Collective Yoga “Enlightened Dust Particle” Experiment @ Sufi Azeemi Adam’s Day 2019 (VIDEO – Photos) with Traditional Romanian Accent

Once more our brothers and sisters in Spirituality — the Azeemi Sufi Family of Canada – invited our Sahaja Yoga Family to join their Annual Adam’s Day event. We had again the honor to have a Guest Speaker that would make the connection between “us” and the beautiful purpose and signification of that special day. As always we went with the flow — on our way we carpooled and we felt to bring flowers and to invite our Spiritual Mother – Shri Mataji’s spirit – to guide us and imbibe us with the Truthful Experience that She wanted to be shared and delivered through our presence there. While driving to Adam’s Day– watching her Words of Wisdom  – it felt like She was leading the way and that the Spirit within me “knew it” and rejoiced in such peaceful yet innocently filled with a childlike joy.. 

VIDEO: Watch & Listen & Feel what We were Inspired to Share @ Adam’s Day 2019

We hope that you are back to continue exploring the special feeling of this special day. Our flowers were distributed right before the “Self-Realization with Yoga” experience and actually maybe because were offered with much love to so many in the audience right after the Recitation & Dancing Expression of Shri Mataji’s Poem written when She was 7 year old child  .. our flowers became charged with positive vibrations and energy — the sisterly/brotherly bond we feel for our Sufi Azeemi family was materialized by these flowers — they become multi-folded blessed because so many Sufi ladies and children Really enjoyed them and wanted to wear them in their hair.

 Every word shared from the podium was born in the Present moment and was our pure hearts’ gift to each and every one, even though was such a large and diverse gathering . Our Sahaja Yoga group that was asked unexpectedly and last minute  (as always 🙂 ) by Ioana to come and share our Sahaj Gift-Experience together.. they were able to enjoy a deep meditation and the speaker felt such a clear gentle cool wind moving through the banquet hall .. The pure vibrations — innocent spiritual love that was offered through Kruti’s gracious dancing movements during the poem … everything was “completely unrehearsed” but the Connection worked.. See the color of the flowers offered by Sahaja Yogis it matches perfectly the decorations planned by the Sufi Azeemi Family. There was a Divine Hand that brought us Together to Complete each other and  most importantly to Complete the Divine Plan for Unity in Diversity. 

Our flowers ended up in the decorum after the event when the Photos with the guest speakers were taken. They were humbly sitting at the feet of the Azeemi leader. All the symbols from the Poem of Shri Mataji found their way into our attention and inspired our “speech-meditation” that we shared above.

Ioana was asked to offer an interview about the event and about Sahaja Yoga meditation’s work in the community  — and our Yogis were  captured by SNAP magazine’s photo.

What impressed us again and again, is how attentive is everyone at Speakers’ messages. Every year we had many participants coming by and telling us how they really felt that our message was shared from the heart, that was genuine and that they felt the energy — clearly they felt the energy inside or above the head or in their palms, clear sensations when we asked everyone to try the Self-Realization experiment with us ; each year the inspiration expressed differently but always the outcome was that Kundalini — Ruah energy was  felt.

There were many various group photos and the Joy of Collectivity was there. Canada and the Mother Earth’s Family of Children were well represented by all of us present there from various faiths, backgrounds, age groups and organizations. We had also the opportunity to offer a Horezu plate with the Tree of Life, brought from Romania’s renowned village where pottery has a multi-thousand years tradition. Actually the craftsmanship of Horezu pottery was inscribed on UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists (Take a Virtual Walk through Romania .. and Meditate)

We had a beautiful moment when I had the honor to represent also Romania and Sahaja Yoga of Romania, that was important for me simply because while being in my 20′ s and still a student I was introduced to the Sufi spiritual beauty, of course by Shri Mataji who was much revered by the Sufi leaders of Turkey; we had the privilege to listen and meditate on profound Sufi music performed in the presence of our spiritual teacher and an international gathering of Sahaja Yogis. The vibrations were so strong that we felt Kundalini dancing within us and making our bodies move and follow the rhythm. This time I had my yogini sister Kruti next to me — when we received the honorary diploma of participation on behalf of Sahaja Yoga Meditation to this unique Adam;s Day event.

