DAY1 of Experience BEing in the Forest @ Halton Forest Festival 2015: GRADE 7 STUDENTS MEDITATE OUTDOORS! (photos + stories)

Halton Forest Festival -Day 1

Sahaja Yoga Meditation prepared “Experience Being in the Forest’ activity for Grade 7 Students visiting the 4 days Halton Forest Festival 2015 at Rattlesnake Point in Milton, border with Burlington.

Mount Nemo -Day1
The goal was to introduce children to the joy and benefits of meditation that helps one connect to nature in a very profound and relaxing way. The goal was achieved..
Meditation Class
Day 1 was on Thursday, October 15, starting at 7:45 AM with a gloriously sunny and fall colored morning. We’ve started our preparations ..
Preparations for Day 1
the Silence was Dancing with the Leaves .. on Cool Breeze’s Music .. Such a perfect setting for outdoors meditation! We were sure that students and their parents and teachers will love our activity!
Silence meditation in nature-Day 1
Rattlesnake Point -Day 1 Halton Firest festival -1
Our team that day comprised 2 youth leaders from our  weekly free workshops “Life De-Stress for Youth with Sahaja Yoga meditation“: Sam (22) and Shulin (18), the latest is a grade 12 student at Burlington’s Aldershot highschool.
experience being in the Forest Sam and Shulin
Peter and Ioana, volunteers from Halton sahaja yoga meditation also helped out here and there, but we wanted for youth to lead this sessions 🙂 and they did a wonderful job! Enjoy Sam’s notes – who led 4  sessions out of the 6 that day.

 Quick feedback from Samantha:

“One mother who was the chaperon for the children LOVED the meditation very much and was very into it and interested, I spent much time talking to her and she took a picture of the website on the banner and said she would definitely check it out!”
Mother and child Enjoyed Sahaja Yoga Meditation workshop on Day 1
“At least one or two of the other parents took pictures of the website as well and seemed to enjoy very much. One of the mothers event recognized me later and waved goodbye to me as they were leaving.”
Students leaving the sessions - still loved ot be around and feel the nature
“Many of the kids felt the energy, and after one of the sessions I asked, “Did anyone have a moment where they were thoughtless?” and ALL of the 9 children nodded! The parent chaperone was incredibly impressed and surprised. This session was the most into it of all of them on Thursday, the children adored it.”Meditation Day 1 with Shulin
 “All of the children were very polite. One of the boys even came up and shook my hand and thanked me for the session.”
Sam -doing 4 meditation sessions alone with grade 7 students Day 1
Thank you Sam!!
 We were extremely pleased with our sessions – indeed the benefits were felt and introduced to children in a very simple /experiential ways. We are looking forward to participating to the next days of Halton Forest festival!

Sahaja Yoga banner

We connected with other really great volunteers and of course we took a moment to take a photo including Robert from Conservation Halton – the organizer of this amazing festival who even made time from his busy schedule to visit our booth and try out our activity with another very friendly and helpful team member!!
Bronte Creek Twitt
Thank you Robert, you and your team rock! And thank you for making our Day 1 so special with your Starred Twit 🙂  May we always have great collaborations! See the last year’s  one, when sahaja yoga meditation team from Haltomn (SYM-Halton) was invited to provide an inspirational speaker and workshop during the Youth Empowering Conference at Bronte Creek: (photos + Thank you letter from Bronte Creek Project to SYM-Halton team) 

Shulin Sam Peter Ioana and Robert -Day 1 at Forest Festival 2015

  Thank you Shulin, Samantha and Ioana for taking time to capture the beauty –  in and out – of this 1st Day @ Rattlesnake Point. The “Experience Being in the Forest” saga, will continue .. stay tuned .. and we hope you’ve felt the cool breeze coming out of these lovely photos filled with Mother  Nature’s vibrations, as Planet Earth is always pulsating, in vibrant creative meditation :-).
Cool breeze in Trees Leaves - Day 1

Interested in our volunteer team’s projects? Contact us!

 Burlington Youth Class Poster - draft V1-3

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  1. Kathleen

    This is amazing! So innocent and the fall background looks sooo beautiful. I miss Canada already and can’t wait to be back with the collective.

    1. Ioana

      Missing you too!

  2. Mohinder Sidana

    Good job Sam and Shulin
    may all divine power bless you
    It is so beautiful to be in nature in fall

  3. Colleen

    This looks like an amazing event. It’s the middle of day 3 of this event right now as I am writing this and the sun is shinning bright and it’s a beautiful fall day. I’m sure everyone is enjoying their meditation, sitting in Mother Nature and soaking up the sun. 🙂

  4. Tracy

    Wow… how beautiful to be sitting in nature with all the fall colours around you and meditating. Nice work Sam and Shulin . It makes me want to go do that. Thank you for the great vibrations.

  5. Latifa

    Waouh…wondeful vibrations. Giving Self Realization and enjoying such beautiful landscape … it must have been Heaven on Earth !

    Keep up the good job Sam and Shulin : you are really locomotives for spreading peace and joy. Congrats

  6. Karen

    Great job Sam & Shulin the pictures were amazing could feel the vibrations!!!!

    Those kids experienced something truly wonderful and in a beautiful spot surrounded by the greatness of Mother Earth & nature.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Chandra Sekhar

    As I said somewhere (UNESCO program),times
    have changed, SY youths are guiding the Oldys what is collective SY.
    Ma, it is your Miracle!

    Youths, thanks and I try to follow your guidance.


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