brightest autumn moon”. The photos above and below are from that evening. The Lake Ontario had huge waves and it was windy, so many natural elements were “speaking” to us.  It’s time to learn more!

  Sharada Indu Famous Biggest Moon – Guru Nanaka‘s Birthday

“Today is the famous, great, full moon, called as Sharada Indu – that’s the name of the Goddess also,. Sharada Indu – The moon on the autumn season. (Sharada is Sanskrit for “autumnal”). This is the biggest moon, and – of course not in England – but in India that day the moon is giving the greatest light, see? And it’s such a great thing that Guru Nanaka was born on such a date. As you know in India, people celebrate birthdays according to the dates of the moon, called as stithi, not as the dates we have here according to the sun.”

Full Moon –  Becoming Full Sahaja Yogis

“It’s a very serious matter, one has to understand. You have got your Realization through Sahaja Yoga. Now you have become Sahaja Yogis.

But still, I would say, you are not full Sahaja Yogis, because every Sahaja Yogi has to be a Guru, otherwise he is not a Sahaja Yogi.

First of all, you are Yogis because you got your Realization. But Yogis are of no use, you have to be Sahaja Yogis, so you were told about all the chakras, every thing you are doing, about all the problems of Kundalini, how to cure them. Everything about it was told to you. Now you became with that a different type of a race, a different type of people, who are twice-born, who are born by the Spirit, not by the flesh – remember that – that’s a very important point which John (from Bible) has said that: “You are born by the Spirit and not by the flesh.” Those who are born by the flesh are in flesh. But if you were born by the Spirit, that’s how you were twice-born; and when you knew all about the Spirit and the Kundalini, then you are a Sahaja Yogi.

But unless and until you become Guru, you are not a full Sahaja Yogi.

From Kala (Spirit) to Purnima (Guru) – Crossing the 16 stages and Moon’s phases

“So to begin with we must understand that Spirit is described as a Kala (another name for Shiva – the Spirit), as a phase of moon, one phase of moon. But a Guru’s described as the full moon, purnima, Guru Purnima. Guru is the full moon, it’s not just a phase. So from one phase you have to go to the stage where you become a complete Guru. Sixteen phases there are, altogether, and you have to cross the sixteen stages to become the Guru.”

“Now Sahaj Yoga has a very big responsibility, which I don’t think people understand. I wish they could listen to me very intensely and understand it. So far if you see, Gurus remained Gurus and no disciples became Gurus. They were still regarded as disciples of a Guru, whether it was fake or anything. They never became Gurus themselves. So there was no need for them to grow, they had to take the name of their Guru, all right. Christ had His disciples; Mohammad Sahib had His own disciples; Nanak had His own disciples; Shirdi Sai Nath had His own disciples. None of them became Gurus. But now it is in your lot, sorry to say, that you have to become the Gurus. It’s a privilege, actually. It’s a very great privilege to become the Guru. And to become the Guru, we must learn what we have to do. This also sometimes becomes just a lecture. I think so.

Today all these sixteen stages are to be seen, how we have to grow into a Guru.”

 Kojagiri Pournima – Ardha Bindu as Moon, The Spirit – Sadashiva and Brahmarandhra

        …”Because according to Sahaja yoga we reach the state where you touch the Sadashiva (primordial Spirit – God) in the symbolic form you see 🙂 .. or if you can say that after getting Realization (awakening of Kundalini that passes through the Crown-Sahasrara Chakra)  if you see the abstract form of God then we say after reaching your Brahmarandhra you cross over your limbic area and then you go to Ardha Bindu.
Ardha Bindu is the Moon. Moon is the Spirit.
Because, Sadashiva also wears the Moon on His head. So Moon is the spectator, isn’t it?”…
“But why the Moon is important ?
Because it makes you subtler.
 That’s why one should ‘achieve the Moon’ as they say.”

The Moon Phases – Subtle Connections to Spirituality

“Audience: Can you explain the phases of the moon, its significance?
“Shri Mataji:
All right. You see, there are fifteen phases as you know and the sixteenth is complete.
When it is the sixteenth phase it’s a complete phase.
So fifteen phases are the fifteen Steps of Consciousness on which human beings really built.
And the sixteenth is the Complete, where you Really Become just a Witness.
So you cross the fourteenth then you get your Realization.
So the Moon is never complete till it reaches sixteenth.
Then at the sixteenth point it is a complete phase and
that’s why it is called that Shri Krishna is complete because he has got sixteen phases.
Now the first phase as we call it is first and second two phases.
Now all the seven chakras have two phases-left and right.
So seven into four or two (7×2=14) fourteen phases, fifteenth is the Spirit and sixteenth is God,
which is only absolute state, where it never changes.
It remains the same it, its insurmountable, its unchanged, its above,
it is a phase which is not achievable by human beings.
So by coming to Sahaja Yoga you are moving between twelve and fourteen.
How fast the growth has come. Just think of it.
Now the first phase and the second phase is the time when the matter is created.
Its the first installation of the matter:
is Ganesha’s and all the obstructions at that time are covered through Ganesha’s power: Innocence.
Like that you can see in every chakras how all the obstructions are cleared out.”

