Celestial Meditation at Youth Mental Health Conference

Poster of the MAD-SCATTER Youth Conference Event (2015 – Healthy Mind, Healthy Body)

Check Ioana’s Speech and Collective Meditation with Attention on Mother Earth

The 2015 MAD-SCATTER  Youth Conference organizers (Step Up Ambassador) reached out to Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation team of volunteers for support. As a result several meditation and inner peace workshops were scheduled, as well a short collective Celestial Meditation with the attention on Mother Earth, guided by Ioana.

(8 min video) Tip: keep your palms up towards the screen – feel the vibes from this video — Can you feel holding The Globe in your hands?!

Thank you Card from Organizers

Thank you from MADS Scatter Brampton 2015 YOUTH


Workshop 1

Shulin realization


Self realization at MAD SCATTER

Youth team 1

Sahaja Yiga booth at MADS scatter

Self realizaed Youth in Brampton


Sahaja Yoga Meditation "Mad-Scatter team": Aditya, Ana Bianca, Holly, Ioana, Mohinder, Shulin, Sunanda and Sunil.
In the photo: Sahaja Yoga Meditation “INNER PEACE @ Mad-Scatter team” provided volunteer sahaja yogi instructors/helpers from Halton and from Brampton, as well the organizer of the Youth Conference event.

 We thank Shulin for realizing the “celestial meditation” video and our greatest Thanks go to Ramneeek and her MAD-SCATTER team for inviting us and for organizing such amazing event! We were so impressed how well it was organized, KUDOS! yes you can count on us for your next ones too. THANK YOU!

(click!) Twin Sisters’ Heartfelt Testimonials about Sahaja Yoga Meditation


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  1. Shivangi

    Wonderful , simple to the point and celestial meditation indeed , great job.

  2. anaic

    These are so beautiful pictures! We can feel the joy of the participants. Thank you for sharing

  3. Jos Boven

    Thank you Shulin, Ioana and the others for
    this very simple, spontaneous Sahaj-selfrealisation.
    Some day I would like to be with you !

  4. Claudia

    Such a nice and sweet meditation. The audience was completely absorbed by and enjoyed the subject. Wonderful work!

  5. Helen

    Thanks very much for sharing this amazing session. The interactivity with the youth along with the humour and truth that is shared is a treasure.

    I feel the joy.

  6. purnima clifford

    Wonderful cosmic meditation.so spontaneous,so interactive,so sahaj.It is really good to see young people giving programmes,all ages giving vibrations and young receiving vibrations-Canada is fulfilling its role in the Virata-may the joy continue,you are inspiring us here in Australia.

  7. Jayanthi

    Dear family, keep up the good work.
    Jai Shri Mataji

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