NOT to BE MISSED: “Art Masters & Enlightenment”- FREE PUBLIC PROGRAMS in HALTON/HAMILTON area

Renaissance- Living - Part1 - L


Part-3 -Sufi

Special guest and speaker: Valentina Churilova (artist with BFA  in Drawing and Painting from Ontario College of Arts and Design).

 Stay tuned – few more public programs with special guests will be posted; book the events above in your calendar. Come to all/any of these events or send your friends/anyone interested. Great option for  spending a nice and educative family time; Guided Meditation and chakra workshop included.

See you there! For any question, send an email to [email protected] or call 416-628-0355

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  1. karen

    Beautiful posters!!!

    I put one up in the Second Cup on Brant Street….and I saw the one for Cool Kids Program was still on their bulletin board.

    Have a wonderful Sahaj Day!!!!!

  2. Antoinette Wells

    Dear Iona! What a fantastic subject! I love Art and I am a painter as well (as a hobby). I would suggest to you to contact Robert Ruigrock who is a dutch Sahaja Yogi who lives in UK. He did his doctorate on the significance of the halo in paintings form the Italians to the Dutch and Spanish Great Masters. He did his theses under the initiative and guidance of Shri Mataji who wanted him to do this research!

    1. Ioana

      Dear Antoinette, actually I’ve already contacted him few months ago — actually my daughter did as I am not on fb. He so kindly agreed to share some of his knowledge and research via an article on our website; keep an eye on us 🙂 .. next week will be there.. Thank you so much for your comments are always enlightening .. I’d like to see many more coming …

  3. paula

    Looking forward to these events, I have sent many invites…I am looking forward to the sufi event which I will be in town for. I have been asking for this type of event to happen for awhile. I so can feel good art now, without being an expert, just from simply having the kundalini energy awakened inside, in the sahaja yoga way, I am drawn to nature, art that appeals to my spirit or you can call it soul, and I can feel art with that new, evolutionary awareness. It is like being superhuman, but in a subtle way. It is empowering and beautiful.

  4. paula

    And humbling…

  5. letitia

    Sunt f.frumoase afisele,felicitari pentru atatea activitati care duc la Realizarea sinelui.
    E minunat.

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