The Blessings of the Moon

“As the left-side is the Moon these phases also give you the blessings of the Moon.
Now the blessings of the moon are left-sided as you know.
These left-sided blessings are through Auspiciousness, through the positive side.
One of the positive side is that you get Auspiciousness.  Auspiciousness is not in your hands; it’s not in your hands.

The fourteen types of Joy and Nirananda 

“And there are fourteen types of joys which you get out of this, which I just now I need not tell you the names, its too much.
Ultimately you get a Joy, which is called Nirananda. Now Nira is my name, you know.  (Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi)
So Niranand, the Joy, is so much that it is completely joy and is nothing else, just joy. Purest form of joy.
And then this joy expands; it doesn’t improve.
Till that joy improves and after that it expands.
And that’s why whatever one does according to the lunar system, one does it from the spiritual point of view.
I mean, you don’t get any consumer service. Like you get through the sunshine- sunlight.
That supposing you buy something at this time and sell at another time you might get a big profit.
Material gains! That’s the right side (the right energy channel of action known as Sun or Solar channel).
But you get spiritual gains: that’s why all the spiritual things are to be done according to the Moon.
You follow now ?! Sir, it’s a very big question. One day I will give you a big lecture on that, but I think you have understood.”
(All quotes above are from Shri Mataji’s Lecture offered on Guru Nanak’s Birthday in London, UK on November 1st, 1982)

All moon photos were captured in Halton region (mostly after Burlington or Oakville sahaja yoga classes)

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  1. Anjali Gandhi

    What a meditative beautiful article. I had the blessing to be at this beautiful event and at the lake afterwords where we humbled down to nature- we witnessed the most magical heart shaped aura around the bright moon, the loud high waves from the lake and the wind. We even offered flowers to the lake..what else we could have offered for such precious gift of love we received from the moon herself and all other elements presenting a wonderful show. We didn’t want to leave. Felt so grateful.

  2. Kruti

    I was so fortunate to be part of this 4th realization event in Halton region with my kids, where we felt complete calmness in our minds and love in our hearts. It was late, but after the class, some of us spontaneously decided to go near lake and simply enjoy the serenity of the Moon. To my greatest surprise, as we meditated and chanted some Mantras and sang some songs, the clouds near the moon were changing. At one point it formed a heart around the Moon. The sound of high waves hitting the rocks, the cool wind around us, the soft grass of Mother Earth, and the full moon, we couldn’t have asked for more. To see some of the photos from that night and to get further explanation of the Moon phases in this article is very much appreciated. Thank you for this wonderful article.

  3. Ioana

    From New Jersey – USA:

    Beautiful! as always very useful info.
    Thank you so much.
    May Divine protect us all and may we rise together even more!Jai Shri Mataji!
    Love B. NJ USA

  4. Pradeep Kumar

    Yesterday was Kartik Purnima, 550th Guru Nanak Dev’s Birthday,which was full moon day.

    “There is but One God, His name is Truth, He is the Creator, He fears none, he is without hate, He never dies, He is beyond the cycle of births and death, He is self illuminated, He is realized by the kindness of the True Guru. He was True in the beginning, He was True when the ages commenced and has ever been True, He is also True now.”

    Guru Nanak

    “We can say on Guru principal Nanak Sahib came. Even in His time so many could not know their Spirit. He was breaking his head advising the people. He had taken human form but still he was not recognized. I was with Him (Guru Nanak Ji), in fact with all of Them.”

    Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
    Delhi, India — August 18, 1979

  5. Manoj ramnani

    Jai shree mataji

  6. Jolanta

    Thank you for sharing this important information regarding the
    differences between the moon and the sun channels.

  7. Celia Tanaka

    Wow. Jai Shri Mataji.

    Thank you for the knowledge of the phases of the moon.

    It is very interesting and powerful.

    Nirmal love,

  8. NITI

    This article has tremendous knowledge about moon and moon channel and it is amazingly explained how after passing the different stages
    Or fifteen phases of consciousness the sixteen stage is the complete and whole in which a person become the witness and that is the state of the Guru and moon is also the giver of auspiciousness. Thanks Shri Mata ji.

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