2015 Halton Forest Festival has Sahaja Yoga Meditation Halton as Official Supporter and Professional Activity Provider for Students and Teachers (Oct 15, 16, 19 and 20)

Trillium from Crawford lake - Burlington 2015 - photo by Ioana

We are so excited about our team’s 1st participation, this year, to the Halton Forest Festival organized by Halton Conservation Area – on the grant provided by Ontario Trillium Foundation (an agency of  the Government of Ontario). Our package proposal for activities for students and teachers involving meditation in nature was accepted earlier in May, therefore our volunteer instructors from Sahaja Yoga Meditation -Halton became supporters and activity providers for this youth oriented initiative. We’ve collected some info from the festival’s website.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Suppporter in 2015 Halton Forest festival

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Suppporter in 2015 Halton Forest festival-1

 With 1 week left, we are looking forward to experiencing in the scenic Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area, the benefits of this amazing symbiosis between forests’ energy and youth’s energy, several days in a row. Lucky us!!

Meditation at Crawford Lake with Realize Canada Youth Tour 2015

 A heartfelt Thank you to the organizers of Halton Forest Festival 2015 for Welcoming us to this amazing collective journey: forest discovery intertwined with Self realization experiment provided via outdoors meditation activities!

Confirmation -Activity Presenter at Halton Forest festival

Forest at Crawford Lake 2015  - photo by Ioana

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  1. Ann Kristine Pearson

    What a wonderful way to celebrate and connect deeply with our earth, our great and treasured Canadian forests!

  2. Sam

    I have the honour to be there for 3/4 of these days and I’m excited! Children always receive Sahaja Yoga so well, so I’m positive these classes will as well.

  3. cheryl

    Congrats to you all for participating in this initiative! The nature setting and your pure desire to share the experience of real Love will surely succeed in providing a genuine and sweet experience to all that are blessed to be there. Thanks for all your time and foresight in engaging in nature & children events like this!

  4. Colleen

    This sounds like an amazing program. You will be able to touch so many within these four days. Good luck to you all who are participating. 🙂

  5. Jyoti

    Wow! how luck!, to take nature’s vibrations and spread all the Sahaj vibrations to the nature! Proud of you all. Good Luck

  6. Mohinder Sidana

    Great job
    let us hope divine vibrations spread everywhere and bring peace and happiness

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