Feedback from UMMID’s “Spring Festival for Families” with Stories from Perviz, Ayesha, Jon and Mar’yana


Sahaja Yoga meditation – Halton had received an invitation from UMMID – first time!-  to participate to the “Spring Festival for Families”,  last Sunday, in Mississauga.

** Ummid International is a registered NPO (Charity) in Canada, working in the sector of International Development for the alleviation of poverty and promotion of education in developing countries. Ummid International has taken the task to help the families of suicidal attack victims in developing countries where governments are not welfare states.

** Sahaja Yoga meditation is also registered in Canada as a not for profit educational society.

Synopsis from Perviz (Milton class):

Ayesha-Isabelle and Perviz from Milton Class (good friends, always helping at our sahaj workshops and events in the Halton area)

After I left the event, I was still basking in the euphoria of that amazing experience. To top it all out my husband’s childhood friend who was diagnosed recently with ALS and was given only 2 years to live called when I was doing meditation. He wanted to speak to me and when my husband told him that I was meditating he immediately told him that he would like to speak to me after I had finished. Ironically, when I had first heard about his illness I wanted to talk to him regarding Sahaja Yoga and was doubting how he would receive it since people had been telling him about alternative methods of treatment. To make long story short; he wants me to send him the website link to find out more about Sahaja yoga and the centers where he could attend in Kuwait.

Other experience from this event: one of the parents approached me when I was giving realization to his sister. He asked “Can the kids get realization?’ I said certainly. Then he forwarded his daughter who was say 8 to 10 years old. I told her to relax and sit with hands faced upwards and not focus on the loud not meditative music which was playing. After I gave her realization, I asked her “Did you feel anything?” She said “Yes,I felt the vibrations” and she was jumping up and down with joy. Seeing her so happy, her father asked me to give him the realization, and he also felt the vibrations and then the other daughter wanted realization and thus the whole family got one. The atmosphere was infectious. As I had mentioned earlier in my email, people were approaching us to feel the experience which the others had felt and not the other way round.

My life is taking a beautiful turn with the Sahaj experience!

Thank you divine! Love, Perviz’

From Ayesha:

The event was very amazing and God showers all the blessings on our Sahaja yoga area. All the time people were attracted to this pure knowledge and i am so grateful to Allah that all Sahaja yogis done wonderful things specially Jon was the most amazing and full of knowledge and energy, his Kundalini was so wonderful to gave  many people realization and gave them the brief idea of this beautiful Sahaja yoga. Every yogi who came time to time, gave many people realization. First Jon came and did the set-up and then Jayanthi and Anca came and helped him to adjust and set-up because the place was not so big to put poster even though with small area many people in Pakistani community got their realization and I felt a great thankfulness to Divine/ and Shri Mataji and all of you who made my dream come true.Perviz and Isabelle came around 1:30 and gave many people this knowledge and Before them Nishi and her husband Maxim came and her husband was really good with giving people realization (awakening the Kundalini energy) even helping me because I felt some catches (=blockages at the energy level in the subtle centres) on my Swadisthan and Vishuddhi chakras and he cleared it and made my spirit to be enlighten.I didn’t know their names, two people came from Toronto (Mar’yana and Vassili, both are volunteer instructors with the free classes of sahaja yoga meditation offered in GTA – Mar’yana mostly at the University of Toronto and Vassili mostly in North York). 

They stayed till the end and Peter from Burlington came as well.What can I say the whole time with them was amazing and  I pray for them in my heart that please Divine give them more energy to spread this beautiful and peaceful knowledge to as many people as they can. And yes I took some pictures and I will send you soon may be today but sorry I couldn’t be able to take many pictures because I forgot that I have camera in my phone..I am not the person who knows all this phone and cameras and computers knowledge that much but i am learning now. 🙂 I rather spend my time in nature and now learning and listening ShriMataji’s talk on computer help me realize that i should be thankful to these thing as well. 🙂 before I didn’t like these machines /computer and Iphones , now i am getting along nicely that in this world these are the source to get knowledge.I have so many things and feelings to share that my heart become an ocean of love and i am not be able to write all these waves of Love,compassion and enlightenment.Thanks again to you that with your help this event became very wonderful. Love, Ayesha


From Jon:

The UMMID event went very well! The room was large, but it was packed full of tables, clothing racks, and people. As soon as we started giving realization, we had a steady stream of seekers willing to try a workshop. I had some profound feedback from those receiving realization. Some were feeling heat, tingling, pressures, and some even felt coolness! All felt relaxed and peaceful. The large stack of flyers you provided was soon exhausted! We found more in the bag to carry us to the end of the day. Many people were interested in attending our classes. Our Halton yogis/yoginis were joined by very knowledgeable members of the Toronto collective. Ayesha did a wonderful job organizing everything, and she provided us with Samosa!
Love Jon

Mar’yana from Toronto:

Mar'yana and Vassili are seen in the top of this photo

The realization (briefly for Kundalini energy & chakra workshop) at the Pakistani event was really nice, it felt that something was being worked out there, since the vibrations were so nice when we were there. The children were so sweet! There were two boys about 10-12 year old, that came to the booth and were just looking, so I told them to just put the hands out, and they felt “something”, then later Vassily told them again to put out the hands and gave a big bandhan (subtle energy protection – a sahaj technique) to their hands, raised their Kundalinis a few times and they felt more in their Sahastraras (the crown chakra, placed above the head) , later they felt cool breeze over the heads of other older boys that were having a workshop, they took the cards and said they will check out the website. They were glued to the booth for an hour or maybe even two, just stayed there watching and didn’t want to leave. I felt it was the attention of those two boys on Shri Mataji for such a long time, that has brought a lot of people to the booth to get their realization all the way till the end of the event.
Maybe Vassily can tell you more 🙂

Beautiful people are these sahaja yogis! Aren’t they?! Praising each other and sharing their hearts with us all, spending their Saturday (and they are all people with a really busy hectic life full of responsibilities, believe me, I know all of them personally!!) Hope you’ve enjoyed this ‘collective letter’ and fyi, our next participation to a community event is .. on July 1st .. in Burlington .. at the wonderful yearly Strawberry Festival! Come and Visit our booth there!

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  1. Debbie

    Happy to hear that this event turned out so beautifully with many new seekers. The pure desire was there no doubt and everyone did a wonderful job in sharing the truth about Sahaja Yoga and bringing some light into the lives of those willing to just try it. Well done everyone!

    Lots of love always.

  2. paula

    Beautiful introspections from beautiful yogis…I felt your joy when I read all your comments and the pictures tell a thousands words…Sahaja Yoga is the gentle, uniting force that makes the heart expand outward. Together, we can move mountains! How beautiful this organization is to give hope and assistance to these families. Hopefully, Sahaja Yoga can add a sprinkle of joy through the experience of connecting to the universe. I am so proud to know all of you.

  3. armaity

    Great news ! Wishing success at Ummid’s Spring Festival for this year too… to attract genuine good seekers looking to fulfil their purpose in life and achieve pure knowledge throgh self-realization.

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