We also had Kathleen, Sandhip, Kiran, Mohinder as well few beginners from Halton Sahaja Yoga classes have joined our “Sahaj Ambassadors” team 🙂 

We took the opportunity to invite — well in advance (!) for 2020 –  the Sufi Azeemi Family to our 15 years celebration  of Sahaja Yoga Meditation active presence in Halton region.

Thank you dear Sufi Azeemi Family — the event was wonderfully prepared, children’s song was a highlight this year (!!) and the speech of respected Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi leader of Sufi Azeemi was as always inspiring and a reminder that we are One Family. Thank You !!

(click!) Awaken That Beauty of Permeation in Swadhisthana Chakra – Become an “Enlightened Dust Particle” – Poem by Shri Mataji when she was 7 years old child!

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  1. Kruti

    Dear Ioana,thank you for inviting me to come along with you at the Adams Day Sufi event. This was the first time I ever attended a Sufi event. The whole event was very beautifully hosted and I really enjoyed everyone’s open heart. When I was performing the expressions of Shri Mataji’s poem, I could feel the performance was being received by the Sufi attendees in a very warm, loving way and inside my heart I felt very joyous. I knew I was in front of the right people who value and understand spirituality and truth. With love, Kruti.

  2. Teodora Anghelina din Bucuresti, Romania

    Trimet tuturor sufi si sahaja yoghinilor participanti la aceasta minunata manifestare a spiritualitatii universale toata iubirea mea si a noastra. Multumesc pentru acest videoclip, caci am simtit ca si voi racoare la frunte, racoare in crestetul capului ca o coroana larga, m-am simtit intr-adevar una cu voi toti! Fara distante, aici si acum, toti ati intrat in inima mea. Va multumesc ca existati! Sunt recunoscatoare lui Shri Mataji ca a permis aceasta uniune.

  3. Daniela Solomka

    Draga Ioana, prezentarea voastra a fost minunata si foarte inspirata. Cu atâta simplitate, firesc Si în acelasi timp maretie si demnnitate ati adus în atentia celor prezenti unitatea reprezentata prin armonia diversitatii de culori, de natii, de culturi si religii care, puse laolalta, au facut posibil sa simta fiecare în inima lui existenta si manifestarea esentei pure, a picaturii de divinitate, a Spiritului Pur. Mult succes în continuare la cat mai multe ac?iuni de acest fel posibile. Cu dragoste tie si tuturor Daniela

  4. Adriana

    Dear Ioana,
    Thank you for sharing with us these magical moments!?
    You really are a dust particle, full of God’s love, who enlightment and spread the Love of God Almighty!
    I enjoyed every second of this presentation, thank you and may God bless you!?

  5. Voichita

    I felt so much coolness on top of my head watching this beautiful vide.

  6. Carolyn Vance

    Dear Ioana…you never cease to inspire us and this particular event was so grand in its purpose and great success! Please keep on with your Divine Commumication…it’s so awesome…and even if we often don’t respond…we are reading and being inspired.
    Thank you again and again and again!

  7. Niti

    Thankyou Ioana for sharing this wonderful experience with us.I appreciate everyones
    effortto sharing sahajyoga with sufi

  8. Kathleen

    It is trully an honor to get invited by our Sufi brothers and sisters. Shri Mataji’a poem is so beautiful and full of vibrations so moving, thank you Ioana for sharing. When we picked the flowers to give to everyone in the room my heart was so open and full of love that i gave each flower saying loudly “for you my brother” “for you my sister” and as they smiled and received the flower in their palms i felt like Shri Mataji was in each flower they accepted. It was such a blessing.

  9. Colleen

    Ioana, that was such a beautiful meditation, I could feel the calmness throughout the room from just watching and listening to the video. Beautiful, it looked and sounds like it was an amazing evening.

  10. Ioana

    From Helen – Canada:

    Thank you for sharing this dynamic experience. It is filled with so much pleasure, peace and love. It brings back to me the evening I had few years ago on Adam’s day where the atmosphere was so joyful and balanced in honesty and togetherness!
    Thanks again and again
    Joy and love.

  11. Sorin

    Dear Ioana and team,

    you are very nice and effective instruments. May Mother protect you, nourish you, and empower you with her constant love and joy.
    Very nice experience.

    Hugs with love, Sorin.

  12. Karen


    Thank you for sharing this beautiful meditation you could feel the calmness in the room.


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