My First Pow-Wow

My First Pow-Wow ( Story collected from a young sahaja yogini)

Meeting Nancy Giidaakunadaad and “our people” from New Credit First Nation


– Article by Samantha from “Youth Life De-Stress with Sahaja Yoga Meditation” Burlington Class

Ever since I learned that there was native American in my blood line many years ago, I have had a strong interest in learning about the natives that I never really perused to the fullest and my very first chance to speak with a native- not just any native, but a knowledgeable one- came in the Burlington Sahaja Yoga class. Nancy had been to several classes, and I had heard others speak of her, but I had never met her or spoken to her personally, however, it just so happened that this Wednesday she brought a newspaper along with information on the Pow Wow happening that Sunday on the New Credit Reserve; I had been asked by Ioana to go to the Pow Wow a couple of days earlier with our sahaja yoga crew (Kathleen, Isabelle, Chandra and Mohinder) but knew very little about what exactly I was going to or what we were going to do there, so I was interested in the information she brought.
While looking at the newspaper with the information, Nancy began to talk with me about the Pow Wow, giving me some information while she waited for Ioana to be free to talk and I spoke with her some, but I had to run and collect emails from the beginners that just joined the class that evening; I felt a strong pull to go back and talk with her, though, and seeing she was still free I went back over to continue our conversation. I told her about my historical connection with the natives and got my mom involved in the conversation as well and Nancy began to talk at length about the people, the history and some of the politics, as well as what she does. It was amazing to hear her stories and the history, but I also noticed that right from the get go, once she learned of our history, she began to say ‘us’ ‘our people’ and ‘we’- she was including us with her, as the native people, she even said that it only takes one drop of blood to have the connection. It was a very honoring and humbling experience, to feel accepted so easily when I know how hard that can be.
The conversation only spanned maybe ten minutes, but it was an amazing experience, I enjoyed very much learning and feeling what she was speaking of and the vibrations were incredible, like rushes of cool as she spoke, it was a true connection. I cannot wait to have more conversations and learn more in the future about their history- about my history.

Sam: My First Pow Wow Experience

“My first experience at a Pow Wow was an incredible one, you could feel the music and drum beat right through the ground and through your entire being and watching the colorful dancers was a real treat, at one point during one of the dances I was meditating, palms open and eyes closed, and one of the dancers came by and brushed the dangling feathers of the dream catcher he was carrying across my palms. I felt vibrations in the moment, and though I did not know the reason for the action, I felt very honored and appreciative all the same. Later, I found out that such actions were used to cleanse and ward off evil, it was a beautiful moment of connection I don’t think I will forget.
During some of the dances, the audience was also permitted (and greatly encouraged) to get up and dance as well, and at one point one of the women dressed in native clothing came over to Kathleen and I and encouraged us up to dance, she explained to us that there were no real steps for the dances and that we- and they- were to just listen to and feel the beet of the drum, and that by doing so, by dancing to the music, they believed that it would help the mother earth to absorb the negativity and troubles from within to heal. She was a lovely woman, she seemed passionate about what she said and I believe she was speaking the truth, as I could feel the energy of the music and the earth while I was up there dancing.
 It was an amazing experience, and I really hope I can attend another Pow Wow someday! The only thing I would have changed is I would have gotten up to dance more, haha.”

Kathleen‘s Summary of same Pow-Wow:


“It was so good, We enjoyed the pow-wow so much, joined dancing with them!  Nancy welcomed us to her tent so we had space to distribute the flyers about our free meditation workshop and our weekly classes offered in Halton region.   Nancy was cooking and being super busy we only went to see her and say we are there and to say goodbye.  There were people interested in meditation even in that busy and hot day, and few people tried it on the spot enjoying their self realization with kundalini energy awakening experience. All our team felt to take off shoes and we’ve meditated while they were singing.  Would love to go back !!”